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I hope that I'll be in this position
Or maybe there will be another addition...
In our lives, in coalition
Under any condition...a life of love....
What's right when nothings left what's up when you feel depressed what's the light in the darkest chest,
Ask your self are we a mess.. No.. , so go get dressed
Be you be blessed!
Anxiety, self belief
Are you crying from lying I'm desperately trying to understand your brain.
There is a part I'm never buying and I know I'm not insane.
You say you want to prove this wrong but you know it's not the same!
I want to carry the message along as life is not a game.
Bees, yellow and black with a six pack of knees.,
Freeze! it was a mellow attack but he stung my??🤣
Mater wouldn't bother if bother didn't mater so if you bother to mater then I will bother with you😊
You make it big in your head,
but it's just something someone said,
There was a thrash and I bled but it's blue not red! ...
It's cruel to be kind if kind is cruel it gives you the mind to see it all.
A Build up beyond measure if only pain could be pleasure and rain  is treasure like life together what ever the weather...
Thou these are close like you to ghosts always remember who loves the most..
There were darker ages back through the pages and i walk the stages in dreams, dreams of power where I'm free for an hour and no longer cower from fiends
I build up beyond the  measure where pain becomes pleasure and pride is more than dreams.
Weak is fast from the land in the past but just how long do you think it lasts

Life is strange which needs to change now my hands in cast.. Love at last and my heart  beats faster as I pray for no disaster,

sitting here with all this fear yet I love you forever after x..
You follow as i swallow you leave my heart a howling hollow.
God's will

Encrypted crying as my soul is dying please take away the dark..
Thank you God for giving us flying and the tools to make an ark
Unscripted facts with unfaithful acts that steel away you faith
Well your ark is yours to sail away, I trust that you'll be safe!
Don't turn from her
Learn from her
Feel that burn it makes your heart fuller.
There's a nail half in the wood.. Someone is trying to get you to hit it in  for there amusement
It's quite a easy answer! No! Because I don't have a hammer...
But what happens when you do have a hammer do you knock it in to find out what happens or do you stick to your original plan.. There are to many unwanted tools in the world now and if you don't have them you wont use them x
Blt yesterday's challenge bit slow
Do you listen to owls at night with a creeping prowl of fright with the shadow of wolfs in the moon light!
She howls and he never growls
Dose it matter who's wrong or write
Black or white
Dark and light
Is it Will or might!
What is the owl saying tonight
Once bitten twice shy once I was a butterfly once written now how could I not believe the lullaby
Before the time I had written this there I was a chrysalis
If all the time I'd stayed with this
I wouldn't have known how to is kiss
to kiss the one who wants to find the kind of bliss I've never sighed
Before the flowers there were other powers just look inside your mastermind.
Once up on a little star shone the son who played guitar,
Through the ups and down the cracks far away wherever you are,

I will be on that little star.
Emily's orchid

Bunchy crunchy soft feather like leaves blow in the summer breeze with its bright vanilla flumes looms ominously fair against the light green trees
And from the nettles I see the petals where the humming bird chases the bees
weaving and gliding hovering and flying as she gets close to me..
A peaceful place where smells are tastes what is the picture that you see.
Our world

Electronic desires and tectonic fires loosing responsibility
Our world has been here for many leapyear and now we keep it cleaner,
But only when the dying men are close beside the healer
I know it's vague but it took a plague for us to really see her!
It was one little touch was it way to much shall I put her down,
If blow your eyes in to the winter skies will I freeze to the ground.. Well,
We got thunder and lightning girl you really got me writing and thinking what if it was just one time god knows where I'd be tonight.
Releasing grip from the hands in wich let you down
I will dance in the rain and you can call me insane but happy now!
We got thunder and lightning girl you really had me riding and thinking what if it was just one time god knows where I'd be tonight!
Look and over change colours look up you know you can't change the past so look and over change colour now you want forget the contrast,..
It was one little touch was it way to much should I put her down.
Crystal clear trickle of ice cold streams steams in the warm ray of the sun as it carves features round the bonsai green, things never seen places it shouldn't have been like the blood stream trying to keep clean,
to tamper is mean is it better to dream.
I see you ralph as you see me just like before, Like a little alf you looked at me where I stood so tall
Now the day has come I have to say are we on the ball
Well look and see the super dudes we will win it all!
Hi to the network in the sky..
What your eyes don't see
And the mind can't keep,
Bye the to these buckled old streets where its a pleasure to meet but hard to seek,
Why is it hard to beat, what with wild feet it's hard to teach like a child to the beach it's mild yet each,, second! I treasure each time, each rhyme we share..
In the network in the sky.
So that's life

.Well you would get crushed                                      you could fail                                                             you should make mistakes                                           you could lose !                                                         But will go                                                      you will show                                                           you will know                                                               and you will grow !                                                      this soul destroying                                               would have, should have,                                                could have helped you see the life  the life that you will live                                             and you will love.                                                      So that's life............🤔
To achieve anything in your in imagination all you need is time
Peace by peace bit by bit let gravitation fly....

Coz All you need is TIME.
If fate and karma worked together that would give me joy,
This faith and drama lurks for ever since I was just a boy
So through the fights to greatest heights I'll peel away the wounds
Brave your soul and hold your own. Who creates the tombs?
How are are you well you think you got me in your spell don't be easy I won't sell you ain't got me not in hell!
Lies are spawn of satin and truth is man of God!
Will Power

It keeps me knocking at the door,
It hits me heavy like a boar.
It leaves empty like before but I keep my head beside the lord.

We have a plan as we know we can but has there been another man?
I hold my breath and exhale the air...
Could she be that little mare?
All these males and females dare to test the one who says they care.

Still it keeps me knocking right through the roof...
What is the power and what is the truth?
See the tower and feel this due,
Be the power to heal the you!

— The End —