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Mouth so wide
The corners of my mouth
Begin to tear
Fingers tangled in my hair
pulling, no care
Hitting my head
off my tears it fed
i wish I was asleep instead.
Forget me,
I ask you.
I forgot my smile,
I forgot my laugh.
I forgot me as a child,
I forgot my wrath.
For I have forgotten myself.
So don’t try and think that I am near
I won’t be here
And go away,
Once I fade,
Forget my wrath,
Forget me as a child.
Forget my laugh,
Forget my smile.
I ask you,
Forget me.
You're the life and soul of the party
You fill my mind with inspiration
You give my poetry a purpose
Filling my senses with a euphoric sensation

You're a carefree bird flying in solitude
I fell into the trap and became your prey
Unable to set free, you gripped firmly
But you didn't know, I wanted to stay

You caught my attention at the first glimpse
I became yours at that very moment
You were oblivious to my desires
But I gave you my life in bestowment

I was captured by your looks and charm
But you opened up and taught me real beauty
I didn't know the meaning of true love
Then I understood, loving you is my God given duty
How do I write about a restless heart's
Simple plight?

So, so simple.

I only ask that you join me
In connection to the Light.
I look at the moon and think of you.
Sitting in my silence of solitude,
I won't spark a conversation.
Won't fight if I'm the exclude,
I'll be fine with this isolation.
I know I won't become that focal point,
For I'm much too afraid I'll disappoint.
I'm not that shy in actuality, mainly just afraid of letting people down
Disrupted lives
tears,fears and pain
will life ever
be the same again?
this morning's thoughts
I gaze upon my windowpane
as the sun utters its goodbyes.
Mixed hues of blue, red, and orange,
grace the stillness of the summer sky.
I lived within these walls,
48 days and counting.
The light beckons, the heat calls
me out from my endless hiding.
The longing for the wind
and a greeting from my neighbor,
feels like fire in the harshest of winters.
But for now all I have is my window,
my paper and a pen--
giving me faith for a brighter tomorrow,
for this too, shall end.
In commemoration of my month and a half quarantine. The window is my only access to the outside world.
Isolation creates
a lonely situation
for some who need connection
and conversation
for the prevention of
desperation and depression.
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