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Emily Apr 2019
Mike I did like.

For he took the time, kept track of my dime.
Helping me find, great peace of mind.

His careful attention, I think, I should mention,
For it’s not every day that someone works in that way.

I hope he’s rewarded for counting what others have hoarded.
a meeting
of geese
wouldn't abet
their cold
and stranded
with nonchalant
only to
harry this
land with
ware that
their untold
riches could
indeed  tangle
my heart
here wreched
winter blew
my nose
Canada is a land of riches
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
So many things are lost in transit
In haste, to unload the luggage  
Unaware of the fragile things
Shoved away in haste to unload  
When I open the luggage
Thousands of broken pieces
Cutting deep into my hands
Bleeding profusely from the wounds
Losing valuable things in transit
Wounds that will stay forever

— The End —