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Brent Kincaid Mar 2017
How many are there?
I doubt anyone is aware
At least half the population;
A fact that should really scare
And yet decades go by
And they still don’t awaken
And now our trust in them
Is powerfully and fatally shaken.

It’s the Narcissistic Generation
And it could mean the death
Of freedom and democracy
With one last dying breath
Because like most committees
The members are the kind of jerks
Who want all the goodies
But will not ever do the work.

We have a country of slackers
Who were raised to be spoiled fools
Who want all the structure made
But will not pick up one tool.
So if this country falls apart
And becomes a dream of history
For me and people like myself
It will be no amazing mystery.

The USA will falter silently
And maybe fall over and die
And none of the people responsible
Will admit they’re the reason why.
It will not be done by foreigners
The way warmongers always cried.
Instead it will be by malingerers;
Self-inflicted by the dunces inside.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Once I loved my country
Was filled up with pride
That was before my country
Suddenly fell over and died.
It didn’t die spontaneously,
My country was assassinated.
Murdered by people who
Lied, cheated and hated.

The accomplices were folks
Who stayed home and blamed
And insisted that both parties
Were essentially the same.
Those people refused to verify
What was fact from propaganda.
Now half the citizens are facing
A destructive national agenda.

There were thousands of jokes
About the unqualified guy who won.
Some were funny, made us laugh,
But what happened was not fun.
The person who was trained lost.
Now we have a bigot and a racist
Who is eyeing the Constution
And badly wants to replace it.

The people on both sides now
Have no idea what is coming.
They thought they elected a good guy
But he’s a rich kid who was slumming.
They thought he would help to bring
A national hoped-for change.
They will be shocked to death
To discover that man is so strange.

For him it’s about the ***-kissers
He keeps as his personal posse.
Be prepared, this next four years
Will be anything but glossy.
We will witness blood and death
And a crash of our economy
Because Trump and his cohorts
Believe in nothing but autonomy.

— The End —