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Tony Anderson Sep 2020
12 Roses in your hand
Given to you from this man
A a gester of my love and devotion
Which is much deeper than any ocean
Upon this day we say I do
May you know my love will always ring true
Tony Anderson Apr 2019
A man goes to a funeral of a woman he loves.  This man goes to the funeral with 12 roses in his hands.  At the end of the service while people were lining up to pay their last respects to the woman.  The man gets in the back of the line.  When the man gets up to the casket he talks to the preacher who did the service for a moment.  The preacher motions toward the roses intending to put them in a vase to give to the family later.  The man recoils a little at this, and tells the preacher he brought the roses for a purpose.  He asks the preacher to give him a moment before taking the flowers.  The preacher steps back and the man approaches the casket.  One by one he lays the roses on top of the casket, but with each rose he gives a little sentiment.

One for your friendship it shall never be forgotten
One for the joy and happiness you have brought to my life
One for letting me know I always had someone to turn to
One for being a point of light in my darkest times
One for not laughing at me when all others would
One for always being my friend even at our worst
One for inviting me to your wedding and other family functions
One for just being a part of your life
One for always forgiving my shortcomings
One for laughing at all my jokes even if they weren’t all that funny
and finally One for my love that shall forever go unspoken

After the last line the man falls to his knees and begins to cry.  The preacher hearing all this realized the great love this man had for the woman, and the pain he must feel that she never knew.  Bowed his head and also began to cry
Tony Anderson Jan 2019

A new year with new hopes
A year of joy
A year of pain
A year of sunshine
A year of rain

So much to look forward to
In the new year

But first
Stay up until midnight
Party party party
The old year away
Tony Anderson Apr 2019
3am and I can't sleep
You have touched my heart and soul
I can't get you out of my head
And it's keeping me awake
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
In the corner of her room
She sits with leg between her legs
She has been abused
By those she called family and friends
By those she was supposed to trust

Trust, yeah right whatever
Those demons stoll from her
Those demon tore her soul apart

In the corner of her room
She sits with leg between her legs
She does not cry
For crying would let them win
Give them a victory
She can not
She will not allow
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
Thrown against the wall
Given a black eye or two
Busted lip

The pain
The betrayal
The emotions run wild

She loved him
Gave him the past years of her life
Had to kids together

One day it happened
He beat her ******
She had done no wrong

The next day
He beat her again

This went on day after day
She still loved him
She asured herself he would get better

Then one day
She caught him beating their children
She fought him off
She then took the kids and left

She still loves him
She loves her kids more
Him beating her she could deal with
Him beating the kids they had to leave
The marriage was over

Life in prison is what he got

A new life for her and the kids
Tony Anderson Apr 2019
Abused, beaten, torn
Like a ragdoll tossed around
Blood flows freely from the wounds
She cries silently
Beaten by the one she loved
Hated in an angery rage
Tony Anderson Oct 2018
She huddles in the corner
Tears flowing from her blackened eyes
She cries in silence
Afraid that he will hear
Afraid her cries will make him mad
Afraid the beatings will continue

She bleeds
Where he has struck her
The salt from her tears
Sting as they wash over the wounds

Still she is silent
For to let him her hear cry
Would mean a victory on his part
That she will not allow
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
Do not make me into a form of you
Accept me for who I am
Do not try to change me
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
I am addicted to you
Your beauty
Your personality
Are so so so
All right so I can't explain it
I just know
I need you in my life

You are my drug
You are my fix
I love you more
Than my own life
Tony Anderson Dec 2018
Life is an adventure
Accept it
Do not run from it
For the only way to truly grow
Is by taking on the challenge
To stretch yourself
To reach beyond your limits

So accept life's challenge
Go upon the adventure
Learn all that you can
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
I believe that there is life after death
Our bodies decay
But our souls live on

What lies beyond the grave
A mystery it is
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
A glass of wine
A glass of cheer
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
A hug
A gesture of kindness
A show of compassion and care


A light in dark times
Warmth in the coldness of the world
Within the grey

A hug
So simple
Says so much
Tony Anderson May 2019
Angry at the world
On going heartache
No one seems to care
Emotional turmoil
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
You took this lost man
And made him found
Your mercy covers me

Amazing Grace
Oh how sweet
You think of
A sinner like me
You have never let me down
Tony Anderson Oct 2018
Her name is Amber
Or at least
That is the name she has been given
For nobody knows her true name
She is 6 years old
Or at least that is how she appears
For she is a ghost child

Raven black long hair
Blue eyes
Pale white skin
She wears a white nightgown
And always carries a teddy bear

I said she is 6 years old
However she is much much older
Her exact age is unknown
However some guess 2-3 hundred years

She is mostly harmless
Wandering here and there
In the dead of night
Farmers have seen her
Walking through their Hayfield
One claims that while he was out
Hunting one early morning
He saw her rise from the depths
Of the pond

She can be seen wandering the streets in town as well
Some say that sometimes
She carriers a lantern with her
She always has her teddy bear

Some say she burned in a house fire
Some say she wandered away from home and got lost in the nearby woods
There are even weirder and more gruesome tales about her dimise

Most of the time she is harmless
When she gets into a mood
Her eyes turn bloodshot
Her hair turns to flames
Some say her teddy bear
Becomes a real bear
She uses other worldly powers
To create much mischief
Throwing objects
With the wave of her hand
She could stand on one end of the street
Her screeching yell could break every glass object along that street,  and some tales say the whole block

After she's had her "fun"
She'd turn back into an innocent child
Holding her teddy bear once more
And continue on her wandering ways
Tony Anderson May 2019
The Lord is my light
He will shine through the darkest night
Everyone say AMEN

When I  feel scared and doubt
The Lord is there to help me out
Everyone say AMEN

When the world is failing
To the Lord I"'ll be calling
For his mercy and grace
Though Satan tries to stop me
He has no chains that can lock me
And keep me from praising my Lord

When it comes to the end of days
Still his name I will raise
Everyone say AMEN

At the top of the tallest tower
I will shout louder and louder
Everyone say AMEN

When the world is failing
To the Lord I"'ll be calling
For his mercy and grace
Though Satan tries to stop me
He has no chains that can lock me
And keep me from praising my Lord
Tony Anderson Oct 2020
If I were an Angel
If I fell from Heaven above
Would you catch me
Would you let me continue falling
Into the pit blow
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
Every time we’re apart
I lose a bit of my heart

Every time you go away

My heart breaks
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
One rose
Friendship blooms

One rose
I love you
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
A single rose
Within this garden grows
A single rose
With bright red blooms
Like a great fire
My heart is consumed
For the knowledge that it holds
By the beauty of this rose
Perhaps it knows of a love that may be
Either for you
Or for me
For this we wait and see
We stand upon our toes
For only the rose truly knows
Tony Anderson Oct 2020
Ask me if I love you
The answer will be yes
Ask me again and again
A million times over
The answer will still be yes
Once I start loving you
I never stop
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
A spark is all it takes
To start a mighty blaze

May that spark be in you
May that mighty blaze
Burn with the passion of life
May that blaze never die
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
I love you
I hope you know that
My life without you would be empty

You have been there through it all
the good
The bad
And everything in between

You have enriched my life
I hope I have done the same for you

I've said it before
I 'll say it again
You're the AWESOME one
I'm just trying to keep up
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
In the morning dew lies a baby calf
Hidden behind a rosebush
Sleeping in the warm sun
Tony Anderson May 2019
Grilling Hamburgers
Time for a cookout with friends
Potato salad
Games music joking laughing
Good Food good friends lots of fun
Tony Anderson May 2019
Backyard football
Is there no greater sport
No helmets
No uniforms
No pads
Just you and the Earth

Caked with dirt
Caked with mud
A few cuts here and there
That was part of the fun
Just playing
Just enjoying time together
With friends
With family
With everyone

Rain did not stop us
We kept playing
Lightning Thunder roar
The game was the thing
The fun
The joy
Rolling in the mud

A flury or two
We did not care
We still played
Storm warnings
What were those
We have a game to play

Backyard football
Is there no greater sport
No helmets
No uniforms
No pads
Just you and the Earth
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
Grass underneath my feet
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
Late in the evening
From the cave they fly
Through the air
Searching for prey
On wich to dine

Take to the sky in swarms
As they  go
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
Friends and family gather near
Meat and veggies on the grill
Smoke smells so good
Games Fun
Tony Anderson Feb 2019
Steak on the grill
Corn on the cob beside it
BBQ sauce to be spread on
Potato salad in the fridge

Lots of fun

Folks from down the street

BBQ time
Is fun time
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
Tangy and sweet
With the food I eat

Bubbly foam
Store bought or made at home
Tony Anderson Oct 2018
Go the glasses
As another toast is made
To life
To good time

Beer is the drink of the day
Having a good time
Watching sports
Or just being together
As long as beer is around
Have fun
Life's a party
Ejoy it

Raise your glasses high
Make another toast
Then drink
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
Believe in yourself
Follow your dreams
Let nothing stand in your way

At times it will seem like
Running head first into a brick wall
Tear down the wall blocking you
Move on

At times people will try to
Shut you down
Don’t listen to them
Look in your heart
Stand on firm ground

Believe in yourself
Follow your dreams
Let nothing stand in your way

When life puts a mountain in your path
Show that you have no fear
Climb that mountain
Hold nothing back

At times the world will try
To hold you down
Brake the bonds
Move on

Believe in yourself
Follow your dreams
Let nothing stand in your way
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
People tell me to be myself.  But when I do.  I am told to
Grow up
Shut up
Straighten up
Sit down
Go away
And many other phrases I will not repeat

So which is it.  Be myself.  Or be like everyone else

I say be myself
I am not a mindless drone
I am not a programed robot

I will be myself
I will until the day I die
Anyone who doesn't like me the way I am
Can kiss my ***
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
If you wish to be my best friend
Don't just show the surface
Let me see the person within
Tony Anderson Apr 2019
Trust worthy
Heart warming
Amazingly awesome
Nothing compares to her
Yearning to know her more
Tony Anderson Nov 2018
Be who you are
Don't apologize for it
Celebrate it
Tony Anderson Nov 2018
Be who you are
Don't apologize for it
Celebrate yourself
Tony Anderson Feb 2019
Be who you are
Not who everyone tells you to be
Be who you are
Stand on your own two feet
Tony Anderson May 2019
Peer preasure
The media
All want to keep us on a leash
All want to control us
I say enough is enough

Time to stand up
Time to fight back
Be who you are
Do NOT let them decide
Break the leash
Free yourself

You are your own person
Stand firm
Sound your voice
Rejoice in yourself
Be all you were trully ment to be
Tony Anderson Feb 2019
Bind us together Lord
Bring us together as one
We are a broken nation
We need you

Your Love
Your mercy
Your grace
Bind us together Lord
So we may love you
Tony Anderson Nov 2018
You laugh at me
Because of my birth defects
You laugh at me
Because you think it's funny

Try walking my path
Try living my life
You would change your tune

For you don't know my struggles
You don't know my fight
You don't know how hard it is
Tony Anderson Jan 2019
Biscuits and gravy
Heaven on a plate
Tony Anderson May 2019
My heart was ripped out of my chest
This young lady was just like the rest
Playing me for the fool I am
I should have known it was all a sham
I want a woman I can hold onto for life
Take her home and someday make her my wife
This woman was more like a witch
Casting her spell, boy what a *****
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Red rivers of blood flows
From the wounds upon his body
Left for dead

Abused sexually

Red rivers of blood flows
From the wounds upon his body
Left for dead
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
The bones of the past
They haunt me
The blood of the past
Spills over me like a waterfall
The sins of the past
Causes many tears

I had a dream one night
I was walking through a field of complete waste
Bones started coming out of the ground
Voices from these remains
Started shouting accusing me of such shame
As punishment I am to walk the land
Alone until the end of time

A stack of bone lies in the middle of the field
The skulls start their chanting of accusation
“You left me hungry”
“You did not cloth me”
“You left me out in the cold”
On and on the accusations came without end
Blood starts in the center of the stack and is forced outward
Before the blood reaches me I move on

The ghosts of my victims Float around me
Taunting me and shouting their curses
They throw their bones at me
I beg for forgiveness
However they give me none

I woke in a pool of sweat
Tears streaming from my face
“I am sorry “I shout
“I am sorry”

Their bones forever haunt me
Their blood seeps into my skin
Their voices constantly scream
I can run
I can not hide
Tony Anderson Mar 2019
The Sound of water running through the creek
Cows on the hillside grazing
Warm breeze through the treetops
Wild animals in the woods

I was born country
These things run through my blood
Like a mighty river
That can not be stopped

Fixing fence
Hauling hay
Cutting wood
Fishing in the pond

I was born country
It is forever a part of who I am

Family dinners
Catching Fireflies
Sitting out at night
Watching the starlight

I was born country
The spirit of nature
Is one with my soul
For it truly is
God's creation

Hay rides
Fresh fruits and vegetables
From the garden

I was born country
Nothing like a job well done
Being with friends
Getting along

Dogs in the yard
Mom's cooking
Cat's in the barn
Kids playing in the yard

I was born country
It is who I am
The values passed down
Can not be taught
Only can be learned
Off the land

Gathering Walnuts
Camping out at night
Tire swings

I was born country
I always will be
Tony Anderson Sep 2020
He was born different
A freak they say
The others would laugh
Mean games they would play

He could not help the way he was born
Isn't like he had a choice

The "Normal" kids don't care
They just want to stare
Poking fun
Making jokes
Causing tears
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