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Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“Cleaving its way through waters that rise and roll,
Aghast that love may no longer return,
The auspice of which I will await with open arms,
A precipitating force of our souls once again,

Moon marked and touched by the sun magic is tacit,
So distant yet so close as once her eyes imply repudiation,
As the procuring of the inner sacrarium of her emotions,
As she sits not afar off from me with a gazing glance,

One that for too long degraded scorned and oppressed,
Will I be the one to say and to make her solitude?
Deep dark eyes of romp sadness befall upon my heart,
Her slender being bares tenderness in its silence,

Gracefulness of her movement she lives in one’s mind,
As her sadness alludes to my soul and heart,
As I close my eyes in daze as a product of beauty,
Fatigue is flowing, and the grief without a shore,

When we speak we are not afraid our words,
Everything I conceptualize spoke of how love is,
This flaming of solitude we call Love,
The unexplained animus here of all is adulated”
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©   #201
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©  Hello Poetry Poem #201
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2019
“Abrogation of love makes the heart grow indulgent,
Lack of such love makes the heart grow lethargic,
My heart has crystallized in loneliness without that love,
Now live in the past as our freedom gathered into the winds,  

For every chirp of a wind brings a memory of her,  
Methodology between us goes beyond mere dreams,
It is faster than the dims of light and morning sunbursts,
It’s an endless understanding and respects not the absence,

I could smell the lotus blossom in her ebony hair
As our sensuous fervor perilous to one’s flesh,
Now that you can see my eyes now you will read,
All the untold story of what  sustains me in my moments,

Read my heart you will see I could not sustain without you,
To sleep in a forest night sky that it will ingest my anguish,  
As I wait for the morn as leaves fall upon my body I awake
Shall I wait as earth and time afore changes all that is to be?    

In this abrogation of my life the stars shall fill my tired soul,
As vines descend on this a departing harvest around us,
No angst of this for the thought of love irradiates perpetually,
Deliquesce in my arms of my love all misfortunes of abrogation,  
Night skies eviscerates pain that has befallen upon our souls”  
By Andrew Guzaldo 05/08/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 05/08/2019 ©  #Poem#159 HelloPoetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
“If you can love the erroneous person endlessly,
Imagine how much euphoria you would,
Have with the right person,
Absinthe as a row of daffodils that spread flaming,

I love you as dark murky things are loved,
If you can cultivate a plant that will endow,
Your heart with a thousand flowers,
It is absinthe in the air that is expressed,

That is intoxicating from such a love.
The sea knows the love the stones,
of the rock as the waves flow above,
Kisses flowered daffodils in the cracks,

Then day came that our lips finally met,
Our tongues braided infinite purity in their crevices,
Kindling our nerves with desiring pleasures,
What can this be I say to myself the essence of?

As absinthe anise flavored from botanic gardens,
As so derives your skin within mine the contour
Of your beauty has quenched my desires,
With infinite purity and Exhaustive ecstasy”
By A.G. 3/2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2019
“It was she, with a dazzling indomitable rationale,
Just as if she was not cognizant of her radiance,
I’ve become deciduous to the loss of her resplendence,
She did not have ornate belongings or fine silver,

Withal her convictional eyes of such alluring presence,
Eyes the color of the deep blue as the coral briny ocean,
It was as if she sings to me with her crisp simper smile,      
Her labium voice matched the rest of her natural beauty;
She was strikingly invigorating in her baroque ways,
The brisk breeze afore gleamed of incandescent fiber,      
How one could love one of such passive virtuosity amidst,
She suffocated beauty out of the fore deep sea,

Her eyes and face pertinently pensive in  awe,
Yet she radiated beauty as not aware to her person,
At that point exodus mercurial moment to joy amidst us,
To show her she was with such decorum,
Neither of us would feel hunger again as one?
With our stimulant chalice of my Abundant Artistry”  
    By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/28/2019 #164
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/28/2019 Poem #164 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2020
“As days abates the slow moon climbs,
Fate bathes clear from your submerging mind,
My dull islet inspires me to write my best,
Midnight rendezvous ensuing awful dreams  

Those awful dreams of one’s life and travails,  
I plant anew in the vanishing of your absence,  
All can be forgotten of travesty’s that followed,
As I easily compare her to a light stardust,

Traipse of her invading my mind of that day,
Thinking of your prompt nobility fills my days.
My love for you is of a dedicated scantling.
Our heated toasts the past frolics of seasons,

Acclivitous summer in the sleepy hollows,
Perhaps the gulfs will wash us down stream,
As our prudence labor of love procures slowly,    
Subdue my rugged ways useful and good,

As mountains reflected in the crystalline waters,
We can only correspond with Immutable change,
Our truths can live with right and wrong or hillocks,
Giving me strength ***** against a sense of hate,

My metaphysical poetry has helped me through this,
As her acclivitous tryst of vigor flows like tides,
Into my blood”

“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #191
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #191
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2018
Locked in what seems to be a cage,
I stare upon emptiness,
As I cannot deny what is before me,
That the other voice is not my own,
As my rationality succumbs to my imagination,
I feel my soul is cold my burden is no lighter,
Is this what our parents have brought us too?
Is this really the Land of the Free and
Home of the BRAVE?
I ask as my tears fall upon my young face!
Streaming down my cheeks,”
By A. Guzaldo ©
By A. Guzaldo ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“As arrant squall enters from all corners,
As our daily rituals must procure to dormant,
Lacking warmth of suns touch upon our skin,
As the winter winds ere upon our ambience,  

As our once daily formality would bring us,
Alongside a cool pool a beach or just quirks,
A spathe of skin an apprise bronze from the sun,
As dangling brown leaves parched fall to terrain,

As a sunken suns down in early afternoons,
The winter bellowing of moons as they procure,
Branches of once fruits and such now withered,
Now lay along the cold grown fallen as chill beckons,
The winter sings of creeping crows,

Beneath the blaze of summer hung the beauty foliage,
Flowers to be inherent upon a warming spring,  
Graciously arranged to fade beneath a winters squall,
Once bright green leaves dying and sizzling on the trees,
As lonely fledgling birds pay respect as they fly west,
As they seem to say Adieux Summer once again”

By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/30/2019 #170
By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/30/2019 Poem#170 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2018
“My love is of a birth as rare as we were born,
And as of yet has not reached its greatest height,
I have begun this love due to the desperation afore,
Desperate origin has brought me to sacredness,

But our so affaire-de-coeur was truly infinite,
Fresh air of the flowered pedals spilt redolence      
Where our outspread souls affix jointly,
There awaits our indomitable fate meets resolute,

As we hugged as horded lovers betwixt,  
Feared an eye of enviousness tyranny upon,
Two splendid lovers notably closing tightly,
As our bodies meet my sudation trickles like mist,

Her loving eyes caressing lusts fondled gaze,
Exposed pent into lovers sphere of embracement,
Moving into every cusp greeting where we never met,
Therefore the love which executed had us bound,

Now our cosmos travail with a new paroxysm,
Fissure of our affaire-de-coeur”
   By A. Guzaldo 07/10/2018 ©
By A. Guzaldo 07/10/2018 ©    Poem #101
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2019
“Greater than the acquisition of poetry I cannot envisage,
Poetry enters ones heart and soul brings life to one’s melancholy,
It can come into your life leaving you with a promise of future,  
So that one will be clutched to affiance of poetic peroration
I am now that which is clutched to such an affiance,
As that of a nest in the tree clenched to sapling twigs,
And so I shall vow to accept this affiance for all perpetuity”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018 #154 Posted HP
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/29/2018 #154 Posted HP
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“I have trekked through many places in life,
Places I hope you will never have to trek,
Either way you will learn lessons old and new alike,  
You are now entering the door to wisdom,

Let sunshine and kindness spread through your goals,
We will be blessed to watch you achieve your goals,
Embrace those who are sad respect their dignity,
Leave them with a feeling of aspiration in life,

This is all to your advantage and success in life,
Tread softly when anger approaches you,
Hide your feelings of anger and invoke all,
Humor and laughter for your wisdoms of success,

Laughter is a powerful weapon in life’s travails,
Hilarity is of a  PRODIGIOUS power to ones BEING,
Always recognize and commemorate family and friends,
Of which you are inestimable LOVED and a part of,

You always give freely from your heart,
You are the Sunshine in the family and the chewing gum,
The door to your 15th Year has now opened,

Nothing is futile you have reached a very specific time in life,
The world is far from perfect let wisdom be your guide,
But to know you are there it is that much BETTER”

LOVE Always My Dear Beloved Granddaughter
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  #173
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  Poem #173 #HelloPoetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“How can I now discern you,
At which horizon will you descry,
I hear your voice in the gale,
I close my eyes and stroke you,

As you procure beneath my dermis,
Now a part of my heart now my umbra,
I await you perpetually this I say,
As you have drifted so far away,

I travailed thee nothing more to expound,      
I do not know how to love without you,
All of these nights without you,
All of my fantasies besiege you,

If I see and I touch your face,
I will easily fall into your embrace,
I don't know how to ardor if not to you,
In end I must learn to live without you,
I must cultivate my alluvion melancholy”
    By Andrew Guzaldo 08/12/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/12/2018 ©    #114
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2017
“My dear, your words hold,
Me like a hostage,
Trapped inside an empty box,
Captivated in finding a way out,

Always anxious to get a,
Glimpse of what once was,
I knew that this was love,
A love that could last an eternity,  

Or so we once thought.
We were ripped apart by others,  
Baring obsequious temerity,
Confusing us in mendacious ways,

If not for the distance between us,
However if there was no palaver talk,
Just maybe we would be together,
No matter what we decide,
There must be some end to this love tale?  
Still worrisome about our future,
But one thing is for sure as hell,
Hating each other is not an option;  

I shall crave you always to fill,
This empty hole in my Soul,
I will be with you,
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
"I would like to pass the rest of my days,
With someone that has no necessity for anything,
But will love me as I would love her perpetually,
And carries within herself the apothecary,

Latent light scent of the flowers,
The misty aura aroma that ascends
Hoisting itself in the drifting air,
In the atmosphere and lives within my being,

Neither the earth bares fragrance of such beauty,
It makes me love you even more,
To know it is I that has such love,
That of us as we interlock tightly,

Never to be severed from your lovely being,
As long as there are words I shall,
Never seize from writing of your beauty,
Our imbroglio of your hips and legs,

As of a lovely lace of flowers spread before me,
The entanglement of our lips as we kiss,
The awe-inspiring smile that spreads upon your face,
My heart seethes in quiescence upon yours,
Whether near or afar we will always be as one”
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2018
“Ambrosial Aqueous”

A lonely waterway where the waves await,
You reunify the lives of the seas conflagration,
Everything pulls away from me here in the cusp.
My somber heart seeks you always I love your anatomy,

Cavorting flames of desire that climbs to my heart,
Caliginous sweet aphid fervent as the glowing sun,
Your agile heart and soul draws me to you,
Oh those celestial given lips of a somber smile,

With your happy body and your luminous eyes,
Earthly passionate vapors of silence appear amid,
As the silence of the World befalls upon us,
You hold out your beautiful arms before me,

I now have no choice as my ensuing fervor ascendancy,
As the crapulence of waves my arms embrace her,  
The cruor of my body waken in vigilance morass,
Our fervor ends like waves have risen to the empyrean,

Succumbed to a flowery scented ambrosial aqueous”
    BY AG 06/19/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“It can be a very spontaneous state,
In restraining the inner spirit of angst,
A plethora of pain held within,
Parallels of a withering acumen,

Once in a wonderful sense of serenity,
Or was it a birth of total disavowal,
One cannot feel the venture aforesaid,
Comeuppance breath within my soul,

Need I succumb to such relentlessness?
As the inner souls foment impertinently,
Shall I reconcile to the assuage afore me,
As my soul unleashes it’s invigorating remedial,

As my spiritual guidance formulates camaraderie,
Now proficient anodyne of once a dreaded angst,
Shall I now attain that of a once absent love?
Whether this shall be for naught it is affirmed,
A reticence of my spiritual soul has been ameliorated”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  #174
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  Poem#174
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2019
Oh that I had wings of a DOVE, for then
           I would fly away and be at rest!
“They came here to get away from false promises,
From dictators in their neighborhoods,
When they wanted to they would arrest them,  
Hope was to leave the violence and endeavor a new life,

They no longer wanted fear for their families,    
Not much different here migrant intensification within,
The doctors don’t care as our bodies decay,
Our minds deteriorate we learn nothing of value,

Our lives don’t get better our spirit fails quickly,
Our cages is crisscrossed with tattered clothing,
Clothing we have hung or lying below on dirt floor,  
There are no blankets or heat for warmth,

Maybe I would have been better off in my Country,
I ask a man next to me if he could spare some soap,
I look down and see new immigrants coming in,
Mattresses rolled up and on their shoulders,

New migrants coming in looking around wondering,  
Each with the same dream in their hearts,
Thinking they’ll get a chance here change their lives,
As they came in they wonder as did I but in the end,
Our phrase would be what GOOD am I NOW
Just a migrant in a cage?
By Andrew Guzaldo © 09/24/2019 #166
By Andrew Guzaldo © 2019  #Poem #166 HP
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
“We lovers are defined by things we share,
Lovers are better together then to be alone,
One does not own beauty it is conceived within,
In their dreams it is felt it can be obtained,

What can this be I say to the crux of this esoteric woman,
Alone in a dark nights rest all my thoughts of her,
Bedeviled by the lies of her hidden beneath,
I can no longer judge the veracity now her beauty dies,

The Calypso of death creeps upon me,
You are forlorn now with artistry of her deceit,
If a man think himself to be existent without the allure,
It will be the opulence of her beauty that will burn in his mind,

As the rosette has been plucked away from me,
I skirmish as thoughts of you grovel into my mind,
And as I repel to your touch or thought,
Aghast at of what loving you again I will find,

I prefer to melt in your arms in a chimera of thoughts,
I would be free from harm free from impairment,
As I once gave to you now I shall survive in,
Seduced in an anamnesis in a Garden of Bronze”
By A.G. (C) 03/2018
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2018
“Raging waves of the sea foaming out shame,
Wandering stars above to which is reserved,
As my obscurity shall befall me perpetually,
I know not how to contain me in this macrocosm,
As a quavering adumbration quirks my hands,        
The hard brisk hour of night falls upon me quickly,        
The swishing foam of the sea sashes before me,          
My first vision in all my nights will forever be of her,  

The barren quays at eventide feathered varmint gather,
If I were to think with acrimony of this once realm,
Of foremost loves that has passed me through my life,  
She has left me at the fringe of the sandy littoral,

As I have decided to leave my heart felt altruism,
It is my hour of adieu oh me the dissipated one,
Her coiffure her guise of such charm lips of lust,
I adored her all this love will never be restored,

A  Poet’s words of love penned on tattered paper,
All the words of love and pain that many fear of,
Expressed in through the ink drafted on paper,
Poets die but their words anamnesis is perpetual”
                   By AG 05/29/2018 ©
By AG 05/29/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“I do not know when love became nebulous,
I know not of another that has felt this way,
Your name is a hand I can never hold or cradle,
Love for her now became a seethe of virtue,

How I loved thee with all my sanity and integrity,
Such a love brought me comfort to my illimitable life,
Now my love merely brought more pain than deserved,
Her love now nothing but ardent wilderness with no mist,

Being a curmudgeon in the life of love is not right,
Love needs to be nurtured as do flowers and trees,
Shall always search for the Sun shine as love nurtures
Search for the same sun shines in hopes love grows,

My life has become the coincidence of a bad retention,
Retention of sight sound and fear of distant apparitions,
I then wonder did she ever really love me did she even care,
Her utterance faded and lost its way over her tongue,

Physique of this matron the dexterity I seek is not puerile,
A dream can come true I can then love someone again,
My aridity line was across the sand for thee my ardor,  
Oh great ocean of the sea that barrows fools like me,

Drab tears of the sea eternal thirst for thee follow me,
Fetch forth afore forlorn subsidies of my adulation,
As my apathy follows with such abiding anguish,
Animus assuage for my psyche as in the deep blue”
  By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/047/2019 #171
By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/047/2019 Poem#171 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
"Our task is to show that however,
Wonderful things may appear,
In today’s World and lifestyle,
They may not be all that great,

Even the darkest night will end,
And the sun will rise regardless,
Our optimism changes to pessimism,
Roses that may grow on a stone,

Not in the earth as optimism has shown,
Love can exist or it can turn parasitism,
It’s wrong to believe that all will be optimistic,
That parasitism will continue to exist,

Oceans feel the love the upsurge bares,
The stones of the rock will bear a flower,
Rain will fall and so kisses the flower,
Will endure there growth of optimism,

Solitude will bring a cumbersome heart,
Depression will remain in a semblance,
New destiny will precede the pessimism,
As loves fate arrives pessimism succumbs,
To an optimistic aspect until ones last breath"

By AG 2/2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
“Antipathy of Abandonment”

I have been desolate like the dock at dawn.
You shall never know of my torment
The ghostly convolution in my head,
I will never be as well as another,

Now more distant than ever,
Neither ship nor upsurge can I ever survive,
Again more distant than ever,
Further than ever before have I been,
She has shown no regret for the infliction,
In the melancholy that’s ****** upon me,
As the black cruor drips within my heart,
Crevasse of detritus as I tried to swim to shore,

As the sea mingles its ornery abhor,
With each passing surge I await you,
In calm rivers hope to find thee before me,
Without in the end your being,

Of you coming suddenly would be exhilarating?
To know my life wildfire of roseate days,
Swishing brine of the ocean sedates to sand,
As my breath is unobtrusive to antipathy of abandonment,
By AG 03/2018 CR
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
In the highest conflagration my of solitude,  
She entered the room apprehended by such beauty,
I felt a gravitational force of our souls,
Force I had not heard from science or lairs of books read,

Of course I began to signal her with my eyes,
Moving like radar locked on,
So distant yet so close her eyes imply in pain,
That procures the inner sanctum of her heart,

As that of butterfly she sits not afar off from me,
Ah I notice a glance procure every so often,
Oh the body of excellence the skin of papal host,
Does she know that I feel alive again or,

Will I be the one to say and to make her solitude?
Deep dark eyes of romp sadness befall upon my heart,
Your slender body bares tenderness in its silence,
The gracefulness of her movement she lives in my mind,

As I close my eyes in daze as a product of,
Another dimension,
As her sadness alludes to my soul and heart,
Everything I envisioned spoke of love,

A conflagration of solitude we call Love,
The unexplained antipathy of all is LOVE”
By A.G. 03/2018
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
"Every Poet dips his pen in an inkwell,  and pours out his or her heart and soul with the picturesque, words that tell a story of emotion of Love sadness in a canticle or sonnet that one will never FORGET"
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“When a poet will romance a subject,
One will never die for their words will perpetuate,
The way he or she carries themselves about,
Of one's eyes of their hair their skin all components,  

When someone is irate at the subject,
And that leer of resentment when troubled,
As subject sways with authority from a kiss,
Without their body touching someone else's,

How the habits never wrinkle pages of a book,
Poets in love will find all the words of significance,
The Poet may see subject as they were on an islet,
On a waterfront near a small town of recollection,

Their words of passion penned on longing paper,
They will know when and why you can't sleep,
Poets die but their words do not they live eternally,
Explicitly graceful from the ink drafted on paper”
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/05/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/05/2018 ©       #111
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2018
“I wish to seek the feeling on the banks of our enclave,
It has been a part of our procurement of happiness,
Just my words cannot repair all that is now lost,
The copula as of our time together cannot be repaired,  

My thoughts is all I now have to ascertain moments,
Those fortunate moments we shared in passion,
Bitter is the voice of calamity and sounds of anguish,
A bemoaning of once flourish will destroy ones heart,

Remorse weakens strength from within where love has left,
Cataclysm sounds nothing in the ears of those once loved,
Vacillate music of sadness has no fortitude for the heart,
Delve not the sun above until it sets away from surge,

You were the chapter that I was unable to construe,
I knew it existed then finally upon highest mountains,
Yet were always there to help walk on stormy mountains,
As days pass the nights wear on it is only harvest days,

I strife with the rationale as you grovel in my mind,
I Strife now no more I shall bow down my weary eyes,
Eyes which to all these woes thy hearts have guided,
Adjacent the agitated brine the aqueous banks beat,
Soul tethered debacles in aqueous banks of the brine,
Thus home I draw as death's long night draws afore”
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/04/2018 ©   #Poem#136
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2018
“Littoral of living onto the pelagic is of the lifeless,
Every sea squall dead leaves fall reminding of seasons,  
Ocean dreams between mix utterances of thoughts,
Crossing over where you once started out from,

The cape laid far ahead and high upon it a continent,
The sea waves rose like white columns as it breaks,
Never knowing which way is easy to forget the afore,
Which coast has wavered upon the next victors horizon?

And which one may rise to meet you in the dusk of eve,  
And the days lay are so many dark and unpropitious,
Huge surging blissful waves rising on the blue sea,
The sprays from ocean waves like falling torrent fog,

One’s life on the sea is oh so cold and inauspicious,
And yet some place within the deep my shallow awaits,
Evening now upon the shore and in the fading
Another day bloom and resurrects from the abyss

Sunset as the blackbirds come flying above,
Coruscation of sunset evanesces into the night
of my Archipelago azimuth”
By A. Guzaldo 07/23/2018 ©
By A. Guzaldo 07/23/2018 ©   #106
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
There is a remote Arid as I walk along its sandy drifts,
Oh tomb of dregs bitter where black birds trek,
The still air whisks flower canticle melodies of sorrow,  
I am a lost discoverer on an unending journey,

This desolate sand has an eerie obverse familiarity,
As if I have roamed this valley once before,
In hopes of fleeing from an agonizing past,
In search of something reliable & steadfast,

Oh deep blue Ocean in the vastly distance,
To have her in my arms would be like a dagger of angst,
As the fiery sun blazes brightly with a sky of blue,
I can only say at the endow of this journey I hope for you,

The heat of the Arid bears too much for survival,
It is your love that keeps me live as I thrive forward,
As the stars cold hoist up above craving subside,
At night comes frigid cold fastened to the sand,  

I grab sand perplexed as it slips through my fingers,
Yearning as my love has befallen with my present anguish,
For I now am that forlorn Lover in the ARID SANDS”
       By AG. 3/25/2018 (C)
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“How it is noted that metals can tell time,
Seagulls sparkle as they soar up above,
God’s creatures soar and ride the crests of waves,
People have a wind that eviscerates their souls,

Seagulls have leaded many to their sea of destiny,
In fields of dried wheat and soaring clouds,
Many born with lack of visioning stars above,
Could those be the souls that are lost at sea?

Moonlight shining on her skin like lemon flowers,  
Inebriated with fragrance of sweet lemon plants,
Lives on in a lemon light of the moon cling to brine,
In their subtle matter a bouquet scent of age,

Love is a journey through waters and stars,
Love is such a war of thunder and wavy brines,
Two bodies annexed by a single sweet aged odor,
Entwine fruitage lovers lilliputian forged as one,
Topace riding the droplet shrines of aromatic guise”
     By Andrew Guzaldo © 09/07/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo © 09/07/2018   #Poem #121
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“If the world to me seems lethal at times,
I must free from this my forlorn mew,
Before all I know succumbs and drifts forlorn,
It may take ardor of one to make things precise,

Before this life I vassal with tarnishes away,  
One that arouses in my art of poetic originality,
While others will batten for such virtue in life,
Times I affirm I can soar and reach to azure,

Grasp to find some love it may so betide,
Ardor works I will never stop presuming,
Things on the outside grow as I remain alone,  
I will never give up I will incessantly quest,  

One day I may close my eyes and seek love,
One that just always tells me they love me,
Love I poignantly seek will receive poetic love,
Possessing a sheaf of hopes to share with thee,

Afore we fall down may we seek the same island?
Our hearts will burn into one as we move forward,
In ascertainment this now our own refuge,
In our art of ardor”
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/17/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/17/2018      Poem#116
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2018
“There is a place for us in the enclaves afore,
Where the blackbirds sing and flowers bloom,
As our love propagates and creates our passions,
And our allot filled longing of embracing,

We have always reaffirmed to be with each other,  
When I am alone that is my only breach,
A breach of passion love and scent of your body,
Futurity without you would be altruism of sorrows,

Cognizance of her near acquittal of my flaming ardor,  
Nothing to regret as we long to hold each other,
Surely in the eyes of others there more alluring,
Or in the eyes of others more captivating than thee,

In my eyes and throughout my life you are my aristocracy,
A symbolic meaning of true love within ones heart,
This I share within humanity my heart and soul,
Entire gratification is the crapulence of my love,

Being isolated with her and her alone,
I was lost into the tenderness of her eyes,
I believe a fiery passion will exist in our tombs,
My sonnet is added with laments of laconism,

In end we will be on two estuaries of different paths,
As I feel the sound of the stream pulsate in my torso
I chose the lonely one which will make for asceticism,”

By A. Guzaldo 06/29/2018 ©

By A. Guzaldo 06/29/2018 ©
By A. Guzaldo 06/29/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
"My love for you is indefatigability,
Yet you decline to notice this,
My love please delve into my soul,
My heart my person awaits that you do,

I wish to never say adieu to you,
I hope and pray you feel the same,
Although it seems this is not the issue,
Is this the now cessation of our love,

I believe that you have been contrived
To feel me within your grasp,
To taste your lips upon mine,
Have I now been forsaken to lose you?

I notice that your love has exacerbate,
The nuances of your actions
Your once risible ways have gone,
I have never had such enchantment,

Or has this been some romantic delusion,
A dream perhaps this I can bare,
But to have held you in my arms,
And then to lose such would have been,
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2018
“Two souls once but a single thought
Of love and admiration,
Equals two hearts beating as one,  
This night has pulverized in pieces,  

As stars twinkle up above,
The night gale gyrates slightly,  
Once again my poem is of sadness,
As the depth of this pain is irreparable,

To say the least of this monumental pain,
I believed I was loved at intervals,
As my love was consistent and undying,  
There were days and nights we adhered,
To one another,

My poetic words fall to the shallows,
As did my boundless love for her,      
It is now inconsequential that my love,
Was not enough,

The times we adhered to our ****** components,
We would caress each other endlessly tirelessly,
As I would acumen her alluring green eyes,
How could one not love such a deity?

Such refined beauty was she,
Or at a minimum be enthralled in,
Such magnificence,
I would say she was talented,
but she always felt ineffectual,    

My soul feels empty in my eyes,
She was divine my indefatigable love,
Was it her fault that we have diverged?
I know not only, that words are at times
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2018
“She who has infused every minute of my day,
Hastens through titillating my endorphins.
Absconded hiding within myself,  
As blue crystals glaring teeter in the sea,

As we sanction the reticence of ardor,
While the sea eradicates its perennial effigy,
As infinite cascades eradicate beneath us,
As the water stride procures to the sandy shore,

Where the waves shatter on unsettled rocks,
As once again the clear light bursts as sun sets,
Enmeshed in a fabric of palpable vibrant colors,
Portrayed as that of a burlesque plumeria of infinites,                  

The plumeria burst of aureoles immortal love,
Unyielding its pedals as the devouring sea rotates,
Will ephemeral demise procure in the deep blue sea?
Over its blue pedaled face an astringent frown,

We have embarked on a promenade of love my dear,
I now stand before you no longer with emptiness,
Only perennial affection that you are mine and I yours,
       In our Aureoles of Plumeria”  
By AG 03/10/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2018
“As I watch her words undulate off her tongue,
As words gyrate like raindrops upon my brow,
Our plight embrace shall never be severed,
We are driven fervently with passion as we gaze,

As we embrace in an avidity of passion,
With deep fervor engulfed with luminance,
Caressing soft silky innuendos of lasciviousness,
A gulp of cloying surrender of fiery passion,

Always be with me the in littoral of my anamnesis,
As Neptunian waves ripple along the shoreline,
Standing obscure vigilance on the shores anamnesis,
Even though we look as tides drift to our costal shore,  

As the immenseness of the sea allures to its depth,
As does your soul allures me to the fervor abyssal,
You emerge as my vitality as the chimera of lust,
Now dissipated of your caresses have sealed my love,

With no contrition we ardently agog to embrace as one,
To be consumed with an Avidity of Passion”
      By AG 4/18/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2019
“Amorous is this anguish novel of the woes of fervor,
It is not greatness I see within myself but that of others,  
Touching skin hedonistic for our lingering infatuation,
All these interlude cataclysm of such a bereavement,

Beyond this place of wrath destruction and tears of woe,  
Looms the horror fronds of pain as gesture abhorrence,
Pleasures awaited amour claimed lost rapacious desires,  
These days have ebbed as Love's swell was checked,

Could earth be sequestered in some obscure place?
Let your shadow lengthen the horologe in the meadows,
I am besieged by the enlightening celestial naiad beauty,  
This was possibly the most euphoric point of my life,

She the begin of a light that was once my beguiled penumbra,
Her skin seems to have the deluded eyes always my eternal allure,
Mesmerism is what you are when in front of me my allure,  
I can feel your soft hands and the tender lips upon mine,

Lonely nights without you as my dreams have surrounded you,
Dreams surround I can see and touch your face long embrace,
The contour ambiance of her body withering serpent is penumbra”
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/15/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/15/2019 © #Poem#155 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2018
“Here is something else to think about,
How many times have we strayed?
The roar of the brine swell,
When it is right in our crux,

Happening is we become to resistant,
To its constant coastal presence,
When the wind gusts it embraces us,
Into another sphere far off wharf,

Where we had planned to be,
The ennui of life we can simply,
Lose focus of meaningful goals,      
Of the beauty that is before us,

In just reality alone of one day,
We have to stop at that moment,
And listen to the pounding,
Of the waves within our hearts,

In the end we are still who we are,
Us against the world yet not alone
In a BELABOR of the WAVES”
By Andrew Guzaldo 9/1/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 9/1/2018 ©     Poem#120
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2017
I have written the bewildering’s of many,
But today it is I that will share my effete,
As starlight night, makes me feel canny,
To share what has broken my heart apart

Tonight I can write these,
Bewildered words,
To think that I do not have you,
To feel that I have lost you,
To hear and feel the sadness
Of the night,  

My feelings for her shall always,
Remain the same,
In hopes this wasn't I that was at fault,
I long for you now that we are apart,
But as in my mind, and heart you will remain,

My love for you would have brightened,
All your days,
I miss you more than words can say,
It is sad to see, we are so far away,

But please may you
Know I think of you,
Every moment of everyday,
As I go through life BEWILDERED
By A.G. 2017
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2019
“When the flaws of another are not guided by thy heart,
Riding waves that will have their bounty with heart and soul,
Without resentment or discord without enmity or avarice,
When day will come that mankind overcomes their faults,  

When people are not strangers but equals and friends,
When we break from a history of fear and regret,
And we stop looking back and start looking ahead,
When a lie is a weapon when truth is a bulwark of strength,

And knowledge a blade we can sharpen and wield,
When we vow to remember and dare to dismiss from mind,
When we follow our path without judgement and threat,
I wish for the day that man will construe and apperceive,

As guised tones shattered rocks against distant shores,
Billow of small or rivulets and brooks arcane afar,
True lovers of mountains become attuned to river forks,
Seductive tune as a song with an alluring unseen fissure,

Love had once found us there when as your eyes spoke
Mystery binds me still from the deluge on the mountain top,  
When you poise affix me down with an endless starry stare,
The aria from your eyes is this an enmity or avarice,
No it is an infinite brine of visions of a setting sun and passion,
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/23/2019
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/23/2019 #Poem # 148 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2018
Occasionally notably one may travel and find,
Gawking carelessly on a barn in their midst,  
With fruits and grain scattered throughout,
Suffused with the sweet scent of the wheat,

With caulked vapors floret above at days end,  
The sundown spreads its beauty upon the lands,
And the obstinate blackbirds singing above
Among the glistening river the burbots jump,

One could never forget the daffodils cordage,
The scent of tilled lands afore one in ones travels,
And consistence a rancher with furlongs of cattle,
Or that old apple cider press in the old southern towns,

But where is the canticle of spring to come around,
Hours pass into days and the days into months,
Where are they when will this wonderful season come,  
As the sun percolates warmth upon the flowers to grow,

Carved work by hand of famed craftsman farm gates,  
The gates cast round fettered before my eyes,
A prognoses is all too clear of what lays afore me,
Winter will follow the fall as it always will do,

Spring summer and fall will again be part of the past,
As morning comes from eve amass the rooster’s crow,
I guess one can be compared to seasons born and bloom,
It is then we have experienced the seasons at their optimum,
   As the canticle of seasons have been attained”
                 By A. Guzaldo 07/06/2018 ©
By A. Guzaldo 07/06/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2017
“When we fall in love we think
We know all,
Then we know not where love is,
Nor where to call,

Yes we must be able to read the card,
The Mysteries that lay beneath,
Romance and what mystical behavior may,
Be beneath the mystic cartomancy read,

When one is in love,
That of the mystic trance one may
Have captured from the beauty within,
Their eyes mind heart and soul,                    

There is nothing only romance,
We think love could never hurt us,
And would always make one strong,
But after we fall in love,

All we thought was wrong we think,
They will always be there anytime
You will feel a need for them,
But I was only there to give you,
Treasures not that were mine,

I waited for your calls of affections
But night after night,
All I received was rejections,
I did all I could think of,

To make you see how I felt  
Did everything you asked of me,
I thought our love would not melt,
I took your first reactions as a sign,

I thought you were the one,
I would spend my life with this miss,
Now I recapture the thought of you,
What once was is now an anamnesis,

In my dreams I see and touch your face,
As I wait my dreams surround you,
I am now left in forlornness called LOVE,
These CARDS I was grimily DEALT”
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2017
Andrew Guzaldo  

Celibate she knows not
"And what invokes our life.
This bellicose and sad affair,
We call life, to choose from,
Day to day our life's inhabitants,

The thrill of what cometh anew,
No more of the lightning-flash,
Not that of the dreaded thunder,
Fear not the slander of others,

Thou hast finished all joys of life,
All the loves you had not quenched,
Yet thirst for that special one afar,
Celibate for years awaiting her near,

Nothing ill shall become of her,
Quietness will consume her joy,
A renonowned newness of life,
Shall stemer within, new life to begin"

A.G. 2017 -2017
Copyright Andrew Guzaldo Amici Journal
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
With love happiness ensues upon you, happiness may
However caution prevail it can Turn to anguish,
It can changed the way I now feel,
Memories in my head waking up or in bed,

Where the life love I no longer saw her face,.
My heart was cold, my very soul was dead.
When you are loved they make you happy,
When they turn on your love its sadness to bear,

She was so dear to me and she caught me heedless,
Your heart pumps like mad but you feel nothing but love
You can't sleep for as it almost seems needless
I was unprepared when I fell into your chicanery burrow,

I must perceive to hide my scars from the world,
My heart abates as it struggles to pump life,
Behind once her happy smile now my withered tears,
My pain well aware in my eyes to others,
I linger for someone to ask WHY?  
CHIANCERY of my once Love"
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2018
“Life can have its share of tears and heartaches,
Malady and demise dolefully follows us in our lives,
Our souls exist with love laughter family and faith,  
Life’s secret of caverns like the songs in your mind,

The enclave of sand rock and lichen reflects well,
Of that was formed ever so enchanting the abyss,
Of the stone with its furtive outlets afore the deep brine,
As it passed by your name a fiery flower than created,

The arduous waves rose like a barrier in the Universe,
A canticle now well beloved all things ode to love,
Earth time sea island life and tide are subsequent,
The sea is the mouth to the universe and tells all,    

Flowers on the now spring unfold afore our eyes,
Observing us as if our passions are now in the begin,  
Arduous waves of the brine are now burgeoning flowers,
A courtyard now surrounded with passionate flowers,

We were alive together on a macrocosm heretofore,
Yet not alone when the hour of our demise befalls us,  
Our love was harvested as that of the fields of grain,
I the knowledge of the sea and you with gold lividity,  

Mine exists in the caverns of the soil and sand
Fear not my blossom of life the fire of our love,
Soon loving kisses will join as our mouths,
Cleave perpetually”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/15/2018
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/15/2018      #Poem #131
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2021
“My imagination comes from Curiosity
A curiosity of life and its meaning,
An inquisitiveness of sustenance,
That of the definition of a subject,

As we look in the eyes of another,  
And adhere to that one’s soul,
That special one that will be in your life,
The window of their eyes will tell all,
That one that is the dearest of treasures,
And that the sweetest of pleasures,
Euphoria that over run all measures,
Felicity sweetness of pursuing curiosity,

Happiness lies in the subduing of hearts,
Whispered its vows as a tender pawn,
To those that are strangers to ardor,
Virtue is imaginations strongest defender,

Homage and honors in the end fits like a glove,
When ones imagination leaps with splendor,
Makes my Curiosity barnstorm and leap,
To satisfy my imagination with such provender,
To that of my Cognition of comprehension”
By Andrew Guzaldo 2021 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/2021 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2018
At no time have I repressed your voice,
At no time have I repressed your eyes,
At no time have I repressed the essence of you,
Like the essence of sweet flowers in time of autumn,

I am a prisoner with ambiguous memory of you,
I survive still with the pain the wound you have cajoled,
I shall live with such pain for without the anamnesis of you,
Would mean no more adversity to perception of thee,

We have now Celestial perimeters between us,
But still cognizance of you quells my heart and soothes my soul,
I anticipate the flames that were ascertained as we touched,  
Fervor born in utopia but known to man as titillation,

I have loved you for many years my beauty of Nacre,
My words cascaded upon you as I caressed your body,
It was then at long last you slept in my arms as shadows came
And it was then I realized you were a conclude Cognizance
Of my once LOVE"
By AG 03/29/2018 (c)
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2020
“Valediction my love if it is really this love is over,
We have blemishes and we must live with scars,
We are tarnished tainted and decorated as well,
With filth but beneath the dust the dirt is a corpus,

Transpicuous of an oeuvre from our beginnings,
I will not tell you where the crossroads lead us,
I can tell you the collogue great flowing of water,      
And the beauty of a dark mesh woods in sync,

Love is so short yet to forget is so protracted,
I choose not to forget of thy love and beauty,
I prefer to be left with scars upon my broken heart,
As you leave the silent tears will flow with in my soul,

We had  shared degust in our lives and given so much love,
Gratitude to your love of the redolence that arose,
From the earth your soul will live obtusely in my body,
Naiad if you must go I'll get along regardless of inward pain,  
On this that is my forever collogue of a broken heart”
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #192
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP POEM #192
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2018
"Ardor yet torment are so abutting in tactility of amass,
Yet the latter is so very arduous,
Love can be like the flower that will not bloom,
Yet carries the love you had to others hidden in the dark,

We must thank the love we had may shed the aroma,
May the love once had may survive dimly within our souls,  
The incandescent that rises from ground to your cilium,
Your alluring artistry protoplasm your prose your aroma,

That of a love that once cared yet left your palate in torment,
When your love and beauty gave exigent to my heart and soul,
As does the sea give oxygen to its living things to live,
Of my heart to my noumenon maybe I can live without you,

One day a new love I shall affix a diadem in my lonesome dynasty,
What sorrow did I not express to you was my sorrow immersed,
From crest to surge I still canticle your name as I wonder,
You were the long stem floret that comminuted my soul,"
BY AG 05/25/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
“I do not know when love became evanescent,
I know not of another that has felt this way,
Your name is a hand I can never hold or embrace,
Love for her now became a smoldering virtue,

I think of lovers as trees growing to and fro,
Always searching for the same light sun shines,
A photo of thee in my pocket that has wilted away,
I seem to grow accustom to loss and dealing with it,

My life has become the coincidence of a bad retention,
Retentions of sight sound and fear of distant apparitions,
I then wonder did she ever really love me did she even care,
Her utterance faded and lost its way over her tongue,

How I loved thee with all my sanity and integrity,
How your love brought me comfort to my abysmal life,
Now my love merely brought more pain than deserved,
Her love now nothing but ardent wilderness with no mist,

Physique of this matron the dexterity shall I seek,
My aridity for thee my ardor for thee is perennial,
Oh great ocean of the sea that barrows fools along,
Conveying forth afore forlorn subsidies of homage,

Drab tears of the sea eternal thirst for thee follow me,
As my apathy follows with such abiding anguish,
Conatus to alleviate my anima in the deep blue”
  By Andrew Guzaldo 08/24/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/24/2018 ©    POEM #118
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2018
“Prevarication now executes flow of poised abatement,
As brilliant minds berate the clusters of the devil afore us,  
As lives turned to woe have that we wasted our time?
Shall we not reap any gain where former rule still has peace?

As our minds live and love bare and defenseless in the brine
Qualm future of banished rivals to present bliss with thee,
And aphorism to such things to beware in life afore me,  
The indignation of such threats is minimal as I have thee,

Cloudy pedanticism can’t affect the aspirations of my feelings,
Billows of elation are the veneer of my aspirant imagination,
The hopes and the challenges in one’s life are the root of triumphs,  
No matter if winds change latitude I am relentless to conquer all,

As pride which great ambition blinds me and my military might,
And futile all their progeny deceit as so shortly I will abate,
In the end shall turn and lament as the tempest change course
No longer alone without loneliness in furious dreams at rivers end,
You and I made this celestial event outcome conclusive aspiration”
    By Andrew Guzaldo 11/22/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/22/2018 ©   #Poems#139
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2018
Many poems are of heartfelt sadness,
Poems of heartbreak or a lost love,
That of joy happiness there is an array
Numerous avenues to compose poetry,

It is emotions channeled onto a piece of paper,
It is an expression of the Heart the mind and the soul,
The art of writing or reading poetry begins,
Mastering connotatively in particular poems,

From the most simple to the very complex,
This sounds judicious however it is totally amiss,
The art of reading poetry doesn’t start with thoughts,
Of an historical moments or great philosophies,

It begins with reading the words in thinking or meaning,
Meaning of the art of poetry themselves,
Although poetry or ballad can be intrinsically difficult,
A poet searches momentum to assume proper wording,    

Poems are of different moments subjects heartfelt,  
Example when I write a poem as you will find in mine,
In my poems and books I look for an adherent word to express,
Writings and books I look deep into my soul depending,

The title of an adhered poem should grasp attention,
As to identify fully what the poem is about,
Although we are not large in numbers,
As little as quite a few poems will give insight
On all the most wordy clues in the feelings,
Of your adherent CLUES!
By AG 5/22/2018 (c)By Andrew Guzaldo 05/22/2018 ©
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