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Nina Jun 2019
If he knows you love him
But needs time to think about it
Let him go
If he's unable to let go of his ex
You shouldn't wait on him
Because regardless of what happens
You will only be a second option to him
So let him go
Before you let yourself go
Thorns Oct 2018
It was him
It was him all along
He loved so he let me go
He didn't want to rub it in that I couldn't have him
I love him so I let him go
But now I realize it was him all along
I'll love him like always
Why do I love him
It's like that all over again with me and him
I was the mistake
We loved each other so we let one and other go
I can't believe how big of an idiot I was (and still am). I hate myself.
Lianna Walters Jan 2016
He'll never know how much I love him.
He'll never know how sorry I am for everything
******, I'm sorry!
Just let me be sorry...
I'm sick of hiding behind simple words,
Choking on the ones I can't seem to grasp,
Letting abstract ideas pull me under,
I can't continue to let my mind and my heart go at war
I can't convey how much he means to me
How much he's my other half,
How much I yearn for his presence,
His arms,
His heart to be mine once again.
I can't find a way to let him know that it was a mistake
To let him know that I am his and only his,
To let him know I'm trying
And I'm trying
And I'm trying
But sometimes trying isn't enough,
I can't.
I can't even begin to express
How much I regret pushing him away.
And he'll never know how much I wish I could go back and change it
Jwala Kay Jun 2014
Soon enough, I'll move on.
I will not even try to remember
how I met you in the first place.
Soon enough, I will ignore
if I ever heard the sound of your name.
I won't give a hint about you
to the next interesting man
I may befriend.
Soon enough, your words, ideas, jokes, love and memories
will fade away from me.
Fade fast like a thin-malnourished
Soon enough, this world won't even
feel déjà vu when it sees
another couple's kiss and
promise of forever.
Soon enough, this pain will start to subside.
Meanwhile these pills must start their work.
A different version of "soon enough"

— The End —