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laura Apr 11
As we all know,
we are going through
some strange times.
But I believe,
that we will
get through them.
don't give up
laura Mar 3
Today I'm 14,
excited for
a new adventure
  Feb 24 laura
Harshitha Girish
Footprints of size 1
Now of size 10.
Oh God, when did I grow up?!

Chairs of such small size
Now a throne of leather
Oh God, when did I grow up?!

Papers of drawing
Now a booklet of future
Oh God, when did I grow up?!

Skirts of small size
Now a formal blazer
Oh God, when did I grow up?!
So today I wrote my first board exam, and something I thought of....when did we grow up?
I was a first grader, thinking 10th graders are cool and now I just want to go back to reading a volume of Mother Goose as if it were the first time...
  Feb 24 laura
what love- bursting at the seams,
his manic eyes
translated the tendencies.
I look to the sky
and your resentments move like tides
how we will deny, and never ask why
the capsize or joyride
of an unruly sense of pride.
your mission to suicide
or the fear I felt as you died
the clouds became my guide
as I tried to make you stay inside.
you can decide
a flame will burn and we’ll collide.
writing = a powerful outlet
laura Feb 15
Happy Birthday
to my favorite
and only sister.
Thanks for always
being there.
Have fun being 17
for martha 2/12/03
  Feb 15 laura
I don’t really do forever..
but man.

I will forever be in love with the moon
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