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Anaid Dec 2021
Just as my breathing becomes shallow and quicker in pace
announcing my impending ******
caused by your tongue
administering slow circles around my ****
while your palms tightly press into my inner thighs to keep them pushed apart
you lift your mouth an inch away from me
look into my eyes and whisper
fu€k baby
You taste so good against my tongue
I wanna see you ride my co€k

you quickly crawl up my body
grab my hips
and pull me on top of you to straddle your trim waist
my whimpers soon morph into soft moans  
as I run the head of your **** around my slick opening
Teasing you the same way you teased me

baby please
you groan as you bite your lip from taking over

once I feel my wetness coat your entire head
I guide your throbbing **** deep into my pu$sy

I take you in

you pull me down towards your lips
grabbing the back of my neck
to kiss me so I can swallow your needy moans

I remain still once you’re fully inside me
taking a moment to adjust to your size
I push off your chest
and right as I begin to lift up your length
you grab my chin with your thumb and index finger

open your eyes
I wanna watch the way you come apart
as you ride me

you feel that
you feel how hard you make my ****
as it’s inside your wet pus$y

you feel so good
I wanna watch you ride me

go slow
go fast
do whatever you want
I’ll like whatever you choose to do
move how you want
make whatever sounds you want
I’m just here to watch you take control

before you can finish your last words
I quickly lift up
then slowly
I push back down on you
while my head falls back
mouth falls open
and I squeeze my pu$sy tight

you place your hands on my hips
that’s it baby
ride my **** however you want
take your pleasure

I keep a slowly agonizing tempo
until you start playing with it
using your hands
shoving me faster down on your ****

you then get impatient and sit up
taking my n!pple into your mouth
******* harshly
I pull on your hair
to move away from the sensitive spot
but push my brea$t closer

you then snake your right hand down
to where we are joined
and start rubbing my swollen cl;t

the motion of your fingers start to match the motion of your tongue
and that’s when I start to feel my entire body clench

that’s it baby
give it to me
right there
*** for me
I wanna feel your pus$y squeeze my **** as you *** in

let’s just say
I don’t make it to 1
Anaid Sep 2021
It’s easy to feel beautiful
When you look conventionally attractive
So how does one feel beautiful
When they don’t fit the narrative
Anaid Sep 2021
you attract not what you want
but what you are
Anaid Sep 2021
you are more precious than you know
your ability to rip your flesh apart
pull the bleeding ***** with strength unimaginable to create an opening inside
just to push through to tend to the broken yet beautiful heart
that is covered in scarred tissue as a reminder for its desire for survival
to beat another day
to tend to the wounds that have been inflicted on it by others
which later followed by your own hands and words
forgiveness and tears are a gentle balm of healing
that cover the years of war spent viciously fighting among the cells of this fragile vessel
you are more courageous than you know
your willingness to confront agony, pain, and uncertainty
is worthy of recognition and praise
you amaze me
even on the ones that haven’t been so kind to you
and leave bruises that linger and eventually change shades
this vessel is not familiar with gentleness
it has only understood roughness
and has often mistaken it for love
which you are now painfully discovering
but your beauty lies in what is unseen to the eye
it is found in your depths
your desire for authenticity and connection
connection with others
but more importantly
connection with yourself
a gentle one that allows you to be as you are
in the light
and in the dark
This is a poem of gratitude for myself. I crave this level of gentleness and introspection for the rest of my life. I’m learning to practice mistakes and see it as an opportunity for growth vs the personal attack they would have over my worth. I’m learning to be gentle. This vessel needs it.
Anaid Aug 2021
I crave to show you a love that you’ve never seen or experienced before
And the power it can have to heal the most deepest and scarred wounds
Anaid Aug 2021
I cried today in my car
While I went on an extended drive
I just want to be touched
Held in the embrace by a boy that reveres me
Gently sway in the dark
With our hearts pressed against one another’s chest
To the tunes of cigarettes after ***
Softly playing in the distance
I crave a matured intimacy
Where another sees my authenticity
And accepts me in my full mystery
But I don’t have that
And it ******* hurts
It aches in the center of my chest
And the tears slightly make the pain subside
The romance novels and late night self-love sessions
Provide some sort of escape
But they cause huge crashes after the chemical highs have dissipated
When will my time come
One month from now
Two years
I just hurt more tonight than I have in a long time. Loneliness and a desire for physical intimacy is tough to deal with when you’ve never experienced it yet are surrounded by people who share their experiences and expect you to have had some.
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