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Johnny walker Dec 2018
A beautiful summers day
caught the cooling breeze swiftly moving through the tree's whilst sat my pretty girl and me on a blanket
upon the
To kiss and cuddle that led to *******, and I still remember so well the thrill laid ***** together
In the open air
Remembering making love out In the open air with my girl afterwards laid ***** with her
felt a bit naughty but nice feeling
Theres this guy named David Bojay.. hes like one of my closetest friends.. not many people know his story or what he has gone through but he opened up to me and told me everything.. i didnt know how to react or what to say.. everything he told me , you would never think he would go through because of how chill, funny, polite he is.. Once he told me , i worried about him and i thought differently about him because he was a great friend and i didnt want anything to happen to him..

if only you guys knew how great this guy is , you would understand why im writing this.. me and him have gone through practically the same ****.. hes like my twin but come from different familys.. honestly consider him my brother. i try not to stay to distant from him but lately weve been busy and weve been really distant.. his story is my story.. god brought us together for a reason , maybe he is the one that is leading back to the right path because before i was ****** up in the mind and i was a trouble maker.. lately ive been chilling with him and lately ive just been quiet and acting better.. all thanks to my bestfriend David Bojay.

— The End —