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 Dec 2020 Iska
Dan Hess
 Dec 2020 Iska
Dan Hess
in ethereal winds,
untethered from my earthly coil.
I am cloud bursts
in concentric separation:
gossamer pulsation.

in heaven’s piercing light,
dissipating as I capitulate,
unfurling in my flight;
to coalesce and integrate
with this splendiferous bright.

Heave, I, immense a zephyr,
pressing mine unto the grand expanse;
entranced by all that’s shifting
on the likeness of all, being,
wherein heartstrings resonate
with the vibrations of creation.
 Oct 2020 Iska
Yvonne Nice
It's a thought that plagues my mind at odd hours of the night
Running on loop behind muffled sobs
Looking but never finding an answer
I must have done something awful, horrendous, obscene to deserve it
It had to be my fault
Why else would those thing happen?

Then I stood across from you
My mind aflame
Searching for something, anything that could explain 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴

A little blue hand-me-down Keurig

It's just an object, basic machinery sold to the masses
They're so common
And yet I could even comprehend how it was sitting right in front of me

This isn't right
I'm a poet
A musician
A painter
An artist
My entire purpose is to understand and create something better than myself from that understanding
I'm known for my long winded detailed tangents that explain exactly what I'm feeling
But I just 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵
It doesn't make sense
Why can't I make sense of it?
Why can such a small thing evade me?

I suppose history repeats itself
When I kept staring at that beautiful piece of houseware with watery eyes one thing kept coming to mind
What did I do to deserve this?
Nothing answered
How am I supposed to leave it to the unknown?
It's wrong
It's not what I'm made for
I just-

I named him Drizzle
It’s dorky as hell, but I think it suits him
It is part of his basic functions after all
To lazily brew a warm mug of coffee as everything happens around him
He could never understand the half of it
I don't think he even knows where he is
But he still happily goes about such a simple task
Nothing else matters

There's another meaning to his name
More depressing, to be sure
But I think it gives him more character
You know how it's thought that rain is a deity sobbing?
So anguished that it shows its inner turmoil to all?
As I cried, hearing the pitter patter of rain on the pavement outside
Far heavier than a drizzle, but I digress
I thought of that
And I couldn't help but think that sometimes we were wrong
It wasn't suffering, for me at least, but raw confusion and happiness and amazement
Over something so small that meant so much

You said that when you bought him, you wanted him in blue because it was a happy color
And you're right
It is a happy color
A hell of one at that
That's why I named him Drizzle
Because I was so overjoyed that I let tears flow down my cheeks like rivers
And maybe I'll never understand him
Maybe I will
I don't know if it even matters what context he exists by
Maybe he just needs to be exactly who he is
And nothing more
Why do I have to find purpose when I don't need it to love him?

I think that's my answer
Nothing and everything at once
I don't think I have to try to understand when there isn't anything to understand
Maybe my fear of the unknown is completely unfounded
Sometimes the unknown is okay

I don't think I could receive a more meaningful gift
There were some that I never thought could be topped
But they were
By that little blue hand-me-down Keurig
And I have to thank you
For everything really
But right now, it's for completely changing the meaning of a question I have been asking myself for years
What did I do to deserve this?
 Dec 2019 Iska
My Rose
 Dec 2019 Iska
I never thought
This day would come
That I'd find someone
I'd always love
You strolled right in
And Smiled
As you held up the key
To my once locked heart
Looking up
At the sky tonight
I feel so peaceful
That you looked up
At the same beautiful moon
I love you, my Rose.
For my wonderful love, Rose <3
 Dec 2019 Iska
 Dec 2019 Iska
My Rose
I know it can be hard
Stumbling in the dark
Things swirling
All around
You wilt
For a rose needs light to live
So take my hand
And I will be the light
I will be the sunshine to your rose
Another poem for Rose, my love.
 Aug 2019 Iska
b e mccomb
 Aug 2019 Iska
b e mccomb
i just want the
bleeding to stop

my body to realize
it’s fine and it doesn’t
need to do this
it’s only hurting itself

all i see is

it’s not the cut
that hurts the most
it’s the sting of
regrets that follows

so many
so many
i’m so
tired of it

and more

why do i
do this

why do i
do this


i don’t want
to live anymore
it hurts too
much now

too much
just make it

but i’m the
one who got
into this mess
how do i expect
it to stop while
i stand by?

look what
you’ve done now
do you feel
any better?

i didn’t think so
a sinking ship
that you keep
climbing back on

but for ten minutes
the fog in my
head cleared
as i watched the blood

bubble to the
surface and
run down my leg
forgot all the bad
things the bad
thoughts as it dripped

but i’m tired
of blood
so tired
i want it to end
copyright 8/15/19 by b. e. mccomb
 Aug 2019 Iska
Broken Youth
 Aug 2019 Iska
I'm going to be a father
Yet my heart does not comprehend
      My youth faded earlier
my shoulders grew heavier each day

As I handle the weight, she handled-more...
I was too young
So I lust over different women
They gave me a taste of what was lost..
But I forgot what will I even gain for
                  temporary pleasure

As I looked her in the eye I saw the
       broken songs we once sung
Her voice cracked like it was too much
                  for her to speak
The hatred she held for me for being a

But God I was too crazy for my youth
       I forgot she was preparing for -  
                       our future
I'm sick of taking flights to see these other girls swear to God I'm gonna change
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