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he promised me
I could be the
smallest word
that I could hide
in his book of
mysteries and
everyone would
see me but
no one would
ever find me
and he tried to
keep his promise
but he never
saw you coming
the clever girl
who could read
between the lines
and understand
the smallest word
All great poems were written
on scraps of paper, including
this one!
Believe me!
The prettier the garden
the dirtier the hands of the gardener.
I am filled..
Covered in Your colours ..
So that You are..
Always with Me..
 Sep 2020 Tony Anderson
 Sep 2020 Tony Anderson
hear ye hear ye
flack by popular demand
whiles surmise masks
pandemic house arrest
now sandman compatible
 Sep 2020 Tony Anderson
You spit lies
you make me cry
silvery, slithers
half truths
your golden platitudes
aren’t worth your breath
you speak words of life
but you mean death.
 Sep 2020 Tony Anderson
Its not enough to say you love me
If you get anoyed at who i am
Its not enough to pull me closer
If you let go when i need you to stay
Its not enough to say were soulmates
If you disagree with all i say

Its not enough what you did gave me
Compared to what you took away
 Sep 2020 Tony Anderson
I have daydreamed
love-drunk off foreign tongues
and felt that heat off hands which held fast
and unfamiliar.

I have waded in that.
A dizzying, dissimilar daze,
and I have been ashamed
to love a world and want to leave it
all in one kiss. One kiss
that is and wasn't and can't be

but someone roams the wisteria laden halls
and daydreams drunk in periwinkle
and she—is me.

And while I wile away my sleeping days
under golden archways, I think of you
...and you too.
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