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Kim Apr 2019
It is powerful,
It is growing,
It is tangible,
It wants to escape.

Words fight with colours,
Sights blend with sounds,
Flashing and pulsing,
They need to get out.

It swells in your heart,
It courses your veins,
It floods through your brain,
It needs a release.

Music shifts to patterns,
Dreams change to lights,
Shapes become energy,
Ideas start to form.

It roars in your ears
It pulses inside,
It overwhelms everything,
It takes control.

The brightness unites.
Thoughts become words,
You write the first letter.
It is free.
Just getting some words out to release a choking ball of creative energy and inspiration that's currently overwhelming me.
Kim Jun 2018
It kisses,
it cuddles,
it licks.

It bites,
it tears,
and it hurts

It lifts you up,
above the world,
above the clouds.

It buries you,
in the cold earth,
in the place with no air.

It's a beautiful monster.
One you can't live without.
It's love.
Kim Jun 2018
Entangled in an ivy mass,
Surrounded by the lush long grass,
Some purple flowers show their heads,
Inbetween eternal beds.

On the graves, people weep,
On the people deep in sleep,
People live and people die,
After death it's here they lie.

Trust the dead and do not fear,
Their hearts and souls are always near
They do not live deep underground,
It's inside you that love is found.
Kim Jun 2018
I fell in love.
My world stopped.
From the second I saw that smile,
I knew.

But that smile wasn’t for me,
it was for her,
it always will be.
So where am I?

I’m here,
looking in,
still hoping and dreaming,
but hurting.

You did nothing wrong,
but nor did I,
yet you’re happy,
and I’m broken.

When I see you I smile,
it doesn’t reach my eyes,
but you smile back,
and I fall in love all over again.

So it continues,
maybe one day it will end,
but until then,
I’ll just keep smiling.

— The End —