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  Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
Michael Humbert
My mouth is a graveyard
for stillborn "I love you's"
kissing boys with long hair
at parties that smelt like bad decisions,
and surviving on liquor so strong
that I would forget my own name,
simple to try and remove that awful taste
you left in my mouth.
  Dec 2014 Thenay Cora
They tried to bury us my dear
But they didn't realize that we were seeds
Thenay Cora Dec 2014
Loving her
was like
in front of
a stone
and praying
for it
to come
to life.
To be alone is not so tragic,
to be alone, and yet at peace is magic
but oh to be alone with you
That my love is magic meant for two,
For in this life are many troubles,
we both have more than just a few
but when I see the love that lies behind your eyes
My troubles fade from view
And my world is born anew.
  Oct 2014 Thenay Cora
Fenix Flight
I've been away
or I guess not really
But I've been thinking
About who I am lately.

I've had the time to think me through
Go over every vessel
over every nerve cell
Everything that makes up me

I dug around in my brain
To figure out how I ticked
How I worked

Nothing I did
could have prepared me
For what was in store

I saw myself
truly saw myself
I started to cry.

I'm not the person I always thought I was
yes I'm annoying and childish
immature and "rude"
But there is so much more to me.

I have power held up inside me
With the tip of my pen
paper and below it
I have the power to help.

Not just with my jokes
and stupid scenarios  
But with my words of poetry

Someone Once told me
that I changed her life
with just 2 verses
that because of me
She's still here

So I will take off my court jester hat
and take up my pen
grab a fresh white sheet of paper
I will put myself to work

This is my revelation
This is the real me

I wont hold back anymore.
**I will let my words flow free
"I'm sorry. You don't deserve this. You are such a special, beautiful, smart and creative girl. Bad things happen to good people too often. You changed my life with just 2 verses.
If you ever need ANYTHING I am here for you. I owe you so much. When sadness gets the best of you think of all the lives you've touched and changed. And think how many are still there for you to help. "

A ******* Here (THENAY CORA)  told me this yesterday. When I saw it today I sat there and stared at her words and started to cry. She opened up a door in me that I never even knew existed.
Thenay Cora Oct 2014
Jade iris.
Black waves.
  Red velvet.
   Sweet lies.
     All mine.
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