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acacia Mar 2017
She lives life in service to love.
Look deep into her eyes and you’ll see a reflection of yourself,
of all that’s good in humanity; her sweet angel eyes reflect the skies, the oceans.
Her eyes are as deep as the brown roots of the ancient trees that dig deep
and deep down underneath the Earth’s core.
What you see is a woman with a heart of gold, hair made of silk from a web and hair in the shape of tendrils form a leafy green stem, with a laugh like God.
She is pure yin -- one of the two forces that together with yang forms everything that exists and will. Yet, one eye is the moon and the other eye is the sun -- one of spirit and one of flesh.
Her physical body is in sin, in harsh imperfect reality.
Her soul is in purity, in deep-sea fantasies.
So selfless, so passionate, so pensive. All she wants is to serve everyone
for her inner joy and peace comes from the selfless love and acts she perform.
The ultimate lady, the ultra-feminine creation.
So ethereal, so otherworldly, so alien.
Every time she speaks, I believe in God a little bit more. She is a Goddess,
the ultimate creatrix. Tiamat.
I should’ve worshiped her sooner.
ok im done for today
Is she an ancient chaos serpent of death?
    Is she the prototype of the witch?
        Is she just a myth or,

Has she been created?


Wo­uld you
call my band,


-if I named it Satan?

Might you expect your government
to name a division of itself after Lucifer?

Can this be a,

"Christian Nation,"

...when it runs a Devil's game?
Government is the personification of Evil.
I torment the salt of the earth,

~"Who am I?"~

Eat up the children from unholy birth,

~"Who am I?"~

The ravens caw and come to pick,

~"Who am I?"~

Off woeful ones that I've made sick,

~"Who am I?"~

See travelers on the road of pain,

~"Who am I?"~

Rider on the clouds drive you insane,

~"Who am I?"~

I'm coming for you, I'm coming quick,

~"Who am I?"~

My art deception, my craft, -the trick...

The Sumerian storm god was a goddess adopted by the Hebrews as, "Lilith," or in the original, "Li-Li-Tu." She was part of a cadre of evil sky spirits who could manifest themselves inside animals and humans and due to some ancient wrong were particularly found of killing or making suffer; men and male babies. She was considered a daytime goddess and her thundering storms gave her the epithet, "Rider on the clouds." She is related to the Greek Artemis(as a huntress), Phoenician Astarte, Ishtar, Hebrew Lilith, Sumerian Anatu, Egyptian Anit, Aryan Tiamat, the Hindu Devas and the prototype for ritual witchcraft. She was a completely evil character.

Tu is action, Ana is sky so her name represents the ACTIONS of the SKY!
The Serpent squeezes the mundane egg, for a moment in time,
…to begin the ages, turn the wheel, and so begin the rhyme,

The circus has commenced, a dancing, swirling motion,
…a pit of ghastly horrors, seen as a vast deep ocean,
…or celestial or cosmic, as some would have the notion.

Some of them were large, although some were also small,
…and grotesquely figured or disfigured, a scary monster’s ball,
…and trudging, stampeding, stomping or slithering down the hall.

There they danced, sang or prattled, where giants fought and where they battled, …thunder unto heroes rattled, with awful screams so frightening, and terrifying lightning!

Scaly, hairy or feathered, wet and fiery or weathered,
…conjoined, twisted or tethered, slithery writhing together,

Kingu and his wife, some say it was t’was his mother,
…his plan was war and strife, pitting brother against brother,

A ******* existence and so morally depraved,
…a state of sickly persistence, they found themselves enslaved.

Then abounding voice of heaven, that divided night by day,
…brought forth a princely king of Luke; the warrior Marduk.

Fourteen engaged in combat, the one against thirteen,
…and thus aligned with the ecliptic, at night they can be seen,  

Sloshing in the Apsu, beaten with the club,
…slain and torn to pieces, cutting channels of their blood,

A north wind sent them to their places, fixed on Tiamat’s wheel,
…and the starry constellations, did Marduk bring to heel.
The Sumerian story of creation is the source of St. John's Apocalypse and it is the story of the Dragon Tiamat and her unholy son, Kingu, who go to war with the earth and are defeated by the son of god, the son of the Sun itself(Marduk). "Marduk," means, "High Prince," but signifies west, shining and high as-in the heavens. West was used as a moniker or symbol for the sun since it rested each day in it's kingdom in the west.

The, "one against thirteen," means the Sun versus the twelve signs of the Zodiac and space itself or the Dragon. It is an ancient term.
Mother spinster’s sporcy spindle spaed a specious spider splenetically spinning a sparkling specimen of the spired and spherically eggish; still though spinose although sporadic, seemingly soft, deceivingly so, sacred, secret special place to stave off such besetments!

  Her enchantment’s curse, no less the worse, arachnid terse in webs of verse, or plainly verse we shall rehearse from high above to stage below or thought to hanging from strangely gallows, the sickly web a trap thus cloven of heaven’s weaver said to woven in all her life never betrothen, she cast aside all such resentments!

And so Old Mother Hubbard then went to the cupboard speaking her cursed ways…

  Along came Ariadne, the spider beside thee, winding her spinning, pointing thus pinning upon her the blame for all days. With no voice to speak, evading flood did she seek, a way up from the sea on the laurels of Mother’s uprooted tree. So was it ended, uprooted, upended, the guilt, blame and controversy. Umun-Hubbur, Humwawa, Humbaba, star-weaver and Hubbard and Ariadne!
Old Mother Hubbard, Tiamat, star-weaver, Ariadne are all the same character. The, "spider," who, "weaves," the heavens means the stars as drawn with lines between them in a web pattern. It is an almost universal human concept worldwide. Umun Hubbur in Sumerian means, "The Tearing, Grubbing Mother," IE: a witch who uses roots in potions. Humwawa, Humbaba are both the same as Tlaloc and represents a face of god as drawn with these lines in a circular fashion like the spherical earth for a celestial globe. In Mayan the, "lines," are intestines and in Sumerian they are snakes or one big continuous serpent; Tiamat. In Greek myth it is Circe, Medusa etc. In Egyptian she is Bes the root of the English word, "beast."
Well you may be stuck in place,
Inside Heaven’s wheel the spin.
As is an angel in her grace,
Witness of all man’s sin,
Giving out her smile in lovely taste,
So oblivious to others…
Whose hearts she fills an eager haste,
Soliloquy to crooning lovers…
Infatuation poetry which doubles as a metaphor for the serpentine Queen of Heaven. The first human writing form was symbol(Logos) what is referred to as logogrammic or pictographic that is why a word can mean several things as the symbol is ideographic representing multiple concepts at the same time. Therefore, the rotating heavens which move up and down like a wave or zig-zag pattern over the course of a year are drawn as a wavy line which also represented a Serpent, rivers, streams, springs and motion itself hence why, "Dragons," are always found near water. The celestial serpent is heaven itself and Melissa translated correctly is a quasi-Greco-Semitic name meaning, "black tongue," literally a snakes tongue, allegorically cleverness in speaking which is also associated with the serpent.

Melissa is translated by modern scholars as meaning sweet only because sweet or sweetness is associated with the name as Greek and Roman temples had serpents living in them and sweet cakes were put out for them to eat at night which really only brought mice for them to feed on. It was considered a good omen though if your cakes were, "eaten," by the temple serpent.

I could be serenading a girl or the grand old serpent of heaven; Tiamat.

— The End —