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Eryca Feb 2019
I once had a twisted spine,
But my curved back is now aligned.
With bolted screws and titanium rods,
I was lucky enough to beat the odds.
I went through not 1, but 2 surgeries.
At the best hospital in the world Children's Mercy.
I couldn't have imagined what I would have done,
If I didn't go to your hospital which I say is #1.
For what they do for kids like me,
Who have a curve of 44 degrees.
Thank you,
because my back wouldn't even have 1 *****.
They told me your a survivor Ms. Zaiser.
I said I wouldn't have been if it wasn't for people like you doing things that most people wouldn't even do out of the blue.
Words can't describe how lucky am I
Even though the pain was so bad I had tears in my eyes as I cried.
Asking why can't I just say goodbye and die!

But on June 9th, 2013 is when my recovery was finally over,
I knew I would never again have uneven shoulders.
Written and published in “Creative Communications: A Collection of Poets” in 2013.
Lydia Jan 2018
I treated my skin like a goddess
Legs shaved, hands moisturized,
Any spot of acne scrubbed away and covered over with pale sheets
But I hid from my spine, like a snake always a few inches behind me, waiting to strike
This skin there was a poorly applied veneer,
Exaggerating the flaws it was meant to hide
The snake is in constant motion, waving an S up the core of my being,
Displaying my instability
It's curved, like the ridges of the Grand Canyon
Only more unnatural,
Un beautiful,
More like a line you tried to draw straight
Only when it wavered just a little too much, you threw it away and started over
I cannot start over
My snake drags venom along its body, instead of drooling it into a bite
And he is always biting,
So the skin on my back has never been touched
Never been pampered, or savored.
There is no "positive message" to this one but it is not meant to be a downer by any means . Everyone has their own insecurities and challenges. I'm super tall so when I  was little I grew too fast and my body didn't quite compensate. I have problems with many other joints too but I'm actually a runner and a swimmer.  Please comment :)
moonstruck Sep 2017
“scer- what now?” says another curious passerby yet again.
       deep down inside, i resent the attention i gain.
             for most peers of mine don't often know the pain.

   “it’s scoliosis.” i retorted,
       but in reply, they only snorted.
                i cant believe they had the nerve,
                   to jeer at someone because of a mere curve.

             it all happened that one faithful day,
          after a p.e. lesson when we went into the water to play.
            as everyone returned to change, i was left behind to stray.
         “i hope nobody notices me”, i thought as i would pray.

     to put it simply; it hadn't gone unnoticed,
i had begged for them to to tell, but that had not sufficed.
        the cat was let out, it all felt like a heist.
             my secret was robbed, when it supposedly ceased to exist.

                 i was ten back then, had no clue how to handle it.
   life was tough, but i’m glad i never quit.
          though my torso now has a slit,
             i’m safe to say that i'm over with their *******.
hello there, this is my first poem on here! thank you so much for welcoming me into this amazing community!
liza Apr 2014
if someone tells me that jealousy does not exist
on this earth
i will tell them to look deep
inside my heart
and see the jealousy that courses through my veins

i yearn for someone to talk to
     even if it's just a random person anonymously on a random site
and i yearn for a cutesy little skype conversation
     with a complete stranger
and i yearn for people to ask me to go places
     instead of me asking them

and i yearn for them to remember me,
and i yearn for them to remember my name
and that it's leeza, not lyza
and that i have feelings, too
and i hate this back brace

and that i just want to laugh with them
and i don't want them to laugh at me
and i just worry so much

and i am jealous because they are concerned with
grades and boys, grades and girls
and i just try to fit in
because i am jealous.
welp this is personal
basically i have really bad scoliosis and my surgery date is confirmed
wow am i fine or panicked? at the moment i'm fine, but i know that every single day that goes by is just one day closer to my meltdown.

— The End —