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Arke Aug 2018
I long to hold you
yearn for you against me
I want your bruises and bites
your lightest touch and deepest kisses

give me your thoughts
your happiness
your pleasure
I will you give you mine

I don't mind being broken by you
when my thoughts are interrupted
mind blank and there's silence
the moment our bodies meet

show me your scars
your pain
your passion
I will you show you mine

you give openly
I want to give in to you
surrender every piece of myself to you
because my love for you is always requited

every moment, every feeling
you repay with interest
with you, affection is always
exquisitely reciprocal
Joe March Jun 2018
Why do I only like myself when you see me?
See me.

I stare into the face I see most,
the face I know most.
Plastic smile plasters over the cracks.

Nothing so fragile as the self.
Nothing but a silent echo,
a glimpse of a reflection.

Why do I forget myself when you touch me?
Touch me.

I shall fit the role of your design
Mould me, but do not control me;
a shell of what I once was with you.

Nothing so frail as the mind.
With a heart so strong, the mind will plummet or soar above
Hillary B Apr 2018
places to fall in love:

a café, while sipping on their charm

at a museum, where they're still the masterpiece

an arcade, as you let them win your heart

on a rollercoaster, where there's nothing like that rush

in a theater, while holding their hand tight

on a paddle boat, where teamwork is key

a garden, add water and watch love take root

a bookstore, as your fingertips brush their spine

on the bay, with ocean mist kisses

in their arms, the safest place
vera Mar 2018
You call me lover
for the first time
and I sigh,

You think that's charming
that my pupils are roses
Blooming with equal affection.

I push you then,
And you think I am coy,
Shy by the strength of your feeling.

I take a breath,
and taste the rejection
pooling in my mouth.

I want to tell you,
that I don't love you.
That you don't love me.

That we don't love each other,
or ourselves,
That there are empty spaces.

Holes within ourselves,
Caverns deep inside of me,
That I can't even begin to understand.

I want you to say that I am stranger,
Just another lost girl in your bed,
That I don't even know my own name.

But you would just call me,
"your rambling lover"
and so I close my mouth.

And kiss you.

— The End —