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unnamed May 2017
I stand on the spot
That once held our day
The memories I ponder
Have not faded away

Time has not dulled
Memories as dear
As those that still
To my eyes fetch a tear

Gardens of flowers
Adorned a cobblestone way
Gently guiding you to me
As we married that day

Time, oh time
Slipping by so fast
Bouquets of flowers
Along the cobblestone path

Each one of its beauty
Passed on dull and gray
Speak of the love
That time snatched away
unnamed May 2017
A new season arrives
Then makes way for the next
Each bestows the gifts
I’ve come to expect

Like trusted friends
That I can count on
The next one arrives
When the other has gone

When the season of love
Unexpectedly arrives
The spell that it casts
Takes the heart by surprise

And when it departs
With the love that it took
All that’s left
Are flowers in a book
unnamed May 2017
Brothers and sisters I had none
The start of father’s passing had begun.
As I, only one, and left with the chore
To watch over and care
Till his heart beat no more.
I pondered the former
And what transpired before.
My time spent brooding about
Things as his son I felt he left out.
Inspired by wrath, goad by disdain.
Spurred on by bitterness
My heart stayed the same.
When his time drew closer
And the death rattle had begun.
His last words spoken, “I love you my son”
unnamed May 2017
A light that once glistened
Fade paler to dim
A love that once glowed
Sent ashes to wind
Some surprises arrive
Not wrapped as a gift
On the seas of harshness
A heart set adrift
unnamed May 2017
A storm doles out this dismal night
Rain drops drizzle down cobblestone course
Beast and bird burrow safely till light
No stranger to me, this tatty leather chair
Shadows dancing, cast the flickering fire
A creatures den, for the wretched a lair
Hoping of hopes, dreaming of dreams
Of such I have lost all desire
Rain knocks on my door,
Gloom enters once more
His attendance perceived
Lest my sanity leave
By the string that I cling as before
I long to surrender
The ability to remember
My fall into torments of hell
This chair, the fire, misery befall
The devils that dance on the floor
unnamed May 2017
I trek in pace
To the beat of the drum
The tempo now slower
Than when it begun

Each new vista
Stirred a fervor in me
But time took its toll
No more passions to be

Now aged and weary
As I trudge my last track
I’ll wait to go home
When God calls me back
unnamed May 2017
As I lay
Barely sleeping
Echoes in halls
Of softly creeping
Footsteps only
Heard in gloom
Endings always
Come too soon
Someone once
Seen before
Someone now
To see no more
Daylight ends
Nighttime falls
Then once again
Echoes In Halls
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