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Back to the
subtle pool
of dark and deep
that lay below illumination.

Wriggling, slippery
scales of black
in a pool
so hard to see,
so hard to grasp.

Down the hall
in the realm of control,
pulling into light a dark shadow.

Maybe two, but one.

Pull it close
to touch it in mind,
to know it and own it
and let it go.

So deep and dark
and subtle and fooling,
this pool of mind.
I want my every lingering or zapping touch,
deep stare,
conscious step,
labored breath
and my given-over body
to be an engaging,
peppered kiss
to both My Lover
and the Universe’s matters
“I see you.
I love you.
I give myself to you solely
and you solely to me.
We’re each other now
and never to give one’s self away
to another being.
I’m done and made,
ready with you.”
An oath.
Vision of a gift and moment to come
for which My Heart will last and last
till it shall be fulfilled.
A bow of teary,
from loving,
For My Lover’s a form of the Life’s and Passion’s will,
already a person, in Me, incorporated.
Sorry, taken already, won’t go with a human even for all the pennies.
You shall know thereby
a word or message’s
been right
if your Bowel Heart
trembles at it
whilst Mind can’t wrap its head
around it
(pun intended,
as they say)
Hit the top notch
In seclusion and focus
long enough to settle in,
every word or phrase
becomes an understatement
with a greater pause
and reflection to it,
whether we sense it
or not
Of hanging unfinished or dubious words
"does my blackness offend you?"

the vail from black to white is thin
white privilege and black inferiority

he kneeled on him with immense force
whilst inhaling air,
george was losing pulse
his face on earths surface he could only cry for his mothers help
god heard him first
and the white man saw that black actually cracks

"being black shouldn't be a death sentence"
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