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Tiffany Merkel Sep 2018
We are us and us is we but not you or me but me and you.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday causes the mind to be hazy though and the letters on the pages take on new meanings.

If I had a home in a tree, would you come with me? We could live in between the bark, the leaves and the howling of the wind.

I’ve never felt so strange and so sure at the same time. Take a dip into the salty waves before us and join the sea with me.

Tiffany Merkel Sep 2018
Who knows where bleeding hearts go when they’re done bleeding?

They go to Alaska.
Tiffany Merkel May 2018
I watch as Legions of parrhesians operate to diffuse the calumny against this sacred Love. The forces at rage are calling us to action. We can sit by the way side no more. Longing to join their hallowed ranks, I begin studying their methods with punctilious care.The enemy is cunning and has mastered the arts of chicanery. A bitter harangue begins to weave in and out of my mind but the sounds of seraphic hymns drown out any notion of failure. It will take great measures of aptitude and assiduous dedication in order to vanquish this night but we were created to conquer and conquer we shall. Soon the time has arrived and we sit down to one final holy repast. I turn to the restive face sitting at my side and give a gentle reassuring nod. We are brothers and sisters of Christ and our time is now. All across the land we wait eagerly, one hand on sword, other on sheath. A calming cool breeze wafts across the fields. The bellowing voice of our general raises high above the steeples and beckoning to each of us, he cries "LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!"
I take a deep breath in and step out to meet my destiny.
I used to flip through my pages
There were some interesting points
  Some high, some low, some kind of just sitting in-between after the good and the bad cancelled each other out, but mostly I
       Skimmed by,

         Until I met you,

                 You can't be summed up, there's too much to you, you're too rich, too deep
Too interesting to be confined to a few measly paragraphs and sped-read through

     You deserve attention, you deserve time,

       And the more I've gotten to know you, the more I realize you're the entire book, the entire story in beautiful, vivid detail.

                *I'm going to take my time getting to the end of you, and I dog-eared the page where you entered my heart, so that if I ever forget how it feels to fall for you, I can go back to the start
Tiffany Merkel Sep 2017
We only get one life but countless decisions within it
Make a decision today and this decision affects the decision you make later which affects the decision that you will decide when making a decision based on decisions you've made from a decision of a decision that you made before
But no need to fret
It's simply part of the magic that we are all a part of
Decide and decide wisely but know your decisions will decide decisions not yet decided and that is okay
Tiffany Merkel Aug 2017
Apple red cheeks blushing from conversations with cherry-picked lips.
I ponder the track that your mind runs on.
A lover's affreightment as between sailors and ships
Nothing compares to the grass on this lawn.
Days of old have left rips in your sails
But no need to sink the zabra
For I brought needle and thread
I will sew up your wounds but if all else fails
I will still love you til the day that your dead
Call up the boatswain and throw the anchor off the port bow
I have found my piece of the sea
No more sailing the open ocean now
Because I found my lover and he has found me
Tiffany Merkel Jul 2017
Maddening magenta magic makes malicious mangy Markovian martians manageable.
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