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when I drift off,
it will be dark,
and I will be alone,
but I won't be scared,
as the memories of you,
will keep me accompany
inspired by Mr stark in space
George Anthony Feb 2018
i am sorry
for the bruises under your eyes
i'd say i wish they were mine
but we wear the same sleepless wounds
pretending all is fine;
there's blood in your mouth,
your tongue tastes like copper
it's like kissing pennies
but far, far softer.

i am sorry
this is not the life you were promised,
baby eyes wide with wonder
as your mother's words tried for honest;
i wonder if she knew
what the world would bring unto you,
the things your father would do,
the ways his friend would ruin you
all the wasted love
and all the terrible tears
looking at the sky above,
empty bottles counting the years
mika May 2016
ever think about how you try your ******* best and yet people still think you're the one at fault? you started this mess, you signed the Accords, you are the bad guy

you try your best, yet your best isn't enough.

when? is it? enough?

ever think about how the person you trusted most would keep a secret so personal so sensitive that you feel your heartstrings pull, contract, push, expand?

ever think about his ******* shield pounding on your chest, effectively and deliberately trying to destroy your heart, your lifeline, that glowing thing?

you try your best, yet your best isn't enough

You are Atlas Incarnate
the world is heavy on your shoulders,
and the crows feast on your flesh

when? is it? enough?
you tie yourself to this team, you break through your limits
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally
until you're just waiting for your breaking point
waiting for it to break you down in half and sew you back together with cheap thread and a blunt needle and break you again

you try your best, and yet your best isn't enough
it will never be enough
no matter how hard you try
it won't be worth it
"...and it wasn't worth it."

— The End —