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I will love you in everything you do
You’re perfect in my eyes
You’re amazing in every move you make
I will be with you as long as I can
It will hurt my heart but at least
I tried
Tonight  I will cry
Because I fell terrible inside
Loving you is a mistake
That I can’t skip
I’m stuck on you  like
Everyday I’m wanting you
But you never gave me anything
In return
Last night
I told you everything
My heart has spoken the chaos
she’s feeling and I’m still breathing
You’re cold
I’m Freezing to death just
to feel you in my arms again
Until you free me from this chain
I woke up at 3 a.m.
Thinking about you
But becoming less of what
Should I feel
**** happens I just have to stay away
It's so hard to breathe
Begging you to give me air
Breathing heavy underneath
This feeling I'm keeping
and in the midst of darkness I flair
And when the time comes
My heart will still be the same
I will be sure
Right where it belongs
After all this time
Let it be
Afiqah Jun 2016
I'd wait
by the corner
hanging with your books
as I wait for you
the entire time
you'd brew coffee & tea
and bring smiles
to the people
you serve

Afiqah Jun 2016
you hung up my lost stars
that has always been blotted out
but ever since
they met yours,
it keeps swimming
to your very heart

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