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  Jul 2015 TINA
Shiennina Marae
I have a theory.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. Being fragile to the core that it shakes you to your bones. Being weak and standing up on your own just scares the hell out of you. Despite all these, you try to keep the one thing that keeps your weaknesses intact and in one place. It is hidden inside their throats and at the palm of their hands, at their neck and behind their ears. It is sitting in their lungs, begging for escape but longing for the hold. Flaunt and retire. Flaunt and retire.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. You started unbuttoning my ribs around you. Watched me try to untangle myself from your subtle embrace. Exposed my weakness, my fragile strings wrapped on your pinky finger, ready to release, ready to detonate. I unzipped your thighs wrapped around my waist. You left me alone with your scent. Watch me try to scrub away the heat you leave on my skin. See the buttons slowly falling on the bed we shared.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. How I want to destroy anything that dared touch me and took a piece of my lonely. It is about open palms giving vague dislike. It is a table for two but only an empty seat stares at your eyes. It is feeling the awkward breaking that is within your fingertips but never seemed to be enough for preparing you for the fall. You finally wake up choosing to breathe but still flinching at the sound of something coming near. Your subtleties dance on her tongue's words. Soothing as they are, they're poison.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. How being brave is nowhere near your grasping distance. You try, every single day you try. You try to always go for the long term but the universe decides what you get, right? And you're always left with dust, shadows, and empty bottles of what ifs. You're always left with the questions, the sitting alone, the cold coffee in the morning. You're left with the sad playlists  on your Spotify. You're left on your own. If you were in The Fault in our Stars book, that will be my always.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. Fears. Trembling hands holding out cups of secrets. Awkwardness in every written letter on paper hidden under the pillow. Loneliness sitting next to old books bought on a favorite bookstore. Depression long gone but resurfaces every now and then. It's one of things that stayed. Self-hate. It is one thing you run towards to when things get rough and when doubts are heavier than anything you laid your hands on and tried to carry.

My theory is about frailty. Moments of frailty. Of how I recently started loving myself and slowly drowning my hate in formaline. Of how I keep on repeating I never need the reassurance. Of how poems are all I need to feel like I can feel air inside my lungs again.

It is one thing to have a theory, and another to face it in practice.
I have been extremely happy for 3 days now and it's starting to scare me. I need my sadness back.
  Jun 2015 TINA
no need
There are too many things I want in life, small and big. I want to be able to wake up everyday and eat breakfast at home. I want to take my time and get ready to my favourite music. I want to love the view of my backyard and appreciate how pretty the blooming flowers are. I want to drive to school with a positive attitude, eager and excited to attain the knowledge that awaits me. I want to interact with new people, new people everyday. I want to visit different restaurants and try the dishes I never took the risk to try. I want to walk around the city as if I own it. I want to be noticed, valued, and understood. Everyday I am running towards these goals, and although it seems as if I am barely moving, it is only right if I die trying.
Right now I am drowning in misery, but one day I will be happy.
  Jun 2015 TINA
Oh how bittersweet it is
To look at you
To be beside you
To like you
When you don't feel the same way too

We're nothing but another what if
Nothing but a hopeless dream
And ever since we met
I have kept this as a secret
I want you to know but i guess it's better if you dont.
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