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bonvkiller Sep 2018
bitter smiles across the corridors
seeing you with her is the worst
i dont miss you,just your hand in my own is better than in hers
what does she have,that i dont?
is it the lust or the looks that she gives you?
is it the smile she has that i lost?
i really dont miss you,i just need you laying next to me
but you left me empty.
im a bitter ex
bonvkiller Sep 2018
perhaps my mind is a breaking thing
can you mend a mirror,or leave it shattered?
perhaps you don't know the true me,perhaps i'm as jagged and broken inside as i scream and pretend to be this character of audacity.
if in the end i do not love me,then what is there to fix?
see you claim my heart is in the right place but maybe i'm worse than we thought?
my love,i fear you don't understand,my heart is as broken as me.
my love,i see you don't really understand i'm a reflective dystopian.
this was rushed and i really hate it but i felt like publishing some stuff so there you go
bonvkiller Sep 2018
ethereal utopia burned to hell,perhaps the carnage of death made them scream their scriptures at the sinners.
Lucifer clutching the hearts of the vertigo minded devotion to a blank faced god,showing no mercy to the imperfect yet claiming righteous love.  
The blind will never see and the sinners will always seek some relief from pain,or perhaps their counterparts seek to relieve the duty of the never ending pretentious love for a celestial being they know nothing of.
just something i wrote as a submission
ethan Aug 2018
blue comes up to me and asks if i like yellow
i say no
blue laughs

blue comes up to me and asks me if i still like yellow
i say maybe
blue nods

blue comes up to me and asks if i still like yellow
i say yes
blue frowns

blue comes up to me and asks if she’s allowed to like yellow
i say why are you asking me
blue says i was here first

blue comes up to me and tells me that she is planning on taking yellow on a date
i tell her to have fun
blue doesn’t know i don’t like green

yellow tells me that blue is going to ask them on a date
yellow says they don’t know how feel about this
yellow asks me if they should say yes
yellow asks

i say go for it

yellow smiles

my heart beats when yellow smiles
“will you tell them?” it asks
i tell it maybe
my heart continues to beat
i thought you were yellow even before i fell in love

— The End —