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Joe March Sep 17
Can I compare thee to a flame of fire
when time has stolen the words from my lips.
Cliche upon cliche grows to inspire,
the death of a rose at the thought of your kiss.
The crash of a wave as you enter a room,
Time stops as I await your gaze.
Drench me in your water, succumbed to Neptune
What purity remains, I allow to raze.
Choked by the smoke, leaves me breathless,
I gasp for air, desiring nothing but relief.
Thoughts intoxicating my mind - shan't confess,
for the love of an innocence crying for peace.
Try as I might, Eros' three sharp knocks.
It is the key to the furnace that you hold to unlock.
Joe March Sep 16
It's in the flicker of the eyes,
the flash of a smile,
the last lingering word where nothing is said.
I speak only for the purpose of capturing your attention,
yet I know the battle is won.

My heart may not beat for you,
but my body does not rest.
A brush of the hand or the echo of your voice
- this suffices.

Yet it is her you return to.
Her who holds you.
But can love co-exist where lust wanders?

If lord forgives us for our sins, then allow me this,
for the bite of the Apple may be just too sweet.
Joe March Aug 2018
Happy then,
but longing for your praise.

Happier now,
but longing for your gaze.

External Growth,
armours the young soul.

Pierced, still,
through chainmail of holes.

Standing alone,
the reflection reveals us.

Risen above,
yet plagued by Orpheus.

A forgotten dream.
A lost tale.
A future unseen.
A wish so frail.

My heart never beat for you, but my mind imaginative cannot but wander.
Joe March Jun 2018
Why do I only like myself when you see me?
See me.

I stare into the face I see most,
the face I know most.
Plastic smile plasters over the cracks.

Nothing so fragile as the self.
Nothing but a silent echo,
a glimpse of a reflection.

Why do I forget myself when you touch me?
Touch me.

I shall fit the role of your design
Mould me, but do not control me;
a shell of what I once was with you.

Nothing so frail as the mind.
With a heart so strong, the mind will plummet or soar above
Joe March May 2018
Why do I strive to impress you when I do not know you?
What is it about you?
What is it about me?
My mind is plagued only with thoughts of you - not of you, but your acceptance
Hours I waste, gazing upon your past.
What is it I see now that I was unable to see in the darkness?
What I once mocked and ridiculed I now yearn for
You are not the first and you will not be the last.
Eros why do you visit me unwelcome?
Why do you stay?
I long for your eyes upon my body
Your pathetic praise awakens me,
disgusts me;
you draw out in me what I do not want to see.
The **** truth.

— The End —