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SV Paulson Sep 2018
Small lights
her eyes
in the twilight

for miles
silver outlines

She's the color of the fallen leaves
or a summer breeze
she's so contradictory

But diamonds don't bring out her eyes in the colored gloaming
but she's so beautiful in peridot

Stay here
with me
find the daylight

You're life
can be
so bright
let me inside

She's the color of the fallen leaves
or the snow it seems
she's so contradictory

But diamonds don't bring out her eyes when her color's glowing
but she's so beautiful in peridot

There is not a color to behold
that can hold its own
with the love I know and
blue red and yellow colored stones
silver and gold
don't shine like my best friend

She's the color of the hope within
brings me back to life again
now she's looking in the mirror and
and I want her to know that

Diamonds can't vie with her eyes when her color's showing
Diamonds don't bring out the right shade of passion and sorrow
Diamonds don't shine like her life

But she's so beautiful in peridot.
Olivia Christine Jan 2018
This ring with it's little green gem
Holds the place for another
My left finger; saved until the perfect time
When I am yours, and you are mine
my little peridot ring, saving the place for another someday
Seema Sep 2017
I spotted a peridot
Within those stones
Which I have bought
Only to be shown

Since you love stones
Especially from the lakes
This one stone alone
Is obviously not fake

My birthstone gem
A shiny little stone
Ain't from a clam
This one is my own...*

Elioinai Jan 2015
Great dreams
Crystal whispers
I never believed in
I played a thousand fantasies
my pet dragons' names weren't
neither were my aliases
but Peridot
came the closest to breathing
her and brother wizard
died from an inability to care
I couldn't write emotion
still the art eludes me
and I struggle creating the minds of
so boring to interact with my own fabricated
males and females
maybe horses would be easier
to create
anthropomorphic equestrian creatures
proper ****** distortions
and voice affectations
I could never write a full novel. Maybe I should try writing about talking animals

— The End —