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Carmen Jane Oct 22
You were always coming back
yet I feel I only truly saw you now
You always scattered your perfume
You always showed your true colors
Yet I only see you now

You always laid the softest path
So I can step boldly
And hear my own very steps
Each and every one
And in case I might have fallen
You would have catched me gently
Always there for me

Oh, now I see you!
You stand out against the gray sky
You don't let my mind go gray
As you awake me with your colors
And when is sunny
You whisper tender messages
As you let the light to dance
In your vitrales

You were always coming back,
Yet I only see you now...
Falling in love with autumn
And like a child
You have lifted me high above
With both hands.
I am weightless in my search,
Finding that my world revolves around you.
My every fear put to ease &
Like a child I am drawn to you without
a care in the world.
Finding that I am much taller, held up high in your arms.
My heart raising in unconditional love.
There is no fear when you are around.
I have put all my trust in you without realizing what trust is.
Your name most meaningful each time
it passes through my lips.
My eyes much wider, staring at you with such anticipation.
The way you pick me up when I am down
Without fear of falling
Beana Jan 18
I'm not who you think I am
I'm not your Ms Perfect
Inside I'm Ms Broken as I can be
My insides are screaming apologies.
You don't understand what the word love means
At least not to me.
Love means a deep understanding and stability
But you don't seem willing to give that.
You just give words
But don't actions speak louder than words?
But all I hear are your words muddling up my brain
I don't see anything from you.
Are you willing to do anything more than just say I love you?
Because that's all you do
But that's not very reassuring
Because what happens if I fall?
Your words can't catch me but I don't know
If you'll even move to try and save me.
But I'm broken and no amount of your empty words can mend me.
I need more but you just won't help me.
Ilunga Mutombo Apr 2018
Waterfalls Expose
our deepest and darkest flaws
Washing away our sin, while healing us from within
Paige Mar 2017
I am wild
There is no one that can capture me
Free is what I'll be for all eternity
Everything bad fills my body
And I love it
Many think that they can tame me
And claim me as their own
But I refuse to belong to someone
Unless they belong to me as well
I create chaos
I live because of it and will die due to it too
I love a challenge
Or a good game of cat and mouse
Please give in to the chase
Test your skills and attempt to do what all others failed to do
Are you up to it
Please say you are and don't stop
Try to catch me and live in my world
Don't be afraid of the future
I promise that I won't be in it
It is the present time that I will be in if you win
Come and get me
I'm waiting
Aditi Kumar Aug 2015
Love is not the silly game we play, of who's going to call whom first;

Love is the beautiful dance I perform with the idea of you.
The way our bodies swirl and touch,
The way your soul melds into mine.
The way my heart heats up, and my whole being weighs down with warmth.

My hands hurt when I touch your essence; your presence in my fingers burns me.

I dance with the ethereal you, with a soft piano waltz lamenting in the distance.
I jump, waiting for you to catch me,
I'm stuck in the air.

The being that I dance with is intangible, it's not really there.
But I'm stuck in the air,
And I hope that you come to soften the blow when I fall.
Don't get lost in the trivial things, let all the love and compassion and rhythm flow out of you and into another's heart.
Michelle Jun 2014
I am plummeting.
Faster than the speed of light.
That even time slows down.

I am plummeting.
Falling from the the clouds.
Into the deepest depths of the ocean.

I am plummeting.
Like an angel with wilted wings.
All innocence is lost.

I am plummeting.
And i do not struggle.

I am plummeting.
A dying light.
I no longer shine.

I am plummeting.
My lungs are tired.
My screams shall not be heard.

My tears shall be the diamonds,
they glisten and radiate my sorrow.

The angels are crying too.
Because they know,
They cannot save me.

I am plummeting.

*Catch me.
the angels are crying too because they know they cannot save me

— The End —