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Lewis Dec 2020
they say we are all made of stars
this explains the burning and exploding inside of me
and my studded loneliness in a stellar space
Lewis Dec 2020
december descends
and brings with it
a lonesome air in the night

in ink dripped mornings
and hasty afternoons
the moon rises in early daylight
Lewis Dec 2020
every rose has its thorns
and you could not wait to draw blood
Lewis Nov 2020
How will I move on when I’m stuck like glue
When every single thing leads me back to you
Lewis Nov 2020
We say goodbye
And my heart freezes from glass into stone
And I realise I’ll be here
Once again
Lewis Oct 2020
I miss the feeling of your red nails coiled around my neck
It would feel like cold lightning striking my spine
My face would flush
And I was electrified
Lewis Oct 2020
And in a few years when I see you I'll smile,
For I'll remember
Who I was with you

You'll be with a different man,
Brown hair and big hands
But your eyes will be the same shade of blue
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