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Tony you gave me hope when there was none.
I hope you know I love you a ton.
You’ve made you mark here in my heart.
With your iron suit that made your start.
You mean so much to me words can’t even say.
I really miss you everyday.
I miss your sarcastic remarks and the way you do what’s right.
I miss the way you protected those you loved with a fight.
I know your legacy will live on in the hearts of others.
You showed how good you are with your red and gold colors.
My heart still breaks when I think of how you’re gone.
But I’ll love you forever, in my heart you’ll live on.
when I drift off,
it will be dark,
and I will be alone,
but I won't be scared,
as the memories of you,
will keep me accompany
inspired by Mr stark in space
George Anthony Feb 2018
i am sorry
for the bruises under your eyes
i'd say i wish they were mine
but we wear the same sleepless wounds
pretending all is fine;
there's blood in your mouth,
your tongue tastes like copper
it's like kissing pennies
but far, far softer.

i am sorry
this is not the life you were promised,
baby eyes wide with wonder
as your mother's words tried for honest;
i wonder if she knew
what the world would bring unto you,
the things your father would do,
the ways his friend would ruin you
all the wasted love
and all the terrible tears
looking at the sky above,
empty bottles counting the years

— The End —