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Jul's May 2020
I wanna escape
To a place were there is love
Instead of everyone who don't believe in me
  There is a cape in my heart that needs to be filled
No matter what some one pulls me down
Right when I'm happy with myself
I have worked so ******* my sobriety
I just feel people in recovery understands me better
I am a better person now
I'm not in a fog nomore, an I'm not a push over nomore
I'm the one who's gonna win an the people
Who support me in it
Jul's May 2020
When I was drinking an drugging I wanted to feel numb
It was my friend
It was faithful
It made me steal to support my habit
Even though I was hurting loved
I was thinking of my own self an my needs
I was lost didn't know who I was
I was trying to find myself through my drinking an drugging
People begged me to stop but I didn't listen
I was thinking of my own selfish needs
Ideas mean an bitter to others
An when I got sick an tired. I didn't know witch direction I was going because I was lost
An when I realized who I was an what I was doing I hated myself
An when I got help
I took day by day, second by second
An after awhile of being sober
It helped me realize that I'm a wonderful person
I'm able to accept things better
An I'm able to look in the mirror now an see my own beauty an how far I came
I love myself now
We are not alone
We have each other to count on
Written by Julie Ann David
Jul's Mar 2019
There was a time in my life
I Had a shell
On for so long
I was in this cage an
I sometimes wonder when am I
Gonna break free from this hurt
Get away from the *******
And once I did it was a good feeling
While I was in the air coming to you
Who says beautiful things
To me that completes me an makes me happy
Written by Julie David
Jul's Feb 2019
I'm afraid of letting someone getting close
I let someone get close to me an they burned me,
An my tears keep falling of sorrow I feel
Can someone please explain it to my heart
An man would be lucky to land a gal like me
It's that guard I around my heart
One day I'll know when to let that guard down from my heart
From being broken all these year' s
An now I'm working on new beinngings
Jul's Feb 2019
When I was kissing the bottle not worry about a thing in the world, just me
I was all about me, I wanted nothing more to feel numb inside I felt no one understood
All I know is when I was kissing the bottle
I just wanted to be me again,
It might have taken me longer to get on that path and I am very thankful for the people who are love
Written by Julie Ann David
Jul's Dec 2018
Why are people afraid of love,
  We should sit back and think why,
One time in our life we had
  Experience one bad love
We all go through hell
  Trying to find that special one,
Then finally there comes a feeling inside
  An you would know because it's in your heart gets stronger and stronger with
  That person who you are with
You can't deny true love,
  When it's right there
In front of you
  Someone who you go through hell with you
No matter what an sticks by your side forever my eternity
Written by Julie David
Jul's Dec 2018
I wanna spend every waking,
Moments with you my love
I wanna spend every waking,
Moment seeing your smile
I wanna feel your luscious
Lips on my lips
I wanna feed the warmth,
Of your body against mine
I wanna hear them word' s you love me
I wanna be able to feel
Safe in your arms
I wanna know if our love
Is strong enough to,
Get through good an bad
Times my love
Without you I'm nothing
I know you love me my love
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