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Clive Blake Aug 2017
One day I dreamed …
There was no longer any 'Third World',
Just a united 'First',
Famine clearly vanquished forever,
And no-one died of thirst.

Power was never used to enslave,
And wars were fought no more,
Man's resources were pooled together,
To help aid all the poor.

Man respected his fellow creatures,
Living in harmony,
The oceans free from all pollution;
Helped by 'green' energy.

People didn't need to live in fear;
Crime a thing of the past,
A planet no longer fragmented;
A one-peace world at last.

I awoke in time to catch the news;
News of crime, famine, war,
Moist-eyed I headed back to my bed,
To try and dream ... some more!
Paul Butters Jul 2017
Oh for a world without wars!
Free of terrorists.
Where each and every one of us
Can go about our daily lives
Without any fear.

But I read somewhere
That there may be a price to pay:
Loss of Freedom.

Think of the USSR, or better still, Yugoslavia.
Ruled by rods of iron
These counties showed us facades
Of calm.

But once those dictatorships disappeared then
Those underlying differences emerged.
The Balkan States were a case in point:
When Yugoslavia went
All hell broke out!

So when I suggested that
A benevolent world government
Might cure our ills,
A warning was shot across my bows:
“Be careful what you wish for!”

For what good is “Peace”
When no one dare speak out
Or act in a “different” way?
“1984” soon springs to mind:
Droves of mindless clones
Dumbed down by drugs
And Media driven hypnosis.
Totalitarianism at its worst.

What we really need is an end to violence
And every other form of Abuse.
Free thought
Married with respect and tolerance
To our fellow men
And women.

World Peace only comes free
When the people are free too.
Freedom of the individual
Based on mutual respect
And better still
On Love.

Paul Butters
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Crystal Goddess Jun 2017
She is beautiful
she walks with poise
she speaks with elegance
she sees with eyes full of pain
she listens though she is never heard
her skin is as rich as chocolate
her hair is like wool
her back is scared from the knives in your hands
her feet are cut from the miles she walks
her legs are weak from running to get away from your words
she walks with poise
she speaks with elegance
her skin is exquisite
her hair is curly
this woman thats been to the deepest parts of
The Devils Palace
is beautiful
She is "A Work Of Art"
This poem is basically about a woman that is a slave to the world but she still keeps her class thru the stuff she went thru.
hayley robertson Mar 2017
it's a strange occurrence
hearing sirens pulsate through the rough brick walls of the silent still sanctuary on sunday mornings
every sunday morning for as long as i can remember

the service doesn't stop and the sermon doesn't stop
but i can't help but wonder what would happen if they did
what would happen if we stopped worrying about our lives and started worrying about theirs - those who have been affected by that shrill call
every sunday morning for as long as i can remember

why is it that we receive the honor of being safe inside when there are people suffering outside
how do we say a prayer for healing but go about our daily lives not thinking about what we hear right outside our windows
every sunday morning for as long as i can remember

perhaps some people do let the sound interrupt their routine thoughts
are those the lucky few who are called angels?
it shouldn't be their job to save the world
if we let the warning resonate through our minds and not just through the rough brick walls then maybe sirens wouldn't be heard
every sunday morning for as long as i can remember
Aaron LaLux Sep 2016
You can not take a place with you,
we all know this is true,
and I don’t want to leave these mountains,
but what else can I do?

I must descend back to Babylon,
for there’s knowledge to be shared,
and more work to be done,
work that can not be done here,

so as I sit here on an opal rock,
high in the Himalayas,
I pray for peace upon all of earth,
with an incense and a prayer,

then back I go,
back down the mountain slow,
into the Devil’s lair…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆
Prophet Topics
Aaron LaLux Aug 2016
Rio Olympics

No more fun and games,
Olympics in Rio,
to get ready for the games,
they cleared out the barrios,

where does tomorrow go,
once it’s gone,
from expectation to memory,
along with the setting sun,

you don’t know me,
allow me to introduce myself,
I’m Aaron Lux I’m a writer,
and I believe knowledge is wealth,

stealth lover yes,
not a stealth fighter jet,
because if you ask me how we can stop ISIS,
I’ll say let’s release the Happy Mist,

they’ll just call it Happy Clouds,

serious as a heart attack with  Cirrus clouds of Happy Mist,

or better yet,
Nimbus clouds,
and citrus sounds,
our reigns begun,
this is a flood not trickle down,

no more fun and games,
Olympics in Rio
to get ready for the games,
they cleared out the barrios,

where does tomorrow go,
once it’s gone,
from expectation to memory,
along with the setting sun,

and speaking of sun,
we are live at the Apollo,
like the Greek God of the same name,
trying to fill all theses hearts we meet that are hollow,

do you want something to believe in,
well how about world peace,
for the people and the planet that we live on,


and that is why when I see war,
I don’t think the only way to stop it is violence,
because if you fight fire with fire then you’ll burn the whole world down,
and I’m an eager volunteer fire fighter that’s first in and a final finalist,

where is the Happy Mist,
let’s cover the gun smoke with love soak,
let’s saturate the masses maybe then they won’t be so classless,
and let’s write down this idea before we forget it in our deep pocketbook…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Shades31 Aug 2016
In a world of hurt
And a world of pain
All the things around
That we let, us drain
All the strife and famine
All the blood and war
On the news we see that
The death toll’s more
People harm each other
Woman, child and man
Destroy the land and oceans
Shorten their lifespan
When the world does crumble
At their feet
And they get ****** in
Suffer great defeat
Then they realise
That war was for naught
But it’s too late now
In the vice, they’re caught
And the cycle runs
People live in hate
The crimes go on
People call it ‘fate’
But should they notice
We’re all the same
It’d make you wonder
Why you maim
People of the past
Fought for *******
But now we ****
‘Cause of discrimination
We call it justice
Fighting for our land
As we hold the others’
Lives in our hand
And before you know it
You realise
The pointlessness
Illusionary disguise
Fighting can’t
Resolve our fears
Solve our problems
Bring back our peers
But once we learn
To get along
We’ll make new friends
Get past the wrong
For a better life
For our kids-to-come
We need to all
Stop acting dumb
Embrace the world
And all creation
Live together
As a solid nation
Help the needy
Defend the weak
Look after women
Not havoc wreak
Live together as one
As a body, united
And rise up high
Like the fire, lighted
When one is hurt
We all feel pain
And work together
Let mercy reign!
Äŧül Jul 2016
Oh I wish to be a bird,
For then there would be freedom.

I could be here or there,
And freely without borders.

Then I will not be blinded,
Flight of my will power would be untamed.

I could be flying in Srinagar,
And then in Peshawar afterwards.

Then nothing would restrict me,
Unaffected personal would be my choice.

I could be in Moscow,
And even in Washington.
First step towards one world would be the allowance for passport-free movement.

My HP Poem #1103
©Atul Kaushal
Syreeta Morgan Jun 2016
The issue of race and racial equality seems to be trending
Everyone wants to “take action”
Everyone wants to “help”
But do they really?
Your fellow teachers, professors, priests, neighbors
Everyone seems to be “fed up”
They want it to be put to a standstill
But to me?
They’re playing a game
A fun game
At least to them it’s fun
And here are the rules:
Rule 1: pretend to care
Rule 2: speak on it during public occasions
Rule 3: watch and read the news on each specific topic
Rule 4: go home and sit on your ***** and act like you did something
And if you repeat the steps every time something breaks out
You’ll win
Trust me, it’s simple
And that’s the issue
Letting incidents like this continue and build up
Is hurting not only everyone else around you
But yourself as well
Put yourself in our shoes
Feel how we feel
Not witness, but become the victim
Then maybe, just maybe you’ll understand
Or will you?
Sad to say that things like this will and have not happened to you
Somethings may be similar, but not as bad
Who am I talking to?
You know exactly who..white folks
Yeah, I said it
Don’t act so surprised
You all won’t understand what we go thru
Because it hasn’t happened to you
And don’t say that it has
No matter how hard you’ll try to understand
It just won’t happen
So stop, stop with the pity parties and sob stories
So, if you want to help the situation listen to me
Stop playing this thing called, “The Race Game”
The game is not fun
The game is not entertaining
It’s ignorant
So go ahead, play if you want
And see how far it gets ya.
Ana S Jan 2016
I want to run, but here I stand.
I began to fall, but on my feet I land.
I stand my ground.
Look around.
Here they scream out loud.
The names they shout out.
***, loner, weak.
Friendless, ****, meek.
Dead, ****.
Never to be liked.
Should I listen
Possibly dismiss them.
The words may burn.
At night I may toss and turn.
Empty and dreamless.
I never want to be called a victim.
Maybe just a symptom.
One of being me.
So judgemental they have to be.
Why do they have to hurt me til I die?
Why do they spit their words til I cry.
I don't have to care.
I can pretend they aren't there.
That's what my mom says to do.
I told her I am me not you.
It's not the easiest thing.
Hearing other human beings.
Beating you down.
When everyone's around.
Watching your best friend.
Say our love was all pretend.
Well it's alright.
I'm okay for atleast another long hate filled day.
Bullying is never okay. It makes the people involved not okay. It matters what words say.
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