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Seb Tha Guru May 2018

****** been watching me, wow.

Blowing my high.
I get no replies.
But my number one question is how.
How does it feel?
Now that you told.
Shut the **** up.
The ***** getting old.
How do you know?
What I be feeling.
And what I should do.
How about you don’t.
How about you just get the ******* ****.
How about you read this and never forget.
People aren't worthy of knowing my ****.
Now that I know, I won’t do it again.

Feel like a sin.
I'm all on my own.
I wish that y’all would, just leave me alone.
Trapped in my thoughts.
They don't have a home.
This is realer than raps.
Realer than poems.
Seb Tha Guru Feb 2018
Remember days bagging up some minerals.
Trying to find the toys in our cereal.
Now me and Don hiding from the ops like we federal;
Getting kinda hungry, not for food but for miracles.

I’m just thinking bout the old times.
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.
With TDS, for success, keep that in my mind.
And summer eighteen, promise it’ll be mine.

— The End —