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“Now with an exiguous preamble,
In the CoronaVirus 2020 year,
Hands held aback in geniality,
No longer pugnacious sense,

Even amongst men there is fear,
Breathing’s generally wary,
As we know weakness breathing,
We will fear that an end is at hand,

But this is the everyday intake,
Of   the imperceptible life force,
Willed as plague settles onward
They say just be cautious stay in,

In the airs of the populous air,
Now has become the extant colloquy,
No longer an effervescent fricative,
While not to make that ebullient point,

But a new garner dewy of air space,
A new sense of boundary,
Galileo truths are easy to understand,
But will we ever understand this beast,

To another perhaps not in this germ war,
A gesture of limited distance is disdain,
Now sufficing a simple nod is fine,
A minor simper or a slightly hoisted hand,

No longer in search of   its correlative,
Just a systematic warning within,
The acknowledgment to stand back,
Beautiful strangers now merciless,

Affixed on the other side of that,
Until a cure is disinterred they are,
We are or may be forever bound,
Tween one another evanescent conduit”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/25/2020 #187
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/25/2020 #187 #Hello Poetry
“There is something opaque yet homogeneous,
Settled in through all depths an agate sign,
How it is noted that stones have touched time,
In their refined matter there is an odor of age,

Of water brought by the sea, from salt and sleep,
I'm encircled by a single thing, a single movement:
A mineral weight a honeyed light clings to the sound,
As glacial biennial fallen upon a dormant heart,

Now seems as expelled from the beaks of oscines,
And from celestial thoughts to an abyss of sediments,  
Maybe I may never shine again or love again as once,
The bright sun was extinguished as well as the stars

Cloudless climes once starry skies dark and bright,
That all is best of words the tinge of argent durum,
Draw me after you let us run to that once was ours,
Like frigid perennials fallen upon my dormant heart,

As she walks in beauty into the night to what is now,
Dour resuscitated sonnet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/28/2020 © #186
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/28/2020 ©  Poem#186 #Hello Poetry
"I admit I was afraid to love once again,
Not just for love but to love her anew,
For she was semblance stunning mystery,
She carried chattels deep within her soul,

As of yet one hasn’t had the ability to understand,
I will not be ossified to fail as the others have,  
She was the ocean and I was just a man,
Loving the waves completely afore me,

Where the lovelorn nightingale will sing,
Nightly to thee her sad Song mourned,
Or that of a blood rose in all its silence,  
Translucent wave cilium in gnarled braids,

Those loose trains of dour amber emanate hair,
Hands like a warm elixir upon the crest of my face,
Goddess of the silver lake that lauds to your wish,
That intermittent dreams of years ago moonlit nights,  
My elusive heart will bring a ponderous demeanor,
And I shall have an optimistic vision until my last breath"
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/14/2020 © #185
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/14/2020 © Poem#185 #HelloPoetry
“For those of us who were inundated with fear,
That of a benign prodigy of sorts in our minds,  
Must we praise the methodically overgrown world?  
As we once gathered acorns in the park on spring days,

Chafes that are as deserted homesteads exiled,
As that of a salty oblivion awaited the others,
When stomachs are full we fear of dyspepsia,
When our abdomens are barren are we aghast,

When we are loved we are timid love will fade,
Only memories of moments we were together,
Rebound in thought to the concert of music,
For all of us this instant and of this triumph,

As we once watched those yachts and ships,
Fluttered flared leaves now over the scarred earth,
It may not remain when the sunsets we are afraid,
As we are aghast will the sun rise come anew?

NO we are in fact meant to survive and triumph,
As we now the emigrants may be going nowhere,
We must now laud this gray and mutilated world,  
That heavy-footed hope to silence us no it will not,
As we have survived this JUBILANCE of LIFE”
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © #184
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © Poem #184 #HelloPoetry
“Lamenting round many voices come colleagues,
I said cometh and no one knew of the ataraxy,
Where or how my aperture throbbed daily,
No conations or bannerols just no aplomb for me,

Only an aperture of thorns that love had opened,
I and no one saw the moon that bled in my mouth,
Nor the blood rose that spiraling into the silence,
Dear one can we forget the perennials with such thorns,

It may be that the inlet will wash our prudence labors
The prudence labor of the love slowly apportioned,    
Love for you is the dedicated menial memories afore.
Heated toasts the past frolics of comatose seasons,

Tsunamis and barbarity swarm about our fettered feet
I felt the taste of flaming passion in mouth once again
All can be forgotten of travesties of the former that follow,
As now geysers that have flood deep in a vault of passion
May all be subdued to the useful and momentous occasion?
Come dear with me as if this will be our last day on this earth,
To the sounding furrows of a sonnet to our invigorated sonnet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © #183
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © Poem #183 #HelloPoetry
“With the slow climb into the Mt Everest,
I will trade sea petrichor scent blooms in the day,
For burnt orange leaves last night’s wavy ocean,

A fire setting on a flat marsh horizon exchanged,
Of hills of colorful trees she presses these sights,
Unseen on her evergreen coast into waxed,

Paper memory books fixated in my mind for all time,
Adhered to the feelings that flow through one's veins,
To God we must leave it who has first gave it to us all,
By Andrew Guzaldo 06/25/2019 © #182
By Andrew Guzaldo 06/25/2019 © Poem #182 #HelloPoetry
“Blanched islet embolden my words afore me,
Come with me as if I were impelling fatality,
That our midnight love rendezvous continue,  
All can be forgotten of travesty that followed,

The long day abates as moon climbs slowly,
Those phantasmagorias of life’s hardships,  
None saw the moon that exude in my mouth,
As I easily compare you to a luminary deity,

Meander of her invading my mind of those days,
Diligent of your induced nobility fills my days,
Our heated tribute the past drollery of seasons,
Prudence labor loving engendered us slowly,    

Could it be that the gulfs will wash us down,
As the vigorous fluting for my purpose holds,
Where how my pain palpitate substance of thee,
Are such fluttering intimacies means a euphoric end?
Or have I been fluttering in a phantasmagoric sonnet?      
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/4/2020  #179
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/4/2020  Poem #179 #Hello Poetry
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