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Simra Sadaf Sep 2018
sapphire-like pure eyes
an ocean full of sky blue -
deep, glossy and true
Olivia Christine Jan 2018
This ring with it's little green gem
Holds the place for another
My left finger; saved until the perfect time
When I am yours, and you are mine
my little peridot ring, saving the place for another someday
Seema Sep 2017
I spotted a peridot
Within those stones
Which I have bought
Only to be shown

Since you love stones
Especially from the lakes
This one stone alone
Is obviously not fake

My birthstone gem
A shiny little stone
Ain't from a clam
This one is my own...*

sunprincess Apr 2017
Love is a diamond
beautiful and forever
like my love for you

— The End —