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tee2emm Feb 2018
Sometimes it takes only one word
Blink just twice to behold the rage
A good song only takes a chord
Like a bad one don’t take a page

Sometimes it takes only one word
And all else becomes new image
It may look like a little ford
But just its spark starts a rampage

It slips off the lips of wrecked hearts
The rest is a foretold story
With holes like a bar's board with darts
Its flame’s tongue burns with a fury

It slips off the lips of wrecked hearts
The rest’s the rubble’s to bury
All tongues come with their moving parts
But this one's story is gory
tee2emm Nov 2017
The mouse have chased a general,
A drift from the natural.
The mice here have long claws
Like a lion's paws
Miniature in a giant's skin
A cow scared of walking over a pin

We are due to fumemigate
Our Warren G should 'regulate'
The filth has become obvious
Our minds' eyes are still oblivious
For it is too dark here
There's this thing about the unknown and fear

In the arena of heroes and villains
You're are bound to find sorrow and pains.
The hunter and the hunted sometimes trade places.
Trouble is known to wear many faces.
The stimulus of fear is interpreted by the head,
But not when the head has suffered stampede
tee2emm Nov 2017
Dear queen of this deserted throne,
The chirping birds and crickets;
The croaking frogs behind our home seem to have traveled with you.
I have swimmed this deep sea of space and silence,
It is warm and it is cold.
I will study stars if they can foretell your return.
I have felt the frostbite of our memorable moments,
Bringing you close to my heart and further from our bed.
I argue with myself if we are better apart or together
But teeth and tongue have taught me better.
Dear queen of this deserted throne,
Return and breathe life into this clay-moulded Adam.

Dear warrior of my kingdom,
This city is beautiful with its golden monuments.
The birds here fly with pride
And the people walk with majestic strides,
But, in spite it's beauty and glory,
It feels like a beautified royal cemetery.
Its monuments look like tombstones,
This is where beauty exemplifies ashes.
I have wished to fly home on milky ways,
To lay my weary head on your bossom.
Dear warrior of my kingdom,
Keep the gates locked, I'll see you soon.
tee2emm Sep 2016
We come and we go
The earth still revolves
We are born and fated to grow
A puzzle only the grave solves

Boys grow into men
Girls become women
Treading a precarious line
No one ever makes it to the other loop fine

Birth and dead lie juxtapose
Like opposite pages of a book
The left opens the read, the right brings it to a close
Born, we strive to survive but death is all we Brook

The sun always dies
So the moon may rise
Life's but a beautifully designed craft.
Learn, love and live for we are like to the wind mere shaft.
  May 2016 tee2emm
Just Melz
You are the
              to my pain
  Cloudy with
            no chance of clarity
      I can see
               how far
away you are
                    Out of focus,
           still hurting me
                      *so easily
Not everything that breaks is unusable, like my heart for example.
tee2emm May 2016
I have seen pain and grieve
They look like my mother in a casket lying still
With cotton-stuffed nostrils
As though to ensure she stayed dead

I have smelt the smell of lost
It smells like the new fragrance she wore
The freshness of he
tee2emm May 2016
Life is my birthright,
A right I sail turbulent tides to keep;
The snares of death, schemes of man and nature's tides.
Life is my birthright,
Like a king guards his kingdom, I guard it with pride.
Death lurks, a nightmare, where life lays beautifully asleep.
Life is my birthright,
A right I sail turbulent tides to keep.
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