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Karijinbba Oct 2020
Who am I? I am indigenous
Purhēcha poetess butterfly.
Monarch butterflies arrive at
my homeland where bees make
wild sweet honey bestest.
Exotic Guamuchil fruits, chinese granadas; avocados grow too
amazing livestock makes best meat.
Michoacán’s tourist
success owes
its magic to butterflies and food.
my indigenous people thrive
in oxigen abundant land.
My people's joyous mind state
is contagious.
Every year between the months
of October and March, 20 million monarch butterflies migrate
to my forest land Michoacán
from all over North America,
traveling up to 3,000 kilometers
(1,864 miles) to spend the winter
in my State's mountains.

Monarchs arrive, covering so many acres changing color to my forest land  from jougle green to orange black,
phenomenon that attracts tourists from world wide lands..

Butterflies visit Hello Poetry
from many a lands too!
Reading writing poetry to
this poet's cyber home land
where I donate in waives
for in waives I breathe in-n-out

In waives poets read my stories
and in waives butterflies
come and go.
Copy Rights apply /2020.
In waives life comes and goes in cycles reincarnate
Monarch butterfly
Michoacán fores land Mexico
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
Minding my own business
Hanging out with Irène
I heard “you’re perfect”!
What does this mean?

Don’t think much of myself
Bumpy hard skin, scars a plenty
Someone thinks I’m awesome
Fine with me just let em

I had to be cut open and gutted
To see my true beauty
Had to say goodbye to Brad
Been there for me, it was his duty

Look how beautiful we are Irène!
Creamy, soft, luscious to the taste
I’m so happy we are in the bowl
Did I just hear many yells of praise

Grown men with helmets on
Throwing around a ball
Everyone wants some of us
Yelling at their screens over a call

Who’s that Irène? He’s something!
That’s Chip! He’s handsome I say
Strong perfectly salty and built
I hope I can meet him today

Now it’s me and Chip forever
Irène set her own sights
At this Super Bowl party
Crunchy smooth love at first of  many bites
Avocados are one of  the best things made from nature. I love them so much it’s silly
Diane Niyonkuru Sep 2018
the grass is green
so are avocados
my school uniform is green
so are avocados
the tree is green
so are avocados
kitty cats climb the kitchen
so are avocados
dog barks
Diane runs
bird tweets
Diane dies
are avocados
helena alexis Aug 2018
                i really want a juicy ripe deliciously sweet pineapple on a hot summer day the way the juice drips down my chin as i devour the sweet succulent fruit

other times

                i might want a healthy green fruit to snack on such as an avocado feeling the rough interior skin only to cut it open and find the soft green buttery deliciousness inside i love the way my lips feel as the smooth flesh hits my throat with flavor

you see
                i like both of these fruits being bisexual is like
enjoying these fruits i will always like both but on some days i might want more of the other but no matter what i will always love both
a poem about bisexuality
Cvash May 2018
I used to hate your healthy avocados...until I had one
Not that your coffee tasted superior to my tea
But what's taste when you season mine with gun powder?
Yes, In case you did not detect
There is a lot of hate in this one
Call me aggressive and spiteful
Whilst holding your rifle
They say hate begets hate begets hate begets hate
So for you to understand
I put aside my ignorance and try to walk in your shoes

OK, let's start:

A lot of trees
Beautiful sky, delightful breeze
A rich land where tenants are a many and they shun the proprietor
I know I promised to be nice
But let's face it for that white picket fence, someone had to pay the price.

Start again:

Sunny coasts
Bacon, eggs on toast
Walk the dog in the park, life is not all that hectic here.
To make it clear, running out of coffee is my basic fear.

Flat stomachs
In fact, six packs!
Cupboard full of knick-knacks
and plenty of time to kick back and relax
Never-ending supply of niceties

Calm waters
Long walks along the harbor
and perhaps a tall pint of lager at the pub

Throw some juicy ones on the barbie mate!
Who cares if 6.2 mil in Somalia are starving mate?
You say to me:
"survival of the fittest, Darwin mate"
"It's so difficult to fit in" I say; so tiring MATE
Did I say that right?
I'm Mohammad, as James in a play called "Aussie Catch Up"
and I don't know how to play that part

What else can I say? they gave me a voice (although in English)
between the self deprecating migrant and the middle eastern rag head, the gave me a choice

And by the way my boss tried to anglicize my name
Said Sebastian had a nice ‘ring’ to it
Well go ahead, march to your colonial tune and have me sing to it

Oh healthy avocados, you're too ripe for my liking
Maybe I'm just used to a bit of rawness in my diet
To be honest
I have a heavy heart, a dark one
Maybe to reconcile, you should take a step
a very very very very very very long one

— The End —