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 Jan 2014 the word thief
need to meditate
to contemplate emptiness
more empty than mine
...alternate take...

Think Nothing of It

need to meditate
to contemplate nothingness
more nothing than mine
 Jan 2014 the word thief
While Zafar takes his crop to town
Businessmen snort ******
Teens buy bundels to fill their veins
With housewives Oxycontin reins

The Generals demand their Percs
Technocrats love Dilaudid's quirks
While drones fly over Zafar's field
Counting flowers for next year's yield

r  9Jan14
 Jan 2014 the word thief
Sir B
The universe doesn't care
what you are doing to yourself
It doesn't want to **** you
because your time isn't over yet
It has no emotions
so if you keep cursing it
for never ending your life
its fine.

Universe won't feel a thing
because it has nothing
no emotions/no feelings

we should all up a decision
since the Universe doesn't care
we shouldn't care
but we still do!

We have emotions
we have feelings
we want to help each other

or do we?

hence, i decided to do this to myself.
*torture, with hauntings of your face
or just
plain torture
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
I am tired
very tired
very unhappy
very sad
very unlikely
to do anything
besides cry myself
to sleep.
 Jan 2014 the word thief
I needed
the strength
of your

So, thank you.
For Matt
Life is meant to
go on


nothing lasts forever.

Life is meant to have
ups and downs


flatlines mean death.
With yvk.
365Nectar #60  Devour Me        
Fri. November 22, 2013  9:18 P.M.

Devour me...

A provocative passionate pouring
of pillaging and plundering...
A pleasing prowling
of a piercing plunderer...
A lovely, limp nymph
laid upon a sizzling alter...
Awakening all the senses
a choking of lust
unleashes exhilarating

envelops you...

Effortlessly evoking ethereal...
a sinister seduction
seductively seduces
and hungry hips
breakdance with hysterical
Stimulating a surreal surge of a sweet seeping...


For you to chisel
an unimaginable devouring...

S slow steady climb to the summit
of the ultimate ******...
Time... a tool to employ flamboyantly...


Expose my conquered heart
that leaks
of streams
of cream
of succulent sensation...

Expose my tamed moistness
that whispery whines
as you build a legacy
of torturous licking....


Slithering in spicy spirals
of stirring screams
from stormy shivers
of steamy anticipation
of your redefining touch...

drowning in the sticky sensation
of all that is us...
A tender luscious love liquefying flesh
and penetrating souls...

We blend in blazing bliss
tapping taboo for titillating thrills
you rock a rowdy ravishing
inside me...

I whisper wet whimpers
and beg for bitten breast...
Our wrestling hips
hug, *****, and groan a hungry growling...
Pounded into saturated submission
I linger in lubricating dreams
for you-

devour me.
 Jan 2014 the word thief
What if...
Humans are the monsters?

We're these weird,
Evil creatures,
Who take advantage of everyone,
And thing around us.

We had thread that comes out of the top of our hair,
In weird colors.

We have plastic looking stuff on the end of our fingers,
That just keep growing and growing.

We walk on two legs,
And stumble around like idiots.

With that mental picture in your mind,
Are we not the monsters?
I won't travel to the city
There is nothing for me there
I won't travel to the city
Not even on a dare
I won't travel to the city
I'm fine right where I am
I won't travel to the city
And I don't give a ****

Years have passed
I won't forget
Where I stood that fateful day
I was shopping
In the city
God Bless The USA

I won't get on an airplane
I'm much safer on the ground
I won't go back to the city
And I won't forget the sound
I've driven on the turnpike
And I just turned around
I won't go back to the city
I watched them tumble down

Each time I try to leave here
the taste of concrete dust
fills my throat with acid
and jet fuel fumes and rust
I won't go to the city
And though it may seem strange
I was there when horror happened
With a cop...and now I'm changed

Years have passed
I won't forget
Where I stood that fateful day
I was shopping
In the city
God Bless The USA
In measured verse I'll now rehearse
The charms of lovely Anna:
And, first, her mind is unconfined
Like any vast Savannah.
Ontario's lake may fitly speak
Her fancy's ample bound:
Its circuit may, on strict survey
Five hundred miles be found.

Her wit descends on foes and friends
Like famed Niagara's fall;
And travellers gaze in wild amaze,
And listen, one and all.

Her judgment sound, thick, black, profound,
Like transatlantic groves,
Dispenses aid, and friendly shade
To all that in it roves.

If thus her mind to be defined
America exhausts,
And all that's grand in that great land
In similes it costs —

Oh how can I her person try
To image and portray?
How paint the face, the form how trace,
In which those virtues lay?

Another world must be unfurled,
Another language known,
Ere tongue or sound can publish round
Her charms of flesh and bone.
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