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Tony Lee Ross Jr Nov 2018
I guess I'm going to rhyme, because pretty faces have been turning into a waste of time. She tells me she likes me but she's taken, I should have known she was faking, I cannot be your side guy, I won't even settle for a tie. Mad at me having female friends, when you post constantly about your boyfriend? What kind of sense does that make? You played with my heart and dropped it till it shattered between your feet, it's up to you if you want to pick it up and put it back together, or walk past like there was no joy at the end of the tether.
Tony Lee Ross Jr Oct 2018
Falling from grace, falling from your face. You ever fall and face plant on the cold hard ground when no one was around? You picked yourself up and kept going. This is nothing new, when you fall for someone who doesn't want to catch you.
Tony Lee Ross Jr Sep 2018
I wanna be Christ-like, but I'm ******* after other gods like Israel. I wanna read the Bible, but I get lost in the pages of other authors. I want to pray, but I'm too busy sinning. I want grace, but I don't want to give it. I don't want stress, but it's all I've been feeling.
Tony Lee Ross Jr Sep 2018
Stuck in the fight for what is right only to fall everytime you try.
My Dad died, I'm shaking at night thinking about it. Why did he have to leave me when I need direction?
Every girl I've tried to get with realizes how messed up I am and leaves. Why do I seek worth in a partner?  
I'm not innocent or guitless, don't mistake this for me pretending to be a victim of this system.
Tony Lee Ross Jr Jun 2018
You know the dream where you run and its in slow motion? I wish that was real, because I'd have time to reflect why I started chasing you at all.
Tony Lee Ross Jr May 2018
Telling someone you love them gives no comfort, when your actions betray your words.
Tony Lee Ross Jr May 2018
Pause, Selah, however you want to say it, the lamb was slain for the profane, sin was my bane, breaking my back and making me collapse, with no chance of recovery, till grace lead me to the discovery that the God of the universe actually loved me.
This is a snippet from a much longer poem that I posted to my website.****
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