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Sarah Nov 2019
I wish I could fight
Hide behind the barricades and inhale the burning tear gas
I wish I could join you guys
Against a government that cares not whether we lived or died
I wish I could die
Although I so very much love this life
Perhaps then I could save a young boy’s life
People are dying daily in Iraq due to recent protests. Young boys are falling in the front lines while I, like most of the girls, have to stay at home and pray.
My heart is burning with anger and sadness, and every inch of my body longs to be out there with them, but I can not.
Please pray for us, pray for peace.
Sarah Nov 2019
He could have been,
A better surgeon than I’ll ever be
A better poet
He might’ve even achieved his dream
Yet he died
At nineteen!
This isn’t poetry, but rather a loud scream against the international ignorance regarding the massacres happening in Iraq.

Today there has been a bloodbath in one of the provinces in Iraq, military forces opened fire on the unarmed peaceful protestors. More than 40 were killed and hundreds injured.
Sarah Nov 2019
Everything was so horrible
That words stood beside me and gaped
At a life so cruel.
We held our flags while they held their guns
We approached them with roses yet they stained us with our own blood

More than 320 were killed, more than 12,000 were injured, hundreds were arrested and abducted, still we’re fighting.

Look for pictures, my friends. And you’ll see why words can no longer suffice in describing the tragedy happening in my country.
Sarah Nov 2019
A boy of sixteen
Head split open, scattered brain
A lonely school bag
the video of the said child is too graphic to be seen.
He was a child, a mere child dreaming of a better future!

A sixteen years old boy was murdered in Iraq on 3rd of Nov, 2019, during the series of uprising against corruption. The number of martyrs is estimated to be around 300, with thousands injured.
Sarah Oct 2019
One day
When God will resurrect the sleeping souls
I will search for you beneath the silver moon
And we’ll walk forward, hand in hand
To pay the price of our sin.
If it is love, then it’s not a sin.
Sarah Oct 2019
He once had an eye
That sought beauty in stars and trees
He once had a nose
That smelled aromas of his mother’s delicious meals
He once had lips
That kissed his beloved behind an old, dark street
He once had a pretty face
Beaming at the world
Yet they recognized his corpse
From his heart shaped tattoo.
Yesterday there was a series of protests in Iraq against corruption, 42 died and more than two thousands were injured, the pictures and videos of the victims are much worse than this poem.
So much blood was shed. Pray for us.

P.s I apologize for sharing those disturbing news on this site, but those who died were people with hopes and dreams and stories, they were more than numbers, they were important and they died for a dream of a better life.
Sarah Oct 2019
Who was he?
Sitting on a cliff overlooking the vast sea
A stranger,
The shadow of a man who once belonged to me.
Who was I ?
The girl staring from afar
A coward,
The shadow of a girl who once touched the stars.
Who were we?
Two lost souls drowning in a sea of our agony
Memories of stolen kisses in darkened streets.
This poem is mainly metaphors, of how life can change us into people we never thought we’d be.
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