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laura May 21
I know this is late,
but I just wanted
to say Happy Birthday.
I hope you had a great day.
Thank you for being
a great friend.
I can't wait to see
you grow more.
I love you!
One of my best friends celebrated a birthday on May 17th. Her sweet 16
Ainsley May 18
On one perfect night
Under the moonlit sky
He had a blind date to attend
Where no names can be said
He was 25 so was she

He hated the date
For his heart's throne belonged to a 16yr old girl 9yrs ago gone
Yup his 16 was not soo sweet
His girl had the accident
And that's how they were separated

Thinking of memories......
He went on the date
Both spoke lots
Bid a fare well with the last topic
Of their first date

There was silence when the story was said
They had tears rolling down
Eyes were tied
Hearts were open
As they spoke
Hearts pounding increased
Removed their bands

They were the high schools
Groovy and Geek
The widest smile appeared on their faces

Love had another heavy duty for the next 60 yrs🍁❤
Thought of continuing my old poem 'Groovy and Geek'
Maude Laurent Dec 2018
Like stars
I am small,
I make people smile,
And Sometimes I am bright,
And sometimes I am dull,
But I will eventually fade
Into the darkness of space,
Just like everyone will
Countdown to 16... I have 7 more days... reminds me of how many more birthdays I will have before I die...

If you like this one, please look at the other one I posted today called "Welcome to 16"
Maude Laurent Dec 2018
I burned out the candles,
The wax melting
All over my creation,
The darkness coming into my life again,
I watched the darkness grow deeper
And wondered why I had let the candles go out,
But before they had vanished I had wished the light would stay,
I hoped that something would change,
But in that moment I realized that wishing was just a way to pass the time
Before extinguishing the candles on a birthday cake,
And hope is a fleeting moment one hopes to keep,
And melted wax on cake does not taste good.
My birthday is coming up soon, should I dread the stressful years after 16?
Vaibhav Adi Jan 2017
Wondering and confused with the future,
You travel along the boulevard of life…
With friends and foes running parallel to you,
Like the lighted pillars on the grand promenade!

Having learnt the good and the bad,
You have stepped into this 16th year…
Ready to embrace the forthcoming adventures,
With all confidence and stalwartness!

Sweet 16 you are, and
Sweet 16 you will ever be,
And here, starts your actual journey,
To conquer your dauntless dreams!

I wish you a sweet 16,
A sweet 16, you’ll never be again,
So long, have a Sweet 16…
Until I write again!

Vaibhav Adi
(Light of Love)
Amira I Apr 2015
Dear you
This world is not a wish granting factory
But please believe that you will get everything you need sooner or later
And remember that the things you needed, are not always good
It may be bad, because what is good when there is no bad, right?
In your sixteenth birthday, I wish you could be wiser
You could be more mature
To face everything in your life

Happy 16th Birthday **
For my best, and dearest friend. ❤

— The End —