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Try Aug 2018
this invite is for those looking for growth and change for they will stay while those blind to the disarray will fade away. its simple for its how the game is played. this isn't about debate its about creating our own fate.

Paige Mar 2017
I am wild
There is no one that can capture me
Free is what I'll be for all eternity
Everything bad fills my body
And I love it
Many think that they can tame me
And claim me as their own
But I refuse to belong to someone
Unless they belong to me as well
I create chaos
I live because of it and will die due to it too
I love a challenge
Or a good game of cat and mouse
Please give in to the chase
Test your skills and attempt to do what all others failed to do
Are you up to it
Please say you are and don't stop
Try to catch me and live in my world
Don't be afraid of the future
I promise that I won't be in it
It is the present time that I will be in if you win
Come and get me
I'm waiting
WistfulHope Jul 2015
What day is today?
I haven't done much sleeping.
          I can't guess that look on your face...
     I pass right through you --
       Or you through me.
                                      ...The feeling is the same,
                                No matter the details.

          "The invisible hand,"
                                They say it guides us all.
            That, in combination
                                                  With your well measured affection,
                                           Is perhaps why I feel
                                                    so small.
I promise, I'm trying to stop, I swear, really, believe me, or is this another game

— The End —