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Two planters placed side by side
One big and black
Other one, white and smaller in size
Both stood on brass stands,
with succulent plants
In askance or maybe agreement
Of their shelf life on a display table

Inspired by - Globe planters with brass stand
Fleur Feb 2020
Imagine we broached bulbs,
It’s just a flower,
Pink and purple; a sickle shower

No reason to wander now
It’s right here
I dug the hole; a triple tier

I think I’d like a lilly-fan
We’re too south
What a shame; ran my mouth

Redwoods up north, even pine
Just palm tree pews
Ficus freeways in the news

Lovely lotus and cactus blooms
Lead with latter
Too lazy for symmetric attar
Cacti curious.
de Negre Sep 2018
i stopped watering
     the succulents,

because even if i
     watered those **** plants,

they would die.

just stop dying,
     and drink,

based on true experiences in the life on mine.
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
We are nature's ***** of reproduction,
A new life begins inside us.
As our wings unfold,
the tiny petals one by one,
We expand our beauty,
From a bud to a flower,
From a child to a woman.
Sweet and succulent,
Butterflies and men around us flutter.
Exotic fragrance is our essence,
Colourful and elegant,
Seductive and ravishing,
Soft to tread on,
Abuse us not,
Or we wilt and die.
We delight the senses,
Bring a smile to the faces.
We, the flowers are a perfect gift for every occasion ,
To a mother,sister, daughter or lover,
As a bouquet, a wreath,a basket,
Expressing poetic sentiments.
Red roses, tulips and carnations,
A lover's gift.
Orange lilies and dahlias,
Hail memories of joy and happines,
Mother's Day,birthdays or special events.
A basket of yellow sunflowers,
daffodils and daisies,
Accompanied with gourmet, fruits and  chocolates,
Ideal for visiting the sick and friends.
Lilies , roses and chrysanthemums,
A wreath placed on a grave,
To respect the dead.
Last but not the least a bouquet of white orchids,
For newly wedded brides,
Pure and untouched.
We both are beautiful,
Lovely for sore eyes,
But, the lady has a soul,
We, the flowers have not.
Beautiful flowers and beautiful women are same,only flowers do not have a soul

— The End —