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Madison Sep 2018
Maybe, sometime soon

They'll teach Tragedy in schools

Where our children go.

It'll bore them silly.

"Why, that happens every day!"

Heads on desks, they'll nap.

The teacher will sigh

Shaking her worry-filled head

She'll cry, "class dismissed!"

Students will file out

Skipping, chattering joyfully.

Teach heads home to drink.

They all look both ways

Caution sleeping within them.

Anything could happen.
Another linked poem. Not sure I'm proud of it.
Madison Sep 2018
tw: blood


Here you are, dearest.

Take this scarlet part of me.

Quench that gnawing thirst.

It just stings a bit

A quick bite, then pure numbness

I close my eyes, calm.

You have me now, love

That part of me you wanted

Warms your still, cold veins.

More or less mortal

I swear, I don't mind one bit.

You are so worth it.

Eyes glowing crimson

You tell me you feel alive.

I smile, gratified.

You won't see me weep

For this loving sacrifice:

Forever sounds fine.
My first poem made up of separate haikus. Title from "Sweet, Sweet" by The Smashing Pumpkins.

— The End —