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 Oct 2015 tara
 Oct 2015 tara
When I was little
I thought being teenagers had the best life.
Staying up late, no rules, being able to drive,
having a boyfriend, having a phone
Little did I know
those late nights would be spent with tears streaming down my face,
the rules were still there, just about how I have to cover my shoulders to avoid ****,
I had to resist driving into something to end my life,
I would have my heart broken by a stupid guy,
having a phone was what caused me to want to die.
 May 2015 tara
 May 2015 tara
Your smile* is medication to me
Your story is inspiration to me
Your body is an addiction to me
Your words are hallucinations to me

Your love was what saved me
Your eyes were what enslaved me
Your mind was what craved me
Your tears were what caved me

Your looks are what will conceal me
Your hatred is what will chill me
Your anger is what will fill me
Your departure is what will **** **me
I like this a lot. hoping you see these regrets
 Apr 2015 tara
Unrequited Love
John Green made me sad in the best possible way...

So thanks

Augustus,who taught me to love people no matter what.

Hazel,for showing me we are all beautiful.

Alaska,for saying its okay to be a bit mischievous.

Pudge,for proving that you don't have to have millions of friends to feel loved.

The Coronel, for teaching me to believe in myself,no matter where I had come from.

Colin,for my eureka moment.

Both Will Graysons,for showing me is okay to not know exactly who you are.

And every character in Paper Towns,who just made me really happy.

But lastly and most importantly I'd like to thank John Green,because you made my life a better place with your books, and for that I'm forever greatful
I'm so happy I found those books
 Apr 2015 tara
Ashley Kay
 Apr 2015 tara
Ashley Kay
I've loved too many,
the girl in coffee shops &
boys day dreaming on
public transportation, i
love heroes i've never met,
Wept for people that
exist inside my head,
It's maddening living
in                  between
Stranger's glances &
ambrosial dreams,
Could anyone hold
a heart, one which
bleeds Love so
profoundly it barely
carries a lucid beat.
 Apr 2015 tara
We Are
 Apr 2015 tara
Trudging along with a sigh of regret
Living life through ridicules
If there be an answer, find it
We need a way to break this social net
We need to walk on water without getting wet

Self-pity is not it
Adolescence is not our diagnosis
It's something more than tears
We have the wit
To know our shoes cannot be fit

A brain is more than water
Ours are wired to be darkened
It's a constant migraine
Our sanity will be a slaughter
Our mistakes will be my daughters

A soul is more than a ghost
It can burn with a passion
Freeze like a snowfall
It can be the best host
Or it can be lifeless at most

Eyes are keys to humanity
Whether blue, black, green, or brown
They do not tell a lie
Whether the truth be insanity
Or the sight be vanity

We are told we are nothing
We try the hardest
We cry the hardest
We "are never going to be something"
We are everything.
Don't say anything that will make someone feel like nothing.
dancer of the clouds,
ink of dream,
as if the sky, hushed
and utterly forlorn,
turned a pirouette.
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