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Deep Ponderer Oct 2022
We live in a world where meanings have flipped.
The celebrities and the elites are being oppressed.
Antifa conducted a peaceful protest!
Privileged is better than hard work.
Biology is no longer scientific.
Genuine Health advice is body shaming.
Yes Free speech, but gets criminalized
to make you realise
they cannot agree to disagree.
Revoked for teaching reality.
The world is progressing
but where is it heading?
Your thoughts on this piece?
Deep Ponderer Aug 2022
Everyone wants to be accepted
But no one wants to be loved.
Accepting every attribute about a person
and not discerning right from wrong,
Cannot be loving.
"Oh I'm accepted, I must be loved"
But that kind of acceptance is out of fear of not being accepted in return.
To allow a person to self destruct either acutely or chronically
cannot be considered an act of love.
Love can be a constructive criticism
or a soft spoken word.
But if someone really loves,
they will not hinder the truth even if it hurts.
everyone wants to be accepted,
no one wants to be loved,
Because the world has redefined the true meaning of love.
Deep Ponderer Sep 2020
We live in a world made of self love
"My body my choice"
But what about those who desire to be mothers
Thinking "if only they had given the baby a chance,
Probably I would be able to give something better".
We believe in "my own choice", but we don't think of the baby's will to choose
because they don't have a voice?
The answer we give is
There are so many babies dying of hunger.
But boy or boy, would any mother
allow their own child to suffer?
Think twice, pro life or pro choice.
Most of the time the decision we make will always affect others as well. So think twice.
Deep Ponderer May 2020
Would you stay, like I stayed
Would you forgive, like I did
Would you love when I'm out of reach
Or would this be a momentary feel.
Would I be easily replaced again
But this time, would you please have the guts to tell.
It's ok to fall out of love, I get it
We are not married yet!
But it's not okay to be infidel!
Would you give a partner who cheated a second chance?
Deep Ponderer Oct 2019
Our good deeds won't take us to heaven
But surely they will lead others to Christ.
Deep Ponderer Sep 2019
Maybe it was only at the surface
Maybe that's why God asked you to leave me.
Maybe He knew me as the 'deep one'
And superficial only creates questions,
the Chaotic kind that cripples my mind.
Maybe someday I will smile again
Even if the questions remain unanswered.
Deep Ponderer Aug 2019
I am inspired by things unseen,
Like the air that helps me breathe
For without it we are mere dust.
So why then do you asked,
"How can you believe in a god
You cannot see?"
Do you believe?
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