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Ashley May 2018
Two tulips, two tulips.
The two tulips love each other. And they both love tulips.
The two tulips hold hands. People cry, people scream.
The Two are split up.
2 tulips become 1 tulip, and another tulip.
A tulip, forced to marry a rose. The rose didn’t have a tulip.
The rose only had a Rose.
“A tulip and a rose is the way to go.” People shouted through out the streets.
Tulips and Roses. Women and Men.
"Is it a choice to be Ace?" She asks.
I don't know,
Is it a choice to be a race?
"Umm... Maybe you are just slow,
I am sure you will like *** someday!"
Why can't they just believe me?
I am Ace, it is my way.
Is it really that hard to see?

— The End —