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Bumble Zee Feb 2
I love the way the rain falls
To the ear that listens carefully
Every drop is a musical beat 
As it falls making a fine tuned melody

I love the way the lightning strikes
Bringing with it a loud thunder
For the one with an aching heart
It's like being torn asunder

I love the way the wind caresses my hair
As I sit deep in my thoughts
For the one that is unsettled
It gushes past with a cosmic force

I love the way your heart beats
When I'm standing so close
I can smell your fragrance
Invigorating my senses like a primrose
Bumble Zee Oct 2019
This is so hard
What am I becoming
I tried for so long
The pain is numbing

I can no longer hide
I have to accept the truth
I have fought long enough
Nothing left to prove

Theres skeletons in my closet
That just won't leave
I'm being ****** in
No chance of relief

Why is this happening
I thought I was strong
My weakness is overpowering
Is this where I belong

I have succumb to the whims
This must be my destiny
No more fighting
This liberation fills me with ecstacy
Bumble Zee Oct 2019
To say I'm struggling
Is an understatement
Everyday is a battle
But the key is patience

I hope one day
Everything will work out
I'm trying to get there
There's so much self doubt

Life isn't black & white
They didn't teach us this
My minds wandering
I'm falling into the abyss

My heads in one place
My heart in another
Confusion has taken over
I feel smothered

I feel my inner demons
Have started to resurface
Thought I put them to bed
But they're making me nervous

Do I stay true to myself
Or keep others happy
This pain is getting stronger
I'm losing my sanity!
Bumble Zee Apr 2019
I’m afraid of my own thoughts
Million dark ways to end it all
Every decision is a constant battle
My mind has lost control

Small talk won’t solve our problems
Apologies won’t fix broken hearts
Pretentious smiles in the meantime
Until the next time it all starts

I seemed to have numbed the pain
But my soul feels lost
How long can I carry on
And at what cost?

My life is in your hands now
Every moment I wonder
Can you love me the way you promised
If not, I’d rather be 6 feet under.
Bumble Zee Mar 2019
I sacrificed my whole life for you but you only saw the part I kept for myself.
I poured my soul to you but you only saw the last drop I couldn’t squeeze out.
I gave you the world but you only saw what I couldn’t give you.
I gave and I gave but it was never enough. You’ve taken every ounce of energy I had and now I have nothing left to offer. My life, my world and my soul are so empty I don’t know if it’s worth living anymore.
Bumble Zee Feb 2019
I never use to be an addict, I never smoked excessively or drank heavily, it was always casual relationships. But then I met you, you were like a drug to me, I couldn’t keep away, I wanted you, no, I needed you. You were like an addiction. I couldn’t live without your musky scent in my bedsheets, or the sound of your infectious laugh, or seeing your beautiful features on your perfect face, or feeling your chest pressed against mine as our hearts connected. I became dependent on you, without your presence every second was like torture, I needed my fix. What have you done to me? Is it possible to die from a heartbreak because I cannot live like this anymore.
Bumble Zee Jan 2019
You’re my ray of sunshine on the good days
Like a dark cloud when things are going sideways
I look forward to seeing you when I’m struggling
Then I wish I hadn’t when your temper starts bubbling
I love your good qualities like how you take care of me
But I resent the times your personality changes when we don’t agree
You don’t deserve a poem, but I’m writing this anyway
One day, I hope to be free, look for an opportunity to fade-away.
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