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Joy can be found in depths of solitude
An inward peace in seeing thy deeper mind
By silent mind, generate such fortitude
When open eyes surrender to being blind
For in the foreign dark lay thy attitude
Whence seeing, what be apart, might show thy kind
Where unto thy own gazing observeth heart
By light, might in darkness, self unfolded start
Perhaps it is in quietness and subtlety of realization that transformation may work its way under the skin, and settle in and into, and become a part of being. That stretching, yawning idea that one sees as fact without ever having greeted it before, yet may respect as if it were so intrinsic to their day to day life as to be unnoticeable. Existential crisis may send the mind spiraling and gripping at open air as one’s very soul plunges into empty abyss, thereto disintegrate; but existential connection is so integrated and undisturbing that we may grow alongside our ignorance, and befriend it. Rather than lose ourselves, we might find we were there under our own noses, and shrug or laugh at the foolishness of seeking in darkness what was always exposed in the light.
Dan Hess Jan 13
Oh shifting sun, in silence
does the resonance of moonlight still reflect
the light of day, the truth that you beget?

These hidden things, inside sepulchral night
administered by lunar light
within our minds and hearts excite
yet still prolong regret

When we are surely stolen there
within the glow of darkness’ heir
does truth, aloof, in depth repair
or is there hindrance yet?

I coast alone through lands of dreams
to lay away without esteem
and bask through melting, as it seems
my self should thus reset

Could in the morning light, again,
thy transcendence defy chagrin?
Should I be not what is akin
if therein lies my debt?
What message do you glean from this poem?
Dan Hess Jan 1
There, where the turning moon would then subsume, should I subsist
The new year births and I’m unearthed to linger yet persist
Unencumbered by my hunger; wonder what will die
As every day’s a new engagement toward a life aligned

Your leaving gleans a hope of breathing in the winds of change
For never more shall I abhor and be eclipsed: deranged
I’ve buckled since your resonance has likened me to death
As you depart, I hold my art to act where I’m bereft

I’ve left my heart to hold the old unstructured things I hate
To come and form upon new avenues allaying fate
Where once our coalescence was the essence of renewal
These cruel begotten, ever rotten shifts rend us in duel

I tether there my heart to severed parts of what was whole
I lie beneath the moon and am reborn, alone and full
To curse the moving ether would bring deeper separation
So by the rising tides of mindless time I find elation
Dan Hess Dec 2019
Low density
slow entropy
expansive ethereal
immaterial inclusive
conducive conclusive
collective perspective

Interjected perplexing
Vexed intensive directive

Perspicacious intonations
repulsed over nullified
Emulsified dry mindless intrinsic duplicitous insistances
redacted and reacted upon retroactively,
in posthumous alacrity,
as backed and packed to me
are primitive tenacities
by classless massless animalistic catastrophes
in baseless traceless
uniformly adjacent replacements

Tasteless abasement
in braced,
placed erasure of nature
Replace her with infrastructure
Good old abundant mother, **** her

I'd love to plug her with rubber
unsung troubles debug her
rewind and entice
and drown and rend blind with devices incisively derisively winding
her planar engagements
to ownership taken
forsaken by god
but we're shaken by odds
of new values in clods
of endowments toward rods of power each hour we glower
and how her entreatment
might trap and devour
if we weren't so clever
we'd sever our heads as we shower
in the ichor of the dead
and instead we're just thicker than blood
with our money and crud
replace water with crude
and a bad attitude

I'd be true to the money
but wouldn't it be funny
if deigned be the dummy
as warless and lost
in the loathesome defrosting
of planetary exhaustion?

Now tell me the cost
of the death and the offing
of all we've been coughing
to the air we've been drawing from
gnawing the earth to her bones
always want some more worth from our home
but it's worthless if we end up alone
We used to be spiritual
Now it's all about that empirical material imperial
Dan Hess Dec 2019
Whereof void cometh light
Therein the realm of whispers stretching vast
By what great somnolence fore-takes the night
Unto the mind’s recoupled, last

By speckled sand in burgeoned storm
Whose weaving deems thy make
In nebulous, unstructured form
Til brinks, again, daybreak

Whence shrouded depths bestow thy name
O Maker of the Lands Estranged
O Dark Unbridled Taskmaster
What mirth beguiles thy claim?

For in the harbored bow of day
To eat of such abound
Remade in Night’s shadow’d parlay
As we, remade from ground

What, by thy gazing over land
Should bring immortal what is man?
Where through the reaching unto nought
Shall future’s stake, our hearts allot?

Where dreams be dreamt in wake and rest
Your hand to ours, there, to caress
To guide our minds and move our breaths
To breathe for life’s unending test

As is the mount to he who hikes
A place to chase the peak
Should we, who in nature alike
See ours and wish our keep
Dan Hess Dec 2019
Co-formed in stardust
A spurious reunion
with undulating dark
Nought sparkles
but the gems in my eyes

Reconstituted, magnanimous
encircling consequence
Bore yours in ageless wake
Over profundity diaphanous

Let lay the light of night
Through interconnected time
which belies even death

What shines bright
in the depths
Has long since

Imperforable is the visage
of godly nectar
Undue the musings
of mortal instruments

Take your gaze and shift
Uplooking tantamount to order
You who casts aside
the name of nature

Your basking kept
to distance lost
in increments of the inexplicable

Whose multitudinous worlds shimmer
Bright in reachless stars beyond
As dreams you claim your master

Bury your head
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