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The Moon Jan 2017
"Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This time, don't need another perfect lie
Don't care if critics ever jump in line
I'm gonna give all my secrets away"

As i wonder if it was about me or not,
i kept my lips sealed.
Whatever in the past that you have fought,
i promised in my heart that i'll be your shield.

The first song that you expressed your feelings when we got to know each other - Secrets by Coldplay.
Jessica Head Jul 2016
I miss the old days of how it use to be
You and I will go all over the place
Day or night
Any day
Just to be with eachother
Tease eachother
Yes, you were my beautiful side of me
Where I felt so happy
And I still do feel that feeling
With every thought of you
Makes me feel happy and special
All I can say I wish and pray for those times to come back
I loved you
Still do
My heart aches
But now I got a new love I made him myself
My son
My love
But you were my first love
In which I still crave for
I miss you so bad
But least I still got these happy feelings and memories to look back on
Maybe one day
We will come across eachother
I also believe I was the only one you fell in love with too
Actual love
Not the kind your living
Cause I know how you are too
No one will ever treat me the way you did
You treated me better than anyone else
And it's hard to move on
I miss you.
emeraldine087 Aug 2013
There's no one who bugs me, irks me and makes me mad.
There's no one who hounds me, pesters me and irritates me.
There's no one who angers me by forgetting special occasions,
or forgetting to call,
or gets unsalted butter rather than salted at the grocers.
Only You.

There's no one who makes me roll my eyes
with his twisted philosophy, illogical excuses and faked innocence.
There's no one who makes me purse my lips in disagreement,
when he comes home from so-called overtime work,
smelling of cigarette smoke and whiskey.
There's no one who makes me bare my teeth with exasperation,
when he doesn't talk when I want him to,
when he seems to not listen when I think he needs to.
Only You.

There's no one else who knows to buy me tulips,
when he's trying to ask for my forgiveness.
There's no one else who sings "Wonderful Tonight" off-key,
when he sees me in my most tattered pajamas,
with my hair standing on end
and my cheeks and neck crawling with rashes.
There's no one who cooks a meaner chicken soup,
when I'm sick and force-feeds it to me in bed.
Only You.

There's no one who kisses me in the sweetest,
most breath-taking way in the park,
in the rain while we're jogging.
There's no one who makes me laugh
with his spot-on impression of my favorite comedian,
while watching a home video on date night,
and sharing a big bowl of buttered popcorn.
There's no one who makes love to me in such a selfless,
most gentle way, making me feel like
I'm the most loved, most special girl in the world.
Only You.

There's nobody else who makes me love him,
who makes me want to keep loving him,
in all his perfection, all his imperfection,
all the things that make him a man.
There's nobody that I am most willing
to brave all the storms with,
nobody I desire to grow old with,
and give all of my self to...
Only You.

— The End —