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IsReaL E Summers Nov 2015
"Hear da children crying!
Give thanks and praise to the Lord..."
I don't feel alright.
Not tonight...
When the moon is
ILLUMINATING                                                i
Quotations from Bob Marley.
Moonlight tea just you and me;
What's right?
Nathan Squiers May 2014
The world was stunned as the a Dark One fell,
His legacy blooming like a black-petaled rose.
The thorns pierced through the eyes of man,
And the Devil cried with me.

He showed the frozen skin of morals--
With gaping pride and ******* strength--
Adorned and caressed by machinery.
And the Devil cried with me.

There was babies in the barrel,
And an alter upon the horns.
******* cries far-and-wide.
And the Devil cried with me.

Harmonics perching on twisted limbs,
And darkness bursting from our chests,
Our greatest nightmares echo His sinister sight...
And the Devil cries with us.
I was truly crushed to hear of the recent passing of one of my favorite artists, H.R. Giger. Though this is a belated homage to the man that brought us the creatures from the Alien movies and KoRn's mic stand (just to name his most recognized work), I felt the need to offer something up in his honor. I didn't want to take this too literal out of respect for the surrealism the man inspired, but, at the same time, credit was most certainly do.

RIP, Giger. Your legacy will rage eternal.

— The End —