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Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2022
“Abate agonizing, when the grieving troposphere reaping,
As it navigates a shift as the pulverizing leaflets,
As this tender moment of nature steals upon me my deep, emotions as we drift from the Archipelago,  

As the steep tall rocks swerve towards the edge of the, precipices we navigate towards our archipelago refuge,
As my heart inflection my heart beats vivaciously, through my entire body,

Conscious only of you I belong to you there is really,
A way of expressing that is not impregnable enough,
All that my soul pines to express at this instant,
Is included in the one word avidity,

A total contradiction of life if I were with those,
I loved I would only wish to be in obscure distance,
Now as I am far away all I do is wish for one more, day surrounded by those I love that home could be,

Odyssey bound for the homeland on the briny deep afar that father and husband's longing, as it seems that,
Gaviiform seabird bellows with tumultuous placidity,
Sleep the blossoms of a future flower,

You have, by your tenderness and worth twisted yourself more artfully round my heart, then I supposed possible on this my refuge,
Archipelago Refuge”
                 By Andrew Guzaldo July 17, 2022 ©   #211
By Andrew Guzaldo July 17, 2022 ©   #211
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2022
“Recognition that you are here,
Final adjustment mending next to me,
A breath of your warmth upon my skin,
Exchanges of the single ember within still burns,

As I hear whispers in the wind,
Rustling through the formulations,
I've sketched in encroaching the littoral,
To the special one to claim these pages came,

Interpretation existing of years passed,  
The circumspect to go diligent stride,  
To a worn and tattered old ideal,
Hero from the ancient bindings of a book,

Haunting whispers in the Zephyr,
Rustling through the formulations,
Breaching the palisades of time,
This the whispers in my mind”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/30/2022
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/30/2022 #212
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2021
“Haecceity of Love”
“Let me fall in love with you,
For one last time,
It doesn't matter if you leave me,
One more time as it matters not,

If you break my poor simple heart again,
Just let me fall in love again,
With you one more time,
The way we looked at each other,  

As we possessed our smiles,
As we did once in total silence,
You possessed my fragile soul,
Let me fall in love with you again,

May my flesh still feast upon yours?
In this my haecceity of love”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/08/2021
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2021
“My imagination comes from Curiosity
A curiosity of life and its meaning,
An inquisitiveness of sustenance,
That of the definition of a subject,

As we look in the eyes of another,  
And adhere to that one’s soul,
That special one that will be in your life,
The window of their eyes will tell all,
That one that is the dearest of treasures,
And that the sweetest of pleasures,
Euphoria that over run all measures,
Felicity sweetness of pursuing curiosity,

Happiness lies in the subduing of hearts,
Whispered its vows as a tender pawn,
To those that are strangers to ardor,
Virtue is imaginations strongest defender,

Homage and honors in the end fits like a glove,
When ones imagination leaps with splendor,
Makes my Curiosity barnstorm and leap,
To satisfy my imagination with such provender,
To that of my Cognition of comprehension”
By Andrew Guzaldo 2021 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/2021 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2021
"May the penumbra of your green eyes ogling gently,
You have left me with this secret in my soul,
May I recount to you an image of you before me?
Jollity as of a magnificent art painting of innocence,

There you were susurrated in reciting a canticle,
Acute feelings in my heart as the respite end,
As you spoke the words spiraled over your tongue,
Radiates over your lips I am laced in your rapture,

Your eyes are my guide to stay always by your side,
This love will never be replaced I’m born to love you,
I shall pirouette a tale for you of star studded loves,
I suspire for you my love for you is perpetually yours,

My love for you I have found your smile is my light,
Wreathed like a web of intensely yearning desire,
As warm as the west winds blow with sunsets heat,
Blossomed in canticles as it breaks into an eruption,

As we cling closer before a festive ligature of flames,
Inebriated with our own artistic designs of pure love,
I embark as a sail into virtuous commonage of our desires,
I shall commune to you in all silence in all passion,

Luminously bright and pure as a star lit night,
Reticence with halcyon moments of our passions”
                              By Andrew Guzaldo 05/10 2018 © HP
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2021
“I have written the bewildering’s of many,
But today it is I that will share my effete,
As starlight night, makes me feel canny,
To share what has broken my heart apart

Tonight I can write these,
Mystifying words of enchantment,
To think that I do not have you,
To feel that I have lost you,
To hear as I feel sadness of night

My feelings for her shall always,
Remain the same,
In hopes this wasn't I that was at fault,
I long for her now that we are apart,
But as in my mind  and heart you will remain,

My love for you would have brightened,
All  our days in a mystifying way,
I miss you more than words can say,
It is sad to see, we are so far away,

But please may she realize I think of her,
In every mystifying  moment of everyday,
As I go through life completely Obfuscated”
By Andrew Guzaldo 2017 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2021
"The brine of sunrise has been aggregate to my life,
The Sea filled with love and emotion so have thou?
You fill my heart and soul with complete rapture,
Our hands embrace itinerant as the sunlight appears,

“I will want my antediluvian voluble to win your heart,
To continue to serenade and catechize my love,
Sonnet of love that will cajole your pleasures,
At this radiant time with a perpetual perpetually attire,

Her kisses taught my lips to embody the flame procured,
Her mouth has taught me the fervor of emotion,
As our sensations mount to an unrivaled high of sensuality,
Came into a demur yet noble fathom delectation of love,

Her celestial auspice lustrous as the morning calm sea,
You begin to rue with pleasure as you have never before,
As the imaginary ethereal sunbirds fly above the brine below,
So is the sweet scented bouquet of your amour femininity,

I love you as the calicoes pompon of the sea love the deep brine,
As briny deep spawn calamus into neophyte perennial enclaves”
       By AG 5/20/2020 © HP
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