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4.8k · Aug 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
"When a person is born it's a blessed time,
Albeit a person is in love it's a splendid era,
When that person perishes it is a bereaved era,
Albeit Love of two people expires it's a cataclysm,

Vestige as we used to sit there on the littoral,
As the dusk of the winds would blow the sand,
The sand pursues into your long black hair,
Visage your dark green eyes and a beauty of a smile,

All times I have enjoyed greatly also suffered greatly,
Times you loved me and alone on the shore,
It is an perpetual power that as my utopia,
Is me ichorous of our love moments together,

Afore us lies the port and a skimming ocean liner,  
As we slowly see an alluvion gloom in the darkness,
Legions of souls drudged here in day and night,
Above gusting drifts the rainy constellation of stars,

As we gambol in our fervor of cognizance of love in our
Utopia Ichorous"
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  © Posted HP/
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  ©  
3.5k · Oct 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2018
“Solidity of my heart is ever repeating,
Yet yearning for things I'll never know,
The heat of the earth upon my feelings,
The zeal of the flurry gusts upon my dermis,

In the beauty of sunlight falling on water ways,
As you can feel the warmth of the sun as I have,
I’ve confronted my life’s crusades before this melody,
Oh yes yours be a simple cup of water for a diverse life,

It is the brine of the ocean that makes me crave more,
Tears that make my ever repeating heart stutter,    
Tear drops warm as the flurry gusts upon my dermis,
Tears abhor the interior sole destruction of my soul,
Tears hasten down my cheeks like rivers,
Tears now smell and taste like the salt of sea brine,
As it leaves a taste of red fervor within my heart?
There will always be peace now way in my soul,

Tears sooth me like my feet upon brine sand stone
As I walk this journey I may stumble and fall,
For that infinite one that has left me now all alone,
I shall ever be fulfilled now in my melody of tears”
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/10/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/10/2018 ©   #Poem # 130 HP
2.3k · Aug 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
“Some people come into our lives and go quickly,
Some people move our souls to happiness & dance,
They awaken us to a new understanding in life,
As they pass a whisper of their wisdom to us,
Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon,
Those are the ones that stay in our lives, and mind Forevermore!”
1.5k · Jul 2017
Moments of PAIN!
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2017
There are moments of pain i feel,
I am sure soon it will heal,
As sounds of your voice linger within,
As does the gentle touch of nightfall,

It is then my mind equates to illusions,
And my pen in hand , and pad of paper,
Makes me dismiss all the confusion,
I tend to more pain, not knowing you're OK,

Or how you may get through another day,
The unknowns cause the most pain,
And make my tears fall down like rain.
I hope this wasn't a mistake,

My feelings for you remain the same,
In hopes this wasn't just that I'm not the blame,
I long for you now that we are apart,
But as in my mind, you live in my heart.

I miss you more than words can say,
And I hate that we are so far away.
But please may you know I think of you every moment in a day
And want to be with you in every way.

I truly hope this is not ended,
Because for me its been so splendid,
There is only one more thing left on my, mind,
So here it is I'll let it sound out,
I love and care for you more than I ever
Knew I Could!
A.G. 7/17
Copyright Andrew Guzaldo Amici Journal
1.5k · Aug 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018

“The long day wanes the slow moon climbs,
My pale enclave inspires me to write,
That of our midnight love rendezvous,  
As well as awful dreams of life’s hardships,  

All can be forgotten of travesty’s that followed,
As I easily compare you to a light of stardust,
Traipse of her breaching my mind of that day,
Thinking of your prompt nobility fills my days.

My love for you is the dedicated anamnesis,
Our heated times of past frolics of seasons,
Our summertime on the immense sleepy hollows,
The sounding furrows for my purpose holds

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down,
The prudence labor loving procured slowly,    
Whisking your rugged ways and thro's endings,
Subdued only to thro’s closure of laudability,
Ode to my rendezvous sonnet”

By Andrew Guzaldo 08/14/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/14/2018 ©      #115 POEM thank you HELLO POETRY
"The Ardor of a Poet Edition 1 and 2  Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
1.4k · Jul 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2018
“You are a cynosure and I a modest demure man,
I cannot be accordant with the crowd you have,
You a cynosure beauty of elegance and wonders,
A woman of higher standards and I very simplistic,

Can such a person take interest in me what may it be,
Is she mindlessly judging me as an equitable man?
By sweet emotions thoughts reflected as irises burgeon,
From her head to toes I kept on admiring this divinity,

Is her heart for love that like a thorn with no rose?
Or mitotically lovely when in love as seen before all,
She would not be able to conform to me it would be I,
Could my simplistically standards sway her to me,

But why do I blame myself that she took a liking to me,
I imagine her hands touch the earth and the roots dilate,
Sprite knows deep quintessence of water and the earth,
We then conjugate together like an equation of loam”
By A. Guzaldo 07/21/2018 ©
By A. Guzaldo 07/21/2018 ©  #105
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2018
“A promise to be kept was a deception or was it axiom,
Now on earth with apathetic grand valley of loneliness,
In now the wild blue or the irradiated sunshine glows,
Through the woods finis the river and away from agony,

I am elated at my conquest deeds of early crusades?
I’ve yearned to venture into realms of the fissure,
I have been blessed by angels in my conquest passed,
How to achieve great deeds in man’s demeanor's,

One never knows what eyes will see on distant shores,  
Of foreign shores could only envision cathedra afore,
Quite gained by a noble woman of power representation,
Eclipse those that conquer uncharted land sea and air,

Greater than this achievement I have never envisage,
Than you came into my life with what bringing a promise,
So now I am that which is clutched to the promise,
As that of a nest in the branches clutched to sapling branches,
And so I shall vow to accept this promise for all perpetuity”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018 #Poem#145 Hello Poetry
1.0k · Sep 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“Some task of grandeur symbol yet be done,
Not unworthy men that strove for tutelary,
The stars begin to twinkle from boulders afar,
Is that the demise of an allure on the horizon?

What was once a fiery passion of desire?
Procured in the end with passionate love,
Once flaming red fervent orange propensity,
Thunder and the sunshine cloudless all above,

You can find pleasure in the waves of the sea,
If you refuse to let a friendship of love perish,
Then there is still hope that the love will live on,
But will it be of one or of both the past spirits,

Hiatus brink ocean alongside lulls me to sleep,  
If you feel you can reach up and grab the stars,
Each star shall be used as a stone stride,
Climb to meet with the passion afore horizon,
Beauty that once ignited my heart and soul"
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/17/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/17/2018 ©     #Poem#123
869 · Aug 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
"True friends are like diamonds,
Precious but rare,
Fake friends are like dry fallen leaves,
And unfortunately they are found everywhere"
By A Guzaldo 2017 (c)
741 · Apr 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2018
“She who has infused every minute of my day,
Hastens through titillating my endorphins.
Absconded hiding within myself,  
As blue crystals glaring teeter in the sea,

As we sanction the reticence of ardor,
While the sea eradicates its perennial effigy,
As infinite cascades eradicate beneath us,
As the water stride procures to the sandy shore,

Where the waves shatter on unsettled rocks,
As once again the clear light bursts as sun sets,
Enmeshed in a fabric of palpable vibrant colors,
Portrayed as that of a burlesque plumeria of infinites,                  

The plumeria burst of aureoles immortal love,
Unyielding its pedals as the devouring sea rotates,
Will ephemeral demise procure in the deep blue sea?
Over its blue pedaled face an astringent frown,

We have embarked on a promenade of love my dear,
I now stand before you no longer with emptiness,
Only perennial affection that you are mine and I yours,
       In our Aureoles of Plumeria”  
By AG 03/10/2018 ©
741 · Oct 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2018
“Life can have its share of tears and heartaches,
Malady and demise dolefully follows us in our lives,
Our souls exist with love laughter family and faith,  
Life’s secret of caverns like the songs in your mind,

The enclave of sand rock and lichen reflects well,
Of that was formed ever so enchanting the abyss,
Of the stone with its furtive outlets afore the deep brine,
As it passed by your name a fiery flower than created,

The arduous waves rose like a barrier in the Universe,
A canticle now well beloved all things ode to love,
Earth time sea island life and tide are subsequent,
The sea is the mouth to the universe and tells all,    

Flowers on the now spring unfold afore our eyes,
Observing us as if our passions are now in the begin,  
Arduous waves of the brine are now burgeoning flowers,
A courtyard now surrounded with passionate flowers,

We were alive together on a macrocosm heretofore,
Yet not alone when the hour of our demise befalls us,  
Our love was harvested as that of the fields of grain,
I the knowledge of the sea and you with gold lividity,  

Mine exists in the caverns of the soil and sand
Fear not my blossom of life the fire of our love,
Soon loving kisses will join as our mouths,
Cleave perpetually”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/15/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/15/2018      #Poem #131
740 · Aug 2017
"Dear Dispiritedness"
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
"Dear dispiritedness,
I'm addressing to let you know,
That I don't have anything else to give,
Seemingly my hope of life has diminished,

What other can I give to thee,
The scattered air that I gasp,  
This request is not for that of me,  
It is for the benevolence of those that I love,

The ones that love me as I do them,
I didn't  distance myself I was selfish,
I guess they are less of that assessment,  
Either way I wish to spare their squalor,

You can deliver torment to my body,
However may my spirit be at ease,
For those that care this is paramount,
May they not have angst or misery,

I inquire to you dispiritedness,
Satisfy my plea is recede me for now,
We can exist as inwardly,
Just equitably spare my life,
700 · Oct 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2018
“I believe I’m gratified to have loved her,
If not where would my heart have been,
My eyes were radiated by this naiad,
Regalia she has given will last ever ageless,

To have been near her held her hand,
Brushed my fingers through her hair,
Listened to her incentive ways she had,
Given to me before she had gone faultily,

Rivers flow as wind carry life’s ballad inlet,
Leading me deep into the paradise I longed for,
Overwhelming protecting me from world afar,
Strong caring is what keeps our souls as one,

It’s an obsession the way we let ardor consume us,
In her eyes I found new visions have been revealed,  
As the sea forgets in its furore lading aboard,
No rest from travels it is my libation for memoir,

World of the deep fell into darkness of nets,
I would have liked my naiad by my side,
I imagine that my heart palpitating sadness,
If I were to pique the naiad would it make all well,
I shall never KNOW”
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/07/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/07/2018 ©       #Poem#128
692 · Aug 2017
Doubt vs Faith
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
Doubt vs. Faith Doubt sees the obstacles,
Faith sees the way,
Doubt sees the darkest night,
Faith sees the day,
Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high.,
Doubt questions,'
Who believes?
Faith answers,’ I'”
678 · Feb 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2019
“The night is raven as you  peer that analytical stare,
It is in this way you are blinded by your own eyes,
Sanguine of the gods that exist for all their acumen,  
As that of an labyrinth mechanism turning day to night,

Beside the bonfire I think of all that I have descried,
Now no usual noises only the unusual or unexpected,
In autumns that we were with morn dew and argent sun,
That is now left of yellow not gold burnt fibrous leaves,

Of how the world will be for still there are so many things,
That I have never seen in all the forests in every season,
If I should live in a coppice and sleep underneath a sapling,
By a bonfire in different lands thoughts of my incongruous life,

No coppice of saplings that I could not make a glorious home,
I go where the old odeon gather decorous worthy and robust,
The world’s society has long foundered people throughout time,
And they would not sigh and tremble and vex me with a song,

Struggle is harsh and I come back with eyes fatigued,
Gusts upon my hair as I sit beside a crackling fire,
The times from having seen the unchanging earth afore,
So you may take of that elegant rose leave me with a thistle,
For they know not life without the dendrite to wither”

By Andrew Guzaldo  01/05/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo  01/05/2019 ©   #Poem #150 Hello Poetry TY
672 · Apr 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2019
“Poetry teaches one to read casuistry and put into fluency of words,
A reality of contributing the internal thoughts of rapture in mending,  
Come to pass but it is a poet’s way of living the arts of expression,
Art of expression for the poet as well as a benefit for the reader,

Life through philosophy of words affixed to realization of the subject
When there is obscurity another spectrum of an unusual piquancy,
A poet and writers life is always looking for that germane connotation,
Daydreams of delusion or a nightmare with a colloquy word equanimity,

When everything is onerous we reach a point of imperious efficacy,
Mind body and soul an inimical to dream and precipitous thought with no end,  
An uninterrupted moment of solitude and words moments of cessation rest,
In all this words teach a poet care for loved one or dear friend to aplomb,
Until lovers or friends may meet once again earnest  in Poetic Acclimation”  
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/11/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/11/2019 ©  #Poem #!58 Thank you Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
“Antipathy of Abandonment”

I have been desolate like the dock at dawn.
You shall never know of my torment
The ghostly convolution in my head,
I will never be as well as another,

Now more distant than ever,
Neither ship nor upsurge can I ever survive,
Again more distant than ever,
Further than ever before have I been,
She has shown no regret for the infliction,
In the melancholy that’s ****** upon me,
As the black cruor drips within my heart,
Crevasse of detritus as I tried to swim to shore,

As the sea mingles its ornery abhor,
With each passing surge I await you,
In calm rivers hope to find thee before me,
Without in the end your being,

Of you coming suddenly would be exhilarating?
To know my life wildfire of roseate days,
Swishing brine of the ocean sedates to sand,
As my breath is unobtrusive to antipathy of abandonment,
By AG 03/2018 CR
587 · Nov 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2018
“A malignant adversary invader of my soul,
Conge deceitful lust the augury of artifice,
Mongrel horrid rancor glutton of enthralled rage,
She was  fervent with only one ambition afore,  

A grand mistake on my part a gazebo of treachery,
Chattels contrary to my reasoning of my desires,
An indisposed viper camouflaged covered in blossoms,
Progenitor of gasps an assassin tarrying in quietude,

A sea shower of sorrows from whence she was drawn,
As the salty drops adorn my sorrows of woe and despair,
Bellowing a fever of the mind from the vile deceit and rage,
As a fish linked adorned to an alluring virulent,
Fabric as the adumbration of the suns shines remorse,
A rapacious blaze leaving thou shuddering in angst,
I have traveled on a road lead to pitfalls and misery,
Imbroglio with no emotion renders windy clouds afore,

A citadel thwarts wane of melancholy and remorse,
That which reason doubtful allows my malignant adversary”
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/1/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/1/2018 © #POEM#135
585 · Sep 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“For a moment I linger in sound deficit,
As the beat of my heart recalls of her,
Her the Princess the beauty of my spoliate,    
What can it be that has turned my soul to loam?

As once we enjoyed the days on our archipelago,
My dear love my everything it’s as I no longer abound,
In the memory of thee the nights of us embrace me,
Now become cold and frigid as if we never embrace,

All the stars we had stolen in our love nights,
Echoing passionate love off the lucid rocks,
Stars that awed above as our souls gambol,
Our souls meld expressed pleasure among stars,  

Thy saintly lays are tuneless now for as you are,
The one that suffused my heart and maligned its way,
I now gleam that traveled world whose margin faded
The face of dawn from twilight glows doubts ahead,

Shudders in this soul of mine even yet art wherethro,
That was once drunk with delight of having you near,
Come tear my heart from out my chest and be done,
This wisdom has now struck my laden cognizance,  
     By Andrew Guzaldo 09/24/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/24/2018 ©       Poem#125
551 · Jun 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2018
“She was beautiful in a stoic sense,
As if she was not aware of the beauty,
She did not have fancy clothes or jewelry,
However her eyes struck of such beauty,

As the color of the deep blue sea,
When she smiled it was a gasp of crisp air,
Her lips matched the rest of her natural beauty,
She spoke with a soft modest voice,

She was extremely exhilarating and splendid,
The wind wisp in her hair shown a radiant fiber,
How one could love this stoic beauty amidst,
She suffocated beauty out of the fore deep sea,

Her eyes and face poignantly melancholy,
Yet she radiated beauty as not aware,
At that point egress mercurial joy between us,
Than show her she was with such artistry grace,

It was than a prodigious billow of hunger,
For this woman before us ensued,
As lightning flashed exaltingly trembling we kissed,
And neither of us would feel hunger again now as one,
A concomitant glass of my Stoic BEAUTY”
    By AG 06/10/2018 ©
By AG 06/10/2018 ©
547 · Mar 2019
“Affiance of Poetry”
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2019
“Greater than the acquisition of poetry I cannot envisage,
Poetry enters ones heart and soul brings life to one’s melancholy,
It can come into your life leaving you with a promise of future,  
So that one will be clutched to affiance of poetic peroration
I am now that which is clutched to such an affiance,
As that of a nest in the tree clenched to sapling twigs,
And so I shall vow to accept this affiance for all perpetuity”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018 #154 Posted HP
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018 #154 Posted HP
539 · Jun 2018
"Ode Whilst We're Apart"
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2018
My fervent love for you inspires me to sonnet,
I love the way your heart spirit and soul loves,
You have breached my mind the day and finis eve,
The words of love and pain that I dream of,

Let me compare you to a great conjuration?
You are an accolade of fervor beatified deity,
As the Great sun heats the peaches of June,
Summertime as it beautifies the flowers that bloom,  

You ask how I love thee how can I not,  
I love the aegis the emotion shown with words,
As they bellow like copious out over your argot,
Thinking of your prolific love fills my days.

My love for you is this relish my words,
Always ode in your mind and heart,
Remember my words love whilst we're apart,
BY AG 05/02/2018 ©
BY AG 06/02/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2019
“Immediately a decisive alluring connection from the onset,  
As our ****** accoutrement deceptive lay’s softly on ground,
As the captivation of our present euphoria lays beneath our skin,
Complacency and beatitude with the enticing joy betwixt us,

I had fallen in love with her as the flowers cling to the earth,
Hearts hewed as one beating with powerful acquiescence,
Convivial contentment to us both as eve slowly turns to daybreak,
Reflex of love there is enigmatic elation never before perceived,

Etiology of twinging with euphoria trail of kisses lingering afore,
As in the charisma of a cold chill of that as glacial trails,
Sensed make our blood run cold now as souls entwined,
May she never leave and forestall a broken nature of being,  

I know that deep in the intensity of my heart you triumph,  
There is invariably space for altruism to reside always,
For all the delectation that once were unified of ours,
I not endeavor to conquer my contemplative devotion,  

Your flowering existence sheds invisible petals as I,
Claim them as something I could own should I keep them?
Or scatter them or are they even yours"

By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  09/01/2019 #165
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  09/01/2019 Poem#165 #HelloPoetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
“If you can love the erroneous person endlessly,
Imagine how much euphoria you would,
Have with the right person,
Absinthe as a row of daffodils that spread flaming,

I love you as dark murky things are loved,
If you can cultivate a plant that will endow,
Your heart with a thousand flowers,
It is absinthe in the air that is expressed,

That is intoxicating from such a love.
The sea knows the love the stones,
of the rock as the waves flow above,
Kisses flowered daffodils in the cracks,

Then day came that our lips finally met,
Our tongues braided infinite purity in their crevices,
Kindling our nerves with desiring pleasures,
What can this be I say to myself the essence of?

As absinthe anise flavored from botanic gardens,
As so derives your skin within mine the contour
Of your beauty has quenched my desires,
With infinite purity and Exhaustive ecstasy”
By A.G. 3/2018
505 · Sep 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“And this drab spirit craving in sad eagerness,
Many basilisk twist and snarl afore my feet,
But every hour I am saved from that eternity,
Something silent is surely more  deserving,

Far on the ringing plains of windy ancient Troy,
I am a part of all that I have met all once before,
Yet all is a reality in mind forever and ever,
To rust spotted to always shine in use!

Altruist of courage where fore art thou,
Though the eupnea to my trivial life,
Endeared face of dawn from twilight glows yet,
I shall follow the sinking star for knowledge,

I don't know if time is passing or not,
Does it come together or as druthers?
Or is my future to be piled all at once,
Seek I still the truth divine in hopes to gain,

Take my hand and share divinity with me,
Abolition me thoroughly from my iniquity,
Surely it takes a lifetime to get over such pain,  
I never thought of an unhappy ending to procure,

I spent an entire life stuck in the labyrinth,
Thinking about how I will escape it and say,
Imagining what the future may hold for me,
How it will be on that formidably glorious day,
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/26/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/26/2018 ©      #Poem #126
499 · Sep 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“Blight into cold blue and obsidian water sky.
I await to graciously glance at sunset and smile,
I must renew my bones in dynasty of deity,
I have been feeling an awakening sensation,

I must still clear all my earthly levies,
As I sense awakening of a simmering rage,
The day that since has died a desperate light,
That light that must get stronger by the day,

Today is dead latency in the desolate land,
My heart welcomes you once again my love,
My season my woman my deity my immensity,
Every road leads to the door step of my heart,

For without thee I will roam with a hungry heart,
It is blunt to pause to make an end majestic creature,
Nefarious it was for suns to store and cache my will,
Skies black water befuddles me and constrains me,

Moving heaven and earth that which we were,
Made all the stars weak by time and fate,
Every ode will disperse and die as soon this will,  
Ode to Blackwater”
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/20/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 09/20/2018 ©          #Poem #124
455 · Aug 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“If we were to observe one another  
Will we remember we once were lovers,
Inexorably we may have matured,
In all ensuing ways of our love,

Was pure at first then we thought,
I hope that the travails of your pain
Have not weakened your spirit,
That those that surround you are strong,                              
And for all that you have subjugated,          
As sadness has entered attenuating,            
Your soul to its minimal strength,
And in the end when I reach for you,

Will you once again beam with the,
Essence of the love as we once shared”
By Andrew Guzaldo 02/10/2017 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 02/10/2017 ©
450 · Aug 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
“Every morning you are handed 24 golden hours.
They are one of the few things in this world
That you get free of charge.
If you had all the money in the world,
You couldn't buy an extra hour.
What will you do with this priceless treasure?
Remember, you must use it, as it is given only once.
Once wasted you cannot get it back!!!”
433 · Apr 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2019
"Odoriferous fresh gardenia flowers fragrance was she,
Her beauty will be cultivated forever amongst and beyond,
How does one know if it is love it is more than just a word?
It is a feeling soul bound that fervor’s beneath the skin,

So how do I know it is love if it isn't as the words are procured?
A sense of rising tide a rapid undulant river of a woman,
One cannot be a troglodyte in life when love arrives,
My love has arrived I have felt all the above and much more,

Sheer thoughts of her sends a billow enliven rapture within,
A rush with consternation render’s fervent fracas of piquancy,
I have heeded in life these depictions of the fluttering gusto,
As long as I live this tectonic emotion of this naiad will remain,        

Restraints of the days is this prologue to exodus to enclaves,
I turned my back on the capricious sea the euphoria and somber,
Where with a strain and a ****** on the banks of islet sands,
Beauteous day slips in night as the sailing foam drifts afar,

Although I am where I am I will never be perniciously charmed,
Stars will burn for all time as I lament in demanding sadness,  
Cursing as a cavalier of false hopes with untethered regret,
For I am not a troglodyte of ages but just an aesthete in love,
Beauty is Culture!”
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/02/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/02/2019 © #Poem#157
432 · Oct 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2019
“Eradicate the acrimony that has ensued,  
And its subtle entrenched nucleus inward,
Lionize that was this bitterness within you,
That sad agony has cajoled in your heart,

Embrace the cognizance that healed the essence,
Hold all that boundless that made your aura right,
Bring out the recognition of all your aegis,
Push aside the despondency of the discomposure,

Sunshine will Nurture the well-being of your soul within,
Nonsensical as it may seem it is the catalyst placebo,
It is the manner that you will adhere to your dreams,
Love will be the satisfactory in your laughter,

You will postulate all your dreams now imminent,
All the people that you believed in and loved,
To that every tear you have cried due to rancor,
May hamartia now be the canticle of Utopian chimera?”
          By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 Poem#167
By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 Poem#167 Hello Poetry
428 · Apr 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2018
“I am that of a rugged farmhand quite,
Adept to love cordially,
As that alone of a man and the sea,
Created in the depths of the ocean floor,

Envisioning you brought me to the earth,
Leaping bounds in wonder of the sunlight you bring,
As if on the back of a blackbird disgorged from his beak,
Adjacent the swampy sand shore with crushing waves,

Body of not a dowager but of a celestial woman,
I could survive this if this was not a delusion,
I could utilize my feelings as a weapon to elude her to me,
She will be in my arms I know when the time is right,
The hour of reprisal abates and I know I love this matron,

I will prevail in the elegance of this beautiful deity,
Darkness falling upon us as I thirst for immutable desire,
A silk white obis garb of roses beneath the garment,
Our voices assessing words and then our merriment of fervor,
As the ennui follows joy jaded our eyes vision of Passion”

By AG 04/26/2018  ©
416 · Oct 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2018
“You know someone loves you when,
A person does something to you of importance,
Yet they do it anyway because it’s important to you,
A person always there for you at the end of the day,

Someone to talk to you at the end of your day,
One that listens to every word you say and more,
One that no matter what your choices may be,
One would prefer to stay with you anyway,

One you can call at any hour of day or night,
One that dries your tears and kisses your tears away,
A person that would is always be by your side,
Who knows you and what you want without asking,

You see a breeze push the hair on her shoulders,
As she stares in an inferno of Intoxicating beauty,
That’s the person that loves you more than life itself,
With someone like that never ever let them go,

Beyond the soft duvet austere under her skin
She then soothes you with her sweet voice,
I will always be YOURS”
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/01/2018    #Poem #127
412 · Feb 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
I once told you I loved you,
On a celebratory night,
Under an ambience beauty,
Of an alluring sunset flaming orange,

That embraced your face before,
I had a chance to caress your face,
Convoluted in an expressing evening,
As obscurity covered our embraces,

In the explosion of the night,
Our love was more seductive,
As it whisked within our souls,,
As our amaurotic lips caressed,

As we drowned in a sea of love,
When the sun had gone we filled,
The empty night overlaying the,
Earth with the color of our
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2019
“May I rest again with her in my chimera of the night?  
My pain of such love will subside with my reverie,
Fervor and despair seem to endeavor pertinent restlessness,
Night procures a mystical quintessence to the heart and soul,

Exotic to me are all the rationale as to why you belong,
Comatose of you beside me whether in body or soul,
May music once again make my eviscerated soul dance?
Only you will live in my dreams as they drift me away,

All that is reticent in life and in our annals of time as one,
We shall go over the water of time in the shadows of travel,  
As we travel through the shadows with neither sun or moon,
An unholy anointing of our least desirable possessions,

At night the world the wind will spin out their destiny,
The seclusion of mountain peaks veers ever so slightly,
Mountain peaks where alleviation is all that is heard,
Empty trees conveyed acclivous and less oceans of brine,

My soul seeks solitude and the mystical perplexity of aspiration,
Space stars poetry in this place the moon and ebony vapors,
These are the copious words of a poet has lost love of soul,
I can only caress the thought of her in my acclivious dreams”
By Andrew Guzaldo 1/09/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 1/09/2019 ©   #Poem#151 TY Hello Poetry
396 · Mar 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2019
“Coastline and the ghost mirage as I sometime see afore,
Seashore of such perfections that linger into the morning,
Shoals in the distance I imagine things we once dreamed of,
I beseech to thee come and join me from this place of ours,

In my alluring may you fall on me from wherever you are?  
Secluded aft the deep inside where emotions stay hidden,
Occulted enigmas of love and secrets can no longer obscure,
Reverberated nucleic flow deep within my soul where you remain,  

Dubious poetry gives a sense of affinity to ones love torn soul,  
Celestial cosmos and is a sense of beyond the feeling of pain,  
As the ocean once whispered its breath sand across our bodies,
Perhaps best to have you belong in my unknown sentiment in life,  

Perhaps one day we shall meet on an islet that we cannot assent,
You can whisper your words of amenity as you epicarp my agony,
Cosset fervently in your arms as I’m washed of my indiscretions,
The last cinders of the autumn air will spend nurturing the winter,
I as a sybaritic will follow you in this our silent observance,
  By Andrew Guzaldo 03/03/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/03/2019 © #Poem#153 Thank you Hello Poetry for Ambitions I am now on my 3rd Novel of Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2019
“Her belly ripped her rips now smashed to pieces,
Her kitchen wares spilled far and wide,
Her wheelhouse crooked and leaning hard,
She once had a crew that would toast her off,

Off the coast of Central America and isles of Europe,
This triple sail ship waits for her purloined moment,  
She once was a sequential ship of Laguna construction,
Now a reconstructed by once sailors her new owners,

Now a blue and white triple sailboat in all her elegance,
As she is spotted along the enclave’s estuary blue peninsulas,
She is now home once again in an inlaying captain of discovery,
She has been brought back to life to sail the seven seas,

Once again the Laguna Triple Sail Ship this wager is here to STAY,
Now the magnificent splendor all the islets of the estuary deep blue sea,
Sail as Gibbous moon illuminates the enclave from whence we came”

By Andrew Guzaldo 11/07/2019 © #168
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/07/2019 © #168 Poem#168 #HelloPoetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2019
“With what stillness at last you appear in the valley,
Join your divine sounds filling the empty vessels of night,
As pillages silently alight upon the shrine you behold,
First sunlight reaches down to touch the tips of pedals,

Her eminent auspicious arm band lusters dulcet canticles,
Sublime reaches things with aptitude able to shrill aft,
Dwells of brilliant wires laurels hymns devout in tune,
May we soon again renew that song singing endlessly?

Abaft her green eyes omens mayhap as emissary divine,
The bewildered by visions apparitions beside a hidden perch,
It seems that the resonance of a dove calls from far away,
Placid content sung before the colored cathedra naiad,

Fronds not ado had not noticed the presence of a naiad,
I know not where this solemn revelry odyssey would end,
My conscious mind we have much to discuss young naiad,
I abiding with heath musing carried by the scent afore me,  

Inexorable time that passes quickly as time has stride away,
Sing endless morn of light with the naiad piqued at my soul,
Steadfast heart draws me out of labyrinth and takes Naiad hand”
  By Andrew Guzaldo 1/04/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 1/04/2019 ©  #Poem#146
370 · Aug 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2017
Have you whispered?
My name before you sleep,
Have I entered into your
Thoughts, as you drift?

Do I pass through your judgment?
And soul as you weep,
Do you feel as if you,
Have lost control?

As our inner feeling and,
hearts we keep,
At times I feel you are near me,
As I whisper your name,

I now realize we were absurd,
To have ever parted,
I see your face ever so,
Vividly in my mind,

I tend to feel the upmost enchantment,
I close my eyes and see as we once danced,
I wonder will we ever be together again,
Holding each other ever,
So tightly as we once did,
Assert our love,
A.G. 2017
354 · Sep 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“Beyond this of my coastal lugubrious ,
There was a time I held her hand,
As I slowly watched her floret,
Her beauty adorned like petals cockled,

I grew intoxicated with the scent carapace,  
As we quivered within a new romance,
Becoming immune to its constant presence,
When the wind shifts it drew her aura near,

I had to stop and hear the pounding of waves,
Only to find it was the beating of my heart,  
Our love was of genital flames that night,
And I loved her even more at the dawn,  

My heart now bears an untold story,
Like a ship at sea that longs for land afar,
A great untruth my lips have borrowed,
Boundless treasure now edging my heart,  

Your love had filled my cup up to the brink,
Yet I grow thirsty in this silence tween me,
Now not a drop of love for me to drink,
Love now has left me again on this my,
Lugubrious Islet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/11/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/11/2018 ©    Poem # 122
345 · Feb 2018
“Antidote to Optimism”
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
"Our task is to show that however,
Wonderful things may appear,
In today’s World and lifestyle,
They may not be all that great,

Even the darkest night will end,
And the sun will rise regardless,
Our optimism changes to pessimism,
Roses that may grow on a stone,

Not in the earth as optimism has shown,
Love can exist or it can turn parasitism,
It’s wrong to believe that all will be optimistic,
That parasitism will continue to exist,

Oceans feel the love the upsurge bares,
The stones of the rock will bear a flower,
Rain will fall and so kisses the flower,
Will endure there growth of optimism,

Solitude will bring a cumbersome heart,
Depression will remain in a semblance,
New destiny will precede the pessimism,
As loves fate arrives pessimism succumbs,
To an optimistic aspect until ones last breath"

By AG 2/2018
343 · Dec 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2018
“In the murkiness of days that lay afore our souls,
All one needs to do is reach out a hand to one loved,
And I will be there the light I bare may not suffice,
However holding hands we shall go on our journey,

I believe there is redemption when one bares fervor,  
There is famine importuned in giving of our hearts,
When your desire for one is not returned equally,
Nothing in the world will compensate for that loss,

The most reclusive place to be is being in love,  
Shall I digest my heartache or just live in rage,
With those equitable spirits that I wear triumphantly,
Once that stood afore first and in a state of love,

I have been wounded by her wandering scent before me,
I shall shed no tears being strong always and forever,
The loud uplifting of angel shophar bellowing afar,
Her voice may rightly answer that mellifluous synthesis,

I shall wait to hold your hand as we arrive in the distant,
After I take my last breath I shall wait an eternity for thee.
And then only than my murkiness of days will be gone"
    By Andrew Guzaldo © 12/21/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo © 12/21/2018   #Poem#144 Hello Poetry
333 · Sep 2019
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2019
Oh that I had wings of a DOVE, for then
           I would fly away and be at rest!
“They came here to get away from false promises,
From dictators in their neighborhoods,
When they wanted to they would arrest them,  
Hope was to leave the violence and endeavor a new life,

They no longer wanted fear for their families,    
Not much different here migrant intensification within,
The doctors don’t care as our bodies decay,
Our minds deteriorate we learn nothing of value,

Our lives don’t get better our spirit fails quickly,
Our cages is crisscrossed with tattered clothing,
Clothing we have hung or lying below on dirt floor,  
There are no blankets or heat for warmth,

Maybe I would have been better off in my Country,
I ask a man next to me if he could spare some soap,
I look down and see new immigrants coming in,
Mattresses rolled up and on their shoulders,

New migrants coming in looking around wondering,  
Each with the same dream in their hearts,
Thinking they’ll get a chance here change their lives,
As they came in they wonder as did I but in the end,
Our phrase would be what GOOD am I NOW
Just a migrant in a cage?
By Andrew Guzaldo © 09/24/2019 #166
By Andrew Guzaldo © 2019  #Poem #166 HP
328 · Sep 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2017
“Total self-esteem requires total,
And unconditional,
Acceptance of your-self,
You are a unique and worthy individual,
Regardless of your mistakes,
defeats or failures,
Despite what others may think, say or feel,
About you or your behavior,
If you truly accept and love yourself,
You won't have a driving need for approval
Self-esteem is a genuine love of one’s self.
Stop all adverse value judging of yourself.
Stop accepting the adverse value judgments
Of others,
Purge yourself of all condemnation,
Shame, blame, guilt & remorse,
For you are GENUINE!”
A.G Amici Sept 2018
326 · Mar 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
There is a remote Arid as I walk along its sandy drifts,
Oh tomb of dregs bitter where black birds trek,
The still air whisks flower canticle melodies of sorrow,  
I am a lost discoverer on an unending journey,

This desolate sand has an eerie obverse familiarity,
As if I have roamed this valley once before,
In hopes of fleeing from an agonizing past,
In search of something reliable & steadfast,

Oh deep blue Ocean in the vastly distance,
To have her in my arms would be like a dagger of angst,
As the fiery sun blazes brightly with a sky of blue,
I can only say at the endow of this journey I hope for you,

The heat of the Arid bears too much for survival,
It is your love that keeps me live as I thrive forward,
As the stars cold hoist up above craving subside,
At night comes frigid cold fastened to the sand,  

I grab sand perplexed as it slips through my fingers,
Yearning as my love has befallen with my present anguish,
For I now am that forlorn Lover in the ARID SANDS”
       By AG. 3/25/2018 (C)
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2019
“I haven’t yielded a tear lest deep within my soul,
There sets a sea that could flood the entire world,
I reverence at the essence of her solemnity,
That of cerulean or that of a forest of beryl,

A diamond once in the rough now the rarest of all,
Many wondrous souls bare emerald or sapphire,
Much rarer to me is she in nature an alexandrite,
Withal above alluded to see all the afore mentioned,

With each passing day I have found another treasure,
Of the infinite provenance of her being whom she is,
She who is that of corundum of ardent ardor,
A composition of paragon soul perceived by the Gods,

I am betwixt with the brine of love encompassed of me,
The archipelago and the brine fortitude water reinvigorate,
As the interwoven fiery spell of love has so endowed me,  
This my ardent corundum of our eternal,
Sacrosanct of adulation"
By Andrew Guzaldo 07/05/2019 © #Poem#162 Hello Poetry
320 · Nov 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2018
“I wish to seek the feeling on the banks of our enclave,
It has been a part of our procurement of happiness,
Just my words cannot repair all that is now lost,
The copula as of our time together cannot be repaired,  

My thoughts is all I now have to ascertain moments,
Those fortunate moments we shared in passion,
Bitter is the voice of calamity and sounds of anguish,
A bemoaning of once flourish will destroy ones heart,

Remorse weakens strength from within where love has left,
Cataclysm sounds nothing in the ears of those once loved,
Vacillate music of sadness has no fortitude for the heart,
Delve not the sun above until it sets away from surge,

You were the chapter that I was unable to construe,
I knew it existed then finally upon highest mountains,
Yet were always there to help walk on stormy mountains,
As days pass the nights wear on it is only harvest days,

I strife with the rationale as you grovel in my mind,
I Strife now no more I shall bow down my weary eyes,
Eyes which to all these woes thy hearts have guided,
Adjacent the agitated brine the aqueous banks beat,
Soul tethered debacles in aqueous banks of the brine,
Thus home I draw as death's long night draws afore”
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©   #Poem#136
315 · Aug 2020
"Writing Poetry"
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2020
“My writing poetry is a way to loosen sensitivity that surrounds me, an atonement that dissipates
Over the writings that appear from my ink well to the ephemera in the moment as I state my dexterity”
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 08/25/2020
314 · Sep 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2017
"I do not know how to reach you,
As I hear your voice in the wind,
I feel her under my skin within my heart,
As my soul awaits for her,

All these nights without you,
Let my dreams surround you,
I see and touch her face,
As I have fallen into her grace,

When the time is right,
I know you will be in my arms,
Although we are far away I am effete,
So hard I want you to stay,

But not this way,
Embrace me with your mind,
As I feel you in my heart and soul,
May this feeling not fade away,

In this the,
AG Amici J
307 · Aug 2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“When a poet will romance a subject,
One will never die for their words will perpetuate,
The way he or she carries themselves about,
Of one's eyes of their hair their skin all components,  

When someone is irate at the subject,
And that leer of resentment when troubled,
As subject sways with authority from a kiss,
Without their body touching someone else's,

How the habits never wrinkle pages of a book,
Poets in love will find all the words of significance,
The Poet may see subject as they were on an islet,
On a waterfront near a small town of recollection,

Their words of passion penned on longing paper,
They will know when and why you can't sleep,
Poets die but their words do not they live eternally,
Explicitly graceful from the ink drafted on paper”
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/05/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/05/2018 ©       #111
307 · May 2018
“Halcyon Moments”
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2018
May the penumbra of your green eyes ogling gently,
You have left me with this secret in my soul,
May I recount to you an image of you before me?
Jollity as of a magnificent art painting of innocence,

There you were susurrated in reciting a canticle,
Acute feelings in my heart as the respite end,
As you spoke the words spiraled over your tongue,
Radiates over your lips I am laced in your rapture,

Your eyes are my guide to stay always by your side,
This love will never be replaced I’m born to love you,
I shall pirouette a tale for you of star studded loves,
I suspire for you my love for you is perpetually yours,

My love for you I have found your smile is my light,
Wreathed like a web of intensely yearning desire,
As warm as the west winds blow with sunsets heat,
Blossomed in canticles as it breaks into an eruption,

As we cling closer before a festive ligature of flames,
Inebriated with our own artistic designs of pure love,
I embark as a sail into virtuous commonage of our desires,
I shall commune to you in all silence in all passion,

Luminously bright and pure as a star lit night,
Reticence with halcyon moments of our passions”
                              By AG 05/10 2018 ©
By AG 05/10 2018 ©
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